GOD IS GOOD......Have you Experienced Him for yourself?

Prophet Chinedu Agorson

The Publisher of Fireinthebone, an online evangelistic ministry, Prophet Chinedu Agorson has advised Christians to seek God and know Him personally.  We live in difficult times when people are concerned with how to survive and lead a good life.

Though many claims to have known God, a close look at some of the behaviours of people in the Church, one will discover that what many have is a plastic experience of God.  They have studied some portions of the bible, but lack personal encounters that grow their faith and establish them in Christ.

He made these remarks yesterday while reviewing the life of an Evangelist and the kind of questions that people ask during evangelistic outreaches.  He said an Evangelist as Christ Ambassador should have varied and continuous encounter of the power of God.  The word is the seed of the gospel and your testimonies encourage the faith of people.

God wants us to know Him deeper than we do right now.  He also wants us to believe in Him in our heart.  Guess what will happen when we know Him and believe in Him...boldness and spiritual authority - Dan 11:32 & Mark 16:17-18.  

An evangelist needs spiritual authority to teach the Word and win souls.  Jesus, after teaching with authority was asked by the Scribes, who gave Him the authority to teach the way He thought - Mark 11:28.   He encouraged young Evangelist to grow their faith in God and come to the place where, even before they open their mouth and make a request to God, the Lord would have seen their heart and answered the request.

Everyone agrees that God is good.  He is powerful and has the power to do all things, including turning difficult situations around.  The Evangelist sharing the good news on the street should be able to explain who God is to the people, with personal testimonies of God's power to save and deliver.  Many times, we meet people who desire deliverance in certain areas of life to enable them to serve the Lord better, the Evangelist should have the faith and boldness to pray for such people and continue to intercede for them till their solution manifest.

The bible says 'those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits'.  They shall be strong because of the presence of God with them and as it was in the days of the old, so it is now.  Any Believer that knows his God, shall be confident and bold to confront adverse conditions and overcome it.

Knowing Him
It is possible to know much about God, His nature and attributes, and yet the person does not know Him personally. Many, who literarily read through the bible end-up with head knowledge of God, without knowing Him personally.  This is why the book of Daniel came to help us with tangible signs to look-out for when we encounter the Lord.  In Daniel 11:32, the bible says those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. 

To know God is to know His nature and Attributes as well as have personal encounters with Him as your Provider, Healer, Deliverer, Saviour etc.  In other words, we know God through the scriptures, the Bible and through personal encounters.  From the scriptures, you will learn of God and His names, with each name describing an aspect of God's character and who He is.

From the scriptures, we get to know the attributes of God.  For example, God is called Jehovah - meaning the Eternal one, who was, who is and is to come.  Gen. 21:33, Exodus 3:3-14, Exodus 6:3, Isaiah 12:2, 26:4, Mal 3:6 etc  From His name Jehovah, we have 21 titles like Jehovah Elohim - The All-powerful God, Jehovah Nisi, Shalom, Jire, Rohi etc

There are other four attributes of God that are unique to God alone like:
1. Omnipresence - God that cannot be avoided Psalm 139:7, Jer 23:24.
2. Omnipotent - God that cannot be overcome Job 42:2,  Jerm 32:17
3. Omniscience - God that cannot be deceived.  He knows all things from creation till date and to the future - Psalms 139:1-6,  Psalm 147:4-5, Acts 15:18, 1 John 3:20
4. Transcendency - God that cannot be excelled.  No human can excel God Gen 21:33, 2 Chron 6:18, 1 Timothy1:17

His Nature
We have one God and three personalities, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.  God the Father is the one. God the Son, Jesus Christ is eternally begotten of the Father, while God the Holy Ghost is eternally proceeding from the Father and the Son according to Deut 6:4.

God has natures that are shared with men.  For instance:
1. God is love - 1 John 4:8
2. God is Just Romans 3:26
3. God is holy,. He says be ye holy, for I am holy
4. God is Truth  John 14:6
5. God is Light John 1:5
6. God is Spirit John 4:24

From all these, it is clear that God can be known.  If God can be known, then there can be a relationship with Him.  God made us Spirit and flesh, so we can commune with Him through our Spirit man.   When we know Him, we shall be strong physically and spiritually.  As Daniel and the three Hebrew men did fearlessly, so shall we do.  

If you know your God, you will suddenly realize that you are never alone, the angels of the Lord is with you.  The knowledge of God's presence and power to protect you is a settled deal, and every Believer should know this and become fearless.  Without this knowledge, a believer will live in fear.

Doing Exploits

When we talk about doing exploits in the kingdom, we mean that a believer has spiritual authority with God.  He knows the Lord and God knows his name.  It means that such a believer walks and operates in the spirit.  Your faith in God is unshakeable and for all you know, nothing is impossible for God to do.

As an Ambassador of heaven, the evangelist has the name of Jesus Christ and shares power with God, through Jesus Christ.  He will not only operate in the supernatural, but he will also operate with Godly wisdom and achieve many successes with ease.  Soul winning will be with ease, raising godly men also.  While you preach and teach the people, you will see the Spirit of the Lord moving the midst and healing and delivering people.

Doing exploit is the delight of many people in the kingdom, but not everybody is ready to cleanse their vessel and wait on the Lord for empowerment.  That's the godly standards.  The bible talking about Jesus Christ says in Heb 1:9,  Thou hast loved righteousness and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.

Jesus loved righteousness and hated iniquity, and because of that, God anointed him with oil of gladness above all others before Him.  There is no short-cut to the supernatural.   You cannot be living in secret, in anger, bitterness and think that the supernatural will answer to you...NO!.  It doesn't happen that way, you will have to love righteousness and hate iniquity.  Your love for God will also have to be established.  

Exploit is done in trying circumstances.  Imagine Job, for a moment the story of Job, the richest man in his days.  This man knew the Lord very deep, that after losing his Ten children and all his properties in one day, had the courage to say that he knows his redeemer liveth.

How can a man who have lost all his fortune and all children in one day have the boldness to say...I know my redeemer lives.  After losing everything, he still has the strength and conviction to say that God gave hi everything he had, and God has taken those things away, glory to His name, that's doing exploit.  The wife asked him to curse God and die, and he says to her, don't think like the foolish women.

If Joseph had thought of a short-cut in Potiphar's house, he would never have gotten to the Palace.  Challenges of life will test your faith and zeal for God.  Whoever wants to do exploits should be ready to pass varying tests and trials, they must also put their trust in God.

How to Experience Him personally

Every child of God has the priviledge to know the Lord enough to do exploits in His name.  If someone should ask you to explain why people say 'God is good'.  That person is asking for evidence of God's goodness in your life. other words, what problem have your faith resolved.

The question could also mean, "Does heaven know your name and voice"  When you cry to heaven, do you receive an answer to your petitions?  When you pray for the sick, do they recover?, When you make a request unto the Lord, do you receive answers.  In the course of preaching and teaching the Word, the Spirit of the Living God begins to heal the sick, cast demons out, without your doing anything.

Steps to Encountering God personally

Knowing God is not complete until God knows us, and heaven recognizes our voice when we pray.  We should remember that our fellowshipping with Him is continually in reverence.  It is not like the relationship we have with friends, NO!

Every step towards God must be in reverence, worship and thanksgiving for who He is.  God is the Almighty, and we are His adopted sons and daughters through Christ.  So, we should show gratitude for His mercy that delivered us from darkness unto light.

That simply means that we should:
1. Repent of our sins and forsake them.  The starting point to knowing God is to repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour of our life.

2. Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour - For those who are yet to do this.

3. Search, and study the scriptures to know the Lord

4. Know the person of the Holy Ghost and let Him direct you.  

5. Establish a personal relationship with the Lord through: 
a. Regular fellowship.
b. Regular prayer.
c. Daily quiet time.  
A time when you are in a one-on-one with the Lord in your study, meditation and prayer.  It becomes a fellowship when you maintain a fixed time for this important fellowship.

6. Be a doer of the Word of God as directed by Jesus Christ.  He says 'If you love Me, keep my commandments'' -  John 14:15.   The more we trust in the Lord, keep His commandments, the closer we get to Him and the stronger our faith becomes.

Having an Encounter - Trusting the Lord for a Solution
There is no better way to encounter the Lord than to take a difficult matter to Him in prayer and stand on His word for the solution.  When you have grown your faith to believe the Word of God and trust Him, then you are ready to make Him your God with definite encounters.

For a beginner in the act of trusting the Lord, you can take any problem to Him in prayer.  First, you get the bible verses where God promised what you are asking for, get other bible verses promising answers to prayer and get down to praying and fasting.  After the prayer, believe that you have received answers.  

Then give yourself to thanksgiving like someone who has indeed received his petitions.  If you notice a delay, then you resume your prayers till you see your answer.  Such an answer is an encounter to built up your faith for the next level. 


Those who know their God will be strong, not weak, not frustrated, not confused.  They shall do exploits.  They are men and women of personal integrity and character. 

They shall be strong and do exploit because they will run away from every known sin and keep their heart pure.  They are persuaded that God cannot fail.  They give themselves to good works, to loving the Lord and their fellows.

This is the expectation of God for all His children, that they should know Him intimately and be a carrier of His power and glory.  I pray that will be your portion from today in Jesus name.


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