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Open Heavens Materials


Success never happens by chance, rather there is a pattern that once it is established, it can be replicated to secure more success.  Successful people are champions who win always in the market place of life.  They know how to recreate the successful pattern that made them successful in different areas of life.  

Open heavens is an atmosphere of favour and success sponsored by the Lord Almighty. It happens when the Lord gets more open heavens requires a good foundation and the favour of God.  Successful people ride on open heavens, which allow you to find winning streak over and over again, not because you are an expert in your field, but because God is with you.

Open heavens require that you are an expert in what you are doing.  No one becomes expert overnight, but by learning on the job, studying and reading to improve.  You will experience many failures, but, never be offended by it.  Investigate the reasons for your failure and learn from it and move on.  

Open heavens relate to what you are doing, so you must be doing something. seek for opportunities in your field and prepare for it.   It happens to people who are prepared and expectant and finally, you should have spirit of discernment, to spot the opportunities that cross your path.

Storm Breakers
Open heavens happen to people who know what to do.  People who are careful to establish the sources of their problem and prayerfully confront them are the people that become successful.  This is why Fireinthebone has prepared Open Heavens materials to help our readers break free from all kinds of human and demonic hindrances.

There are Storm Breakers who knows that a person must spiritually rise above his or her enemy before he can truly smell success in life.  The devil assigns strong agents against men of destiny, and we are not ignorant of this.

Storm breakers know that when God shows you a dream of your future, your assigned enemy knows about the dream. intelligence demands that you know the right prayers to say to protect what God has in stock for you and also take the right steps to 'work-it-out'.

You have seen success in the dream, but, do you have the capacity and grace to handle the success you saw?  Can you confront the enemy vowing that your dream will not come to pass? Can you discipline your heart, eyes, mouth and ears to reach the goal God has set for His children?  These are the keys Fireinthe bone is here to deliver into your hands.


This year 2020, the Lord wants to bless our readers in different ways:
1Fireinthebone School of Ministry is starting in the month of July 2010
2. Easy to use Ebooks addressing specific problems is ready for our Partners.
3. Word and Prophetic Deliverance Seminars

The Lord declared this year as the year of 'Heavenly Royalties...through Prayers" indicating that our prayers in 2020 will produce fruits in different degrees.  The word from the Lord inspired us to share some of the victory keys and instructions the Lord has used to bless us with our readers.  

These "WHAT TO DO" ebooks contains teaching on the subject, bible references and instructions on what to do, as well as relevant prayer-points to ensure your success is not negotiable.

       1. Strongmen of your father's house
       2. Witches and Warlocks
       3. Wrong spouse
       4. Evil money
       5. Territorial Powers
       6. Ignorance
       7. Prayerlessness

In this ebook, the Lord reveals many strategies of the enemy against men of God.  From planting his daughters as wives to Pastors to using witches and wizards to close some churches down.  Wrong money the devil sow into the church to demonically destroy the finances of the church.  There are territorial powers who do everything to stop a vibrant minister from operating in their localities.

There is the prayerlessness which sets-in to hinders the Pastor's spiritual growth, especially when he is living with a daughter of Satan.  The strategies are very subtle and difficult for you to discern, but the effect is very profound.  You will think she loves you so much, its more than that.  They are meant to keep your mind off the Word and your thoughts towards carnality. 

A Pastor after many years of struggle and hardship was crying to God to show him the problem with his life and ministry. Then one night, the Lord opened his eyes to see his wive, half fish and half woman.  The Pastor wondered what kind of woman is that, but she is his wife, so he decided to touch the woman to confirm.  He touches her and it was indeed his wife, but before he could say anything he woke up from the dream.  That was when the Pastor knew he had a major problem.  

This ebook contains the scriptures and specific actions to dislodge witchcraft in the house, the most deadly type.  The purpose is clearly to stop the man of God.  Countless strategies are used depending on the spiritual authority of the Pastor.  A Pastor refused to yield to the wife's tricks, so the woman decided to be creative.  She motivates him to take some actions before his ministration, and lol, the Pastor becomes a different person on the pulpit.  He can see vision and prophesy correctly, and the church began to boom.

Then, the Pastor wanted to do more for the Lord and started asking for more power and grace to heal and deliver more people.  It was then the Lord told him that the power he is using, is not from Him.  The Pastor was shocked and inquired more and the Lord told him what to do.  You cannot serve God with power from Satan...NO!

The different strategies of the enemy against Ministers of God are revealed in this book, as well as how to contend with Territorial powers.

There is a two days prophetic deliverance and prayer Seminar where the points are explained to our readers and others.

     1. In the Workplace
     2. In Business

There are biblical and practical ways to get promotion in your place of work, year after year.  This ebook is a wisdom series that shows how the wisdom in scriptures can be used to obtain favour of God and man, for the desired goal...PROMOTION.

There two kinds of promotion the Lord lead me into while preparing this ebook.  Promotion in that small or medium business you are doing, and promotion for people working for others, companies and corporations.  Knowing what to do is important for success in business and career.  Some of the issues covered in the Seminar include:
1. Work ethics
2. Production ethics
3. New Product Ideas
4. New markets development
5. Making money
6. Teamplay and support

Many times when people give testimony, they do not explain how they worked-out the miracle they are testifying about.  This book will show the working out of greatness in your business or office.  

Promotion ultimately comes from the Lord, and not necessarily from your skills and human wisdom. All the important steps you need to take to earn a promotion on the job will be explained.  For those who want to make a difference in their office and business, this book will guide you.

There is a two days prophetic deliverance and prayer Seminar where the points are explained to our readers and others.

3. OPEN HEAVENS - (Breaking the yoke of stagnancy, joblessness, lack of favour)
    1. How to remove spiritual roadblocks
    2. Defeating stagnancy
    3. How to obtain favour
    4. Prayers that open closed-heavens
    5. Price for success

This ebook goes to the depth of what is called closed heaven and its difficulties.  It's a time when there is no favour and no one to help, a time of stagnancy, poverty and lack.  It is the doing of Satan and his agents, but through our Lord, deliverance will come to you as you practise the principles in this book.

It is a tragedy for a child of God to be praying under a closed heaven.  Nothing will happen, because when a person's heaven closed, the person is in a spiritual prison or cage.  Many factors combine to close the heavens of a person in the spirit, the principles in this book will help you break out in Jesus name.
Progress and prosperity have a lot to do with what you are doing, so you should be doing something, no matter how little it may look. The book will also teach how to create a job for yourself and others.  The biblical and practical wisdom steps.

There is a two days prophetic deliverance and prayer Seminar where the points are explained to our readers and others.

      1. Instructions on natural food combinations to eat
     2. The normal food around you
     3. Once and for all treatment - Food

God established marriage for the good of man and society.  But when there is a problem in the reproductive system of either of the couple, the joy and happiness of such a couple is not complete.  Why?  They are not able to fulfil the prophecy to multiply and replenish the earth.

The Lord knows all flesh and knows what food combinations that can solve human problems.  One day, I cried to the Lord about a particular problem and the Lord says to me "Go and chew Bitter cola" I was shocked by the prescription.  I went bought and shewed bitter cola and that was the end of that problem till today.
In 2008, I heard for the first time in my life that there are men without sperm at all.  They don't produce any count at all.  As I thought and researched on this topic, I asked the Lord for a simple solution and lol, I heard the Lord say, "Use so and so together".  

Some years later I mentioned my encounter to a friend without giving him the details.  He was angry I did not share it with him for that long time, but I said you never told me you have a problem of either low count or weak ability.

There is a two days prophetic deliverance and prayer Seminar where the points are explained to our readers and others.


Marriage is very important to God.  In fact by my estimation, after the salvation of souls, the next most important thing in the heart of the Lord is marriage.  Remember that Christ is the head of the church, as well as the head of the home. If the home is healthy, the church of Christ will be healthy and the society will be better for it.

Some times ago, the Lord mentioned many things troubling the family and the reasons why the divorce rate is high.  Each of these points will be examined and godly solutions discussed, so that there will be respect in the home, finances will not break the marriage, inlaws and friends will not break the home, worldliness, infidelity, competition and pride would not tear homes apart.

There are demons troubling marriages and converting Christian homes to homes of unbelievers.  This aspect is dealing with the spiritual life of the husband, wife and children in the home.  What are the ways these groups are tempted and how spiritually strong are they in Christ?  People that love godly and peaceful homes will benefit from this book.  Also, those who desire to raise respectful, disciplined, focused and godly children.

There is a two days prophetic deliverance and prayer Seminar where the points are explained to our readers and others.


We believe that marriage is worth preparing for.  It should not be a chance thing, where people bank of chances to succeed.  When you prepare for marriage, you know your duties and obligations in marriage.
In the process of preparation, you will know what you want in marriage, and the kind of persons you can live with.  When you see your husband or wife, instantly you will know by instinct because you know what you are looking for.  When you marry the right man or woman, then you live out your preparation, and it will all be a joyful and happy home.

There is a two days prophetic deliverance and prayer Seminar where the points are explained to our readers and others.

    (Evil Uncles and envious neighbours and friends)

Every believer should know how to destroy the works of darkness fired at him if he wants to see progress in life.  A Pastor got into a new environment and the agents of darkness there gathered against him.  They vowed in their coven to stop the man because of his aggressive prayers that were destroying their charms.  So, the battle started, but one day, one of the warlocks spoke to the Pastor in a trance by the day.  He spoke to the Pastor and asked "You are a Pastor, did you think we will leave you to succeed? It is by power".  

Many believers think good things happen to nice people, NO, it does happen that way, there is a battle to fight and an enemy to contend with in your father's house, in the place of your business and the environment where you reside.  every success businessman or woman has power behind his success.  The children of darkness know this fact and none of them can start any business without invoking demonic agents to help him or her.

Warlocks are the male leaders of a witchcraft coven.  They are herbalists and deep into occultic and demonic practices.  There are destiny hunters everywhere taking your money to the coven.  There are beggers you should never give money, there are shop owners, fruit sellers you should never patronize.  What if you don't know?

God is faithful to deliver you from all these problems of men through these ebooks.  He will answer your prayers as you determine to take the hands of the enemy off your life and your family and business.

There is a two days prophetic deliverance and prayer Seminar where the points are explained to our readers and others.



If you know what to do, your enemy loses value, but, if you refuse to take the right steps to stop him, you become your own enemy - Chinedu Agorson


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