Igbos will suffer if I lose the 2023 presidency - Tinubu.

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This news has all the trappings of fake News, but since we are tracking Press statements and media report of political leaders concerning the Igbo Presidency 2023, we decided to share the information with a review of the statement of other Nigerian leaders.  

A) Here is the Tinubu story

Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, has claimed that the Igbos will suffer if he looses the 2023 presidential election In Nigeria.

These were announced during his campaign in Lagos, urging the people of southEast & Southwest to vote for him, as the Nigerian elected president.  

Speaking further he said, I’m the one who will fix up Nigeria as one, Igbos should abandon their Biafra struggle and come together let’s fix up Nigeria as a great nation, Igbos will suffer if I lose the presidential election in 2023.

According to bola tinubu,“This regime might have failed us, but that will not stop us from getting Nigerian working again, he also tells every Nigerian to vote for him to see the new Nigeria as a great nation”.

Meanwhile, he also added that he will make southeast the land of milk & honey, if only he becomes the Nigeria president.  

B)  Five Niger Delta groups endorse the Igbo Presidency Project

This is purely a press watch on the Igbo Presidency project.  We believe it is legitimate and it will happen at its time.  To everything on earth, there is an appointed time, so it is for the Igbo Presidency project.

I have said it severally that the Igbo Presidency will bring unity to Nigeria.  It will give the Igbos a sense of belonging and the nation will be better for it.  Whether the roads in the South East will become paradise on earth, time will tell.

Recently, five Niger Delta pressure groups have insisted that the 2023 Nigerian presidency should be reserved for the Igbo or the Niger-Delta would complete its truncated two tenures in 2023.

The groups with this position are the Niger Delta Political Forum,(NDPF), South-South Youths Congress(SSYC), Centre for Niger Delta Issues (CNDI) and Ijaw Rennaisancehe group (IRG)

The Niger Delta groups spoke through their respective spokesmen, Ini Ifiok, James Akpowhere, Idongesit Emeri, Ibinowei Fine boy, and Charity Boyloaf in Umuahia, the Abia state capital on Sunday.  The groups noted that “Nigeria owes a political debt to Ndigbo which should be paid in 2023 for the unity of the country.

“If the North insists they would complete the Yar’Adua tenure even after the Buhari eight-year tenure, then the Niger Delta would complete the Jonathan’s truncated tenure of 2015.”

Meanwhile, the Spokesman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Chuks Ibegbu, reiterated the group’s call for a total restructuring of Nigeria.  “Ndigbo supported the Niger Delta, the South West and even the North at various times and these zones should now support the Igbos in 2023”.

He thanked Gen Yakubu Gowon, Tanko Yakassai, Gen Ishola Williams, Alh Balarabe Musa, Gen Ibrahim Babangida, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, and several other Nigeria statesmen now calling for political justice in favour of Ndigbo in 2023.  He called on Igbo politicians to speak with one voice.

C) General Yakubu Gowon

Image result for General Yakubu Gowon"

In 2015:  The elder statesman was quoted as saying the Igbo Presidency will help heal civil war wounds - Metro March 25, 2015.  He said on Wednesday that an Igbo president would help heal the civil war wounds, maintaining that he supports the idea of rotational presidency

Gowon said this while delivering a lecture entitled “No Victor, No Vanquished: Healing the Nigerian Nation” to mark the 6th Convocation ceremony of the Chukwumeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Igbariam, in Anambra.

He explained that the civil war was not out of hatred for the late Igbo leader Odumegwu Ojukwu or the Igbos, but was based on the principle of a commitment to a robust Nigeria.  “It is wrong to conclude that the civil war broke out following the failure of the Aburi Accord but was the direct result of a unilateral decision of independence for Eastern Nigeria...

Picture Of IBB, Obasanjo And Gowon Laughing Out Loud! - Gistmania
IBB, OBJ and Gowon laughing out loud.

2019: Yakubu Gowon says Igbo presidency is welcome 

Former military leader, Yakubu Gowon, says Igbo presidency is an acceptable idea - Gowon said a leader from the southeast could have emerged sooner if only the PDP had stuck with the rotational presidency - The retired military general, who oversaw the Nigerian civil war, believes that since any region in the country can govern, so can the southeast.

The bid of the southeast to produce the next president of Nigeria got a big boost when a former military leader of the country, Yakubu Gowon, gave the green light for an Igbo presidency. 

Gowon said: “If doing so will bring peace, it should be done; if the people so desire.” Gowon told the BBC Hausa Service in an interview that not only is the idea welcome, but it would also have come sooner if the rotational presidency system created by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had been adhered to. 


Nigeria is a going concern and every leader is contributing his part.  There is no Nigerian government that can be said to be the 'Worse government' yet.  Each government has its own focus and I am happy APC government of President Buhari has deepened our food security architecture.  Today, we eat high-quality Nigerian rice. 

Let's pray for Servant Leaders with Vision, who will be accountable to the people for their actions.  This government has completed many uncompleted projects of the last government, though they are from a different political party.  This is a good report the new administration should build on!


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