MEN ARE NOT SCARCE......Husbands may be scarce!



It is a global trend that fewer men are settling down in marriage due to many factors.  From economic to social problems and the fact that many people do not know what the bible says about marriage.

Some people ignorantly decided they are not getting married because they don't want divorce of marital problem.  Some fear they may not have money enough to cater for the children that will follow marriage, while some women who do not understand the concept of submission are afraid that marriage will curtail their freedom.

This should not be the thoughts of a Christian on marriage.  Marriage is for your good, companionship, procreation and enjoyment.  Marriage remains one of the greatest sources of human joy, despite high rising divorce cases.  

Many people are sceptical about their chance of making it in marriage and those affected by divorce and failed relationship have developed resentment towards marriage, but in spite of all these despair, the truth is that only a marriage of like minds can survive.  

A Christian cannot marry an unbeliever and hope the marriage will survive.  It is not colour or nationality, it is your personal relationship with Christ, your knowledge of the word of God and obedience to it.  It is in your love for God and your spouse and his family members. It is in not allowing worldliness to dominate a person instead of the word of God.  It is allowing Jesus to be the head of your home.

Where are the good, marriageable men? 

This is a question so many women are asking themselves, especially in the Church today.  Why are men in the church not marrying their sisters in the Lord who worship in the same church with them?  The answer is that there are men everywhere, but husbands are few.

Among the few husbands, many of them are not rich enough to maintain a high-society lady of today.  These men are there, but quietly working out their salvation when it comes to marriage.  I went to buy things recently and I asked a young man about his wife and children.  I was shocked when he said he is not married yet.  Why is that?  

He said he does not have money to marry.  I told him that money alone does not determine whether you are qualified to marry or not.  If you are doing something that brings income to you, then you look for a woman of your class and marry.

The guy told me a friend of his was embarrassed last year December when he went to do the traditional marriage for the girl of his choice.  According to him, the girl's parents rejected the size of Yam his friend took to his inlaws and the marriage entered 'Voicemail'.  They rejected the Yams as being too small and not worthy for a Traditional marriage.

Poverty is not helping matters also.  There are morally upright men who are in church, but they are broke and sone of them feel stranded. The problem is that such a brother cannot marry any woman in town anywhere in Nigeria today.  They will have to return to their places and look for small girls that will appreciate them and start a new life with them.

We are living in a unique time in history when faithful men are so scarce.  It's not only for men, but there are also countless church-going women who are not born again.   We have ladies who prefer to give a man the impression that all is well, she is fine and belongs to the cream of society, and the men are afraid to approach them in the church and outside the church.  

Women should know that it is the men that should find them.  The ladies just need to know what the word says, live by the word and prepare in advance for marriage.  It is not a matter of when I am 25 years, I will start thinking about marriage.  It is about preparing for marriage when you are still in the teens.  There are spiritual and social preparations that women should know about marriage before they get into it.

Marriage is important to God, and the future of our society depends on good, solid marriages, families and citizens. We need families to produce educated and informed young men and women who will stand for the truth and be worthy ambassadors of Christ in this country and the world.

Are men scarce?
There is no scarcity of men for believing ladies, that know what to do.  If you are born again and full of love for God and man, you will find the right man easily.  You are not going to find the man, rather your husband will find you out if you are ready to get married, and remain in the marriage.  If you are ready to submit to your husband, so that God's purpose for marriage will be fulfilled, the mercy of God will appear unto you.

Remember that, all I am saying start from your heart.  If God sees such a heart for marriage, He knows the woman will be interested in training their children in the way of the Lord.  The bible says a contrite spirit, God will not ignore.

There is no daughter of Zion, who should be afraid of not getting a good husband.  They should rather be willing to accept the man that God is sending to them after they have confirmed the guy is from the Lord.  In a simple inquiry prayer to God like:

1. O'Lord, confirm this man is my husband in Jesus name
2. O' Lord, prove to me he is my husband, let him buy me a Toy, Biscuit or wristwatch.

With such simple prayers, said with faith, the Lord will give you the answer you need.  Once the Lord confirms a man to be your husband, accept him, even if he is not rich in the beginning, the marriage will be blessed, your children blessed and your old age will be blessed also.

Men are Scarce!
Billionaire daughter and disc jockey, Dj Cuppy has revealed why she is still single despite being spotted with several good looking men including the boxer, Anthony Joshua.

DJ Cuppy

Dangers of Despair
The danger of feeling you may not find a husband is one of the reasons women have devised different ways to carnally solicit for men.  These are ungodly and they will not stand for long.

Women have devised human and ungodly ways to attract attention to themselves and in the process obtain good husbands, but they are playing with the devil, and the devil will only 'Use and dump them'.  Some of these carnal methods include:
1. Fat injection
2. Skimpy Dressing
3. Tight dressing
4. Desperation and Shame

Women should be patient with marriage, otherwise the devil will put them to shame.  In Kenya recently, a man impregnating three biological sisters;  starting with the First born, Second and Third born.


He confessed “I did get all of them pregnant the same month of 2019, I was done by the end of May”. The ladies recently gave birth. The first and last born have baby girls while the second born gave him a son.

As it turns out, all ladies including their parents are happy with what the man did and don’t mind sharing the same husband.

5. Seductive hawking
Image result for big booty lady hawking plantain   Image result for big booty lady hawking plantain
Made in Lagos                                                       Made in Ghana
Image result for big booty lady hawking plantain  Image result for Yoruba herbal Mixture women- hawking man power
Made in Lagos                                                               Made in Lagos 

Husband or Survival?

You cannot get a husband using this public nightmare.  But, the matured ones among them say they are not looking for a husband, but survival. It is not true they are prostitutes, they are taking advantage of the behaviour of men to make sales daily.

They are trying to survive in a difficult economy. They have studied the psychology of men, and discover they appreciate beautiful and well-dressed women hawking.  If and when they see such women, they quickly stop their cars and patronize them.  So, the women known for some strange contraptions, have decided to throw shame to the dogs and make huge sales, exhibiting their body in the name of selling wares.  

No matter the defence for their suggestive dressing, it is evil.  It is going to expose such ladies to the wrong men.  Frankly speaking, they are playing games with the devil.  Watch this, whoever plays games with the devil will receive shame.  No Christian lady should try it!


Ladies should understand that God that created them knows they will have to marry to replenish the earth.  It is up to them to prepare themselves for marriage and then cry to God to bring their husband their way.  Husbands may be scarce, but not for children of God.


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