ANOINTING ....Reasons why some Christians are Powerless!

Chinedu Agorson

The Publisher of an online evangelistic ministry, Fireinthebone, Prophet Chinedu Agorson has advised Christians who desire the power of God to embrace a covenant walk with the Lord.  He insisted that a life of purity provokes divine assistance and power.

He made these remarks yesterday while reviewing the life of modern-day Christians who consider Christianity as a religion with a set of rules, and rituals. He noted that the kingdom of heaven is different from the kingdom of this world.  He encouraged young and old Christians to get deeper into the things of God and to know God and the Lord Jesus Christ personally.

According to him, Christianity is a relationship, not a religion and born again Christians are called to live a separated life, different from the way others in the world live. Christianity is not just in words, preaching and inviting people to Christ, it is in the manifestation of the power of God to do the impossible in the lives of people.  

This is because God is all-powerful and with Him, nothing is impossible.  We are called to be like our heavenly Father, to whom nothing is impossible.  During Jesus' earthly ministry, He demonstrated this power of God everywhere He went.

The gospel is about revealing the mysteries of the kingdom and believers are in the best position to do everything the Lord did while He was in the world.  The authority has been given and the power has been released.  But ignorance and spiritual laziness are getting in the way of most Christians ability to manifest the power inherent in this glorious gospel.

As a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I know we try to speak good words to members, to encourage them to grow and mature in the Lord, but some truths need to be told, for those who are eager to know why things are not working for them to copy and adopt.

Two of the factors working against many Christians abilities to manifest greatness are: 
1. Ignorance
2. Unseriousness.

1. A lot of believers do not understand the faith and what it stands for.  They also do not understand why they are here on earth and what assignment the Lord created them to fulfil.  Some think they are here to fulfil their days and go.  So they take things of life as it comes to them.

2. Some Christians believe the devil has no power, though the bible gave several illustrations of the power of Satan to destroy good things.  The example of Job is relevant here - Job 1.

3. Others Christians in this category do not understand the battlefield and fight for the souls of men.  The devil's main purpose is to separate man from God and deny such a person eternal life.  Some of these Christians do not understand how the devil goes about trying to hinder, divert or subvert people from their course in life.

4. Because of ignorance, they do not know the different doorways through the devil enter into people lives.  They toy with sin and end up with stubborn demons in their lives.  Others do not know anything about their foundation and the reason they are suffering from what their parents suffered.  

5. Some of them play with sin and lack the resistance to say no to sin.  They play with sin and copy everything the world do from dressing to eating and other lifestyles, without knowing that sin is the 'Staying Power' for all kinds of demonic bondage.

UNSERIOUSNESS - Spiritual Laziness

This factor is the reason for many of the woes some Christians are suffering. 
1. Christians in this category do not understand the difference between the kingdom of heaven and the world.  So, they are redeemed from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Jesus Christ, but they are still in the world in terms of their behaviour and speech.

2. We have believers who know that Jesus is the only Saviour and deliverer they have, yet they don't know Him personally.  They seldom study the word of God, not to talk about memorizing the scriptures.

3. The bible says those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, so they can fly like the Eagle, but some Christians who do not want to fast at all.  Some have not fasted before and so they remain at one spiritual level for years.

4. We have Christians who do not have any charms, No Juju, who cannot recite incantations, yet they cannot pray.  They are competing with unbelievers in business and in the office without any atom of spiritual power.  Yet God is the all-powerful God.

5. We have Christians who do not have any other means of getting deep spiritual secret other than the Holy Ghost, yet they do not know Him, not to talk of having a relationship with the Holy Ghost.  But, their friends swim in the waters of darkness every night and understand a lot of spiritual things and use information from demons to compete for Contracts and promotion.  How will such a Christian get what is due to him or her?

6. There are Christians who put Tattoos on their body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, yet it does not bother them.  The bible says we should not put any markups on our body, but rather present it a living sacrifice unto the Lord, our reasonable sacrifice Rom 12:1, yet they draw images of animals and humans on their body

Some of the Tattoos are subtle means of initiating them into darkness, without announcement.  When that happens, a doorway is opened for demons to enter their lives and change their faith and behaviour over time.  Tattoo pollutes the body and leads to more worldliness.  You cannot serve God with a polluted body.

7. We have Christians who know that God hates sin, yet they continue to live in sin, saying that it is difficult to live holy. Instead of them to cry to God for help and put up a strong resistance against the devil, they are doing nothing to live differently.

The Main Problem

You have nobody else to help you than JESUS CHRIST, yet you are making the Lord unhappy with your sins.  Sin separates us from the Lord and makes it difficult for God to help us.  Sin hinders the hand of the Lord from blessing us.

This is why all the Christians that watch explicit videos will never go far with God.  You still tell lies, deceive people and take advantage of them, you go nowhere with God, and spiritual power is far from the person.  If you are a woman, who is ready to remove your skirt for every man, there is a problem.  Ladies and woman who have no boyfriend, but keep sophisticated toys at home should forget about spiritual power.  

The question is How will God help you?  You are committing sin and covering it, how will you overcome the sin?  With sin, the hand of God is stayed from helping you, and how will you overcome your enemies?  How will you receive the promotion that is due you for years?

Beloved, these are the reasons for powerlessness in the kingdom of God today. Believers for many years and yet they cannot confront the smallest of demons. Witches and Herbalists are fasting and the Christians are not fasting, how will the power come?

THE WAY FORWARD - A powerful life

The way to a powerful life is Purity.  

Purity is a life that loves righteousness and hates sin.  Living a holy and righteous life has no alternative as it settles so many deficiencies in the life of a believer.  

Sometimes Christians who are living right face trials and tough times.  Test and trials allow you to discover who you are in Christ, and as you overcome each trial and temptation, your faith grows.

Embrace the Word of God and love it.  The bible says the word should not depart from our mouth, embrace the word, for it the root of all knowledge in the world.  The word of God has the power to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  The Word of God reveals the Lord Jesus to us and the other mysteries that we do not know.

The Word of God is the root of all knowledge.  No matter our profession and skill, let us discover ourselves in the Word of God. The Word is also a lamp on our path, so we should align our lifestyle according to the word.

We should learn how to pray and pray daily, asking for God's assistance and help to live right.  Prayer Warrior and those that pray always will encounter the power of God.  Jesus started with prayer and prayed till the end of His ministry, so let return to prayers and intercession.

Become a friend of God, learn how to diligently seek the Lord and please Him.  People who cannot please God will have a problem with their prayers being answered.  But every Christian that receives the answer to their prayers are happy people.

Finally, the desire to please God will launch us into a covenant walk with the Lord, a situation where we know the Lord personally and He knows our name.  When heaven knows your name, you can be sure that your prayers will receive quick answers.

Let's embrace holiness, purity of heart and action and the Lord will be pleased with us.


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