3 FINANCIAL ATTACK DREAMS......You should Counter Immediately

(Losing cash, phone and Car keys)


The dream world is as important as the physical world.  God uses the dream to give up a vision of our future and things that will happen to us in the future.  The devil and his agents use the dream to sow affliction, terror and fear into people's lives.

Know that your dream is your spiritual world and when you dream, God is passing some information to you or showing you what the enemy is planning against you.  Your dream can reveal the problem you are facing now or in the future, as well as the kind of enemy troubling your life and their plans towards you.

Dreams can be like an alert to a person to know what is going on in the spirit around him.  There are dreams that indicate answered prayer, there are others that reveal what the enemy has stolen or they are planning to steal from you, so you can quickly reverse it.  

Every believer should take his dreams seriously because it shows us what the enemy has sowed in the hour of the night. The Bible says, “While men slept his enemy came and sowed tares and went his way.” The good news here is that by the name of Jesus, we have the authority to reverse whatever the devil did or planning to do against us prayerfully.

Many times, the enemy tries to disguise the severity of the attack they are planning by making a serious attack look ordinary.  For instance, some people see a gun in the dream, without anyone pointing it at them or actually shooting them.  Meanwhile, the enemy by showing them that gun has sowed the evil seed of a gunshot into the person's life, waiting for an appointed date.  That is why you should pray and cancel every dream you don't like or that you are not comfortable with.

Many of the sicknesses that trouble people were planted in the victim’s lives while they were asleep.

Financial attacks targeting your Success:

Whenever you have the following dreams, do not ignore them.

1. If you dream and see yourself being attacked by some, who collects your phone at gunpoint; or you discover that your mobile phone goes blank in the dream when you want to make a call, or you were looking for your phone to make a call in a dream, but could not find it.

Interpretation: These three dreams are saying the same thing. the meaning is this: The major connection God is [planning for you has been cut off by the enemy. It could also mean that new business, a new contract of business you have been expecting has been cut off. 

2. You are in a dream and saw that your car key or a bunch of keys is taken from you.  These two dreams are the same. 

Interpretation:  It means that if you are planning to joint business, new business, you should not execute it yet, the key that will open the business and make it successful has been taken from you.  The Car key is also telling you that speed is taken from you.  It also means that an arrow of failure has been fired into your business, a spirit of a snail.

3. If someone steals your money in the dream, or your ATM Card or your Gold.  
Interpretation:  These three items stolen or lost in the dream means that a well-determined attack has been launched on your finances, business and means of livelihood that will have a long term effect.

SOLUTION: These kinds of dream attacks does not reverse by ordinary prayer.  You should immediately issue a command to cancel the dream and all its implications against your life.

Then, begin Three days and nights Esther kind of fast, asking God to reverse the evil plans of the enemy against your finances.  


1. Every evil seed planted in my life in the dream, die, in the name of Jesus.

2. Every attack on my finances in the dream, be reversed and backfire.

3. Every evil sacrifice made against my finance, catch fire and be nullified.

4. Spirit of failure, and anti-progress demons despatched against my life and finances, go back to the sender in Jesus name

5. Evil plantation buried in my plot of land, business premises or residential house, be exhumed and catch fire in Jesus name.

6. Powers hunting for my star in the dream, what are you waiting for? Die, in the name of Jesus.

7. Every arrow of poverty fired against me in my dream, backfire, in the name of Jesus.

8. Every strongman assigned against my progress, fall down and die in Jesus name.

9. O ground, hear the word of the Lord: open and swallow every strongman working against my progress in the name of Jesus.

10. I recover my money, key and glory stolen in the dream in Jesus name

11. Evil burial conducted against my finances and business, be reversed by the blood of Jesus Christ

12. My finances, money, business and glory buried by the enemy, be reversed by the blood of Jesus and be restored back to me in Jesus name.

13. Every evil dream against my destiny, be reversed, in Jesus’ name.

14. Thank the Lord for answered prayers.


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