CHRISTIAN NEWS.....Couples urged to Stay united in Love and strong in the Lord

Prophet Chinedu Agorson

The Publisher of an online evangelistic ministry, Fireinthebone, Prophet Chinedu Agorson has advised married couples to be patient with their spouses in view of the times we live in.  He made the call yesterday while speaking on marriage.

He says the devil knows the importance of unity in the family and what power they command when they pray together in unity.  That is why the devil enters the marriage like a snake, whose footsteps you cannot hear.  He urged prayer and intercession for marriages passing through difficulties, insisting the Lord will never abandon His own.

According to him, Christians are in marriage for a purpose, to fulfil the counsel of the Lord for the family and the society.  This is easier when the couples walk together in love.   If the married people will subject themselves to the word of the Lord and the doctrines of marriage, the high rate of divorce the world is witnessing will reduce drastically.  

Raising godly children is one of the responsibilities of couples in marriage and bringing up children in a divided home will be tough.  The children should see Godly attitudes of faith, love and forgiveness in the lives of their parents. But, in a situation where the parents are still struggling with loving and forgiving one another, this godly parental responsibility would be a challenge.

He reminded couples that marriage is beyond the man and the woman, it includes God, the children and relatives.  The parents should follow the word of God in developing their family visions and standards.  Parents should teach children how to love and fear God.  They should learn how to pray, study and meditate on the word at home.  

It will be an error for any believer in Christ to send their children to boarding school and even the University before the child knows the Lord.  They should have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour, establish a vibrant relationship with Him.  Children should be able to discern what is good and evil and have the capacity to say NO, when they need to and resist temptation before you release them into the world.  

He cautioned parents who shift the responsibility of training their children to the school to know the dangers of their action. Many children that should be with parents are in boarding houses.  He encouraged parents who are well to do to allow their children to learn basic qualities at home, get to a certain good age before sending them to the boarding schools.  This is because, according to him, whatever the children fail to learn at home, may hunt them in the future.

Finally, he encouraged couples to forgive one another and eschew bitterness, so they can fulfil the purpose of God for marriage.  They should also keep an eye on their children, to know their friends.  They should allow their children to bring their friends home when they are at home so that parents can make input into the choice of their children's friends, at a young age.

These are some of the leadership checks, parents should see in their children before they are sent to boarding schools.  It is also for such reasons that couples should STAY UNITED IN LOVE AND STRONG IN THE LORD.  

He urged continuous prayer and intercession for the nation by all Christians.


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