PRAYERS TO CONTEND WITH POWERS......In your Environment!



In every neighbourhood, there are powers that determine what happens there. They are called different names and their spiritual authority and power differs also.  

Whoever wants to prosper in a place, must learn how to address the powers of that environment and destroy every arrow they may throw at the person.  

These powers are naughty and proud.  Among them are witchcraft groups meeting in different places at night, Witchdoctors and occultic groups doing their own business in the same environment.

Every one of these groups has a specific assignment from the devil and they answer to the territorial commander of Satan.  There is the zonal meeting place where witchcraft agents within a locality meet to discuss the devil's agenda.  That is the place where a serious threat to their mission is discussed and handled, that is the place of Territorial powers of Satan.

Territorial powers are powers in an environment that seeks to determine what happens in the area spiritually and physically.  They are the powers that issue an instruction to smaller powers in the environment or state, telling them what to do.

Evil Elders of the Community

When I was young, I had a friend who was active in the Politics of our community, and he will always brief me of their meetings.  One day, I asked him why he cannot contest for the counsellorship of our areas, somewhere in Surulere, Lagos, where he has lived for over 10 years and he is well known.  His answer shocked me.  

He said they will not give him the opportunity. Why?   I was curious because of his zeal and hard work.  He is always campaigning in the area, to the extent that everyone in the neighbourhood knew him. He told me it has been allocated to some people into the future.  He pointed me to the house of the political strongman of the area, who does the allocation, first to his children, then is close associates and friends.  That's what Territorial powers do.

Environmental powers are evil elders, witchcraft and occultic powers in an environment that monitors everything in an environment, to know who is getting what and why.  There are physical and spiritual territorial powers controlling an environment.  

They have a formidable network that monitors the activity of people within the area from street to street, so they know almost everyone in their environment. They keep initiating adult and children into witchcraft, to the extent that in every household or compound, they have a member who will bring them information about what is going on in the house or Estate.

This is similar to the way governments in advance countries, Police and other security services know the identity of people and families living in certain districts.  The only difference is that while the information is used for economic planning, to bring development and build in fractures in the Western nations, the undocumented information in the hand of witchcraft agents are used to monitor the spiritual and physical progress of the people and to hinder them.

We saw this in the book of Daniel, as Daniel started praying for the restoration of Israel, the Lord despatched an angel with answers for him, but the angel was withstood by the prince of Persia (Daniels 10: 12-13). for days.

Monitoring and Hindering Progress

Every environment has its own witchcraft activities and the environmental witches are not interested in your position and degrees, if you don't have spiritual power, they will stripe you of every blessing in the realm of the Spirit. The level of wickedness in a community is determined by the Territorial power in charge of the community.

They know everyone, including visitors and people who are not their members.  They are power mongers, proud and confident.  They know what to do to hinder people under them, who are not in Christ, but if you are in Christ, they dread you and would always avoid your trouble.

A young Nigerian couple just had their first child in the UK, and the mother-in-law has arrived the UK, to look after her daughter and the baby for a period of time, according to the Nigeria culture.  So, one morning the Youngman, husband of the woman that had a baby heard a knock on his door.  On opening the door, he saw a white man asking if one Mrs Wema is in the house.  

Mrs Wema is the mother in law's name, so he said yes.  Then the white man said:  Tell her that we don't condone lateness in our meeting here.  She should not think the UK witchcraft meeting is like the Nigeria meeting where they go late to the coven.  

The territorial powers in the UK have seen their member arrive from Nigeria, so they send a man in the broad daylight to warn her to be early and punctual to their meeting.

A Pastor once had witches of the environment where his church is located came to warn him to reduce his prayers, because it was disturbing them.  Those are Territorial powers.

Be ready for Battle

A young man went to buy few things from the next street.  In the process of haggling over prices, he told the girl selling the items that their price were higher than other shops in the environment.  

At night, a woman came to the brother in the dream to question why he should make such a statement, but unknown to the witch, the brother was on 'fire'.  The brother commanded the woman to catch fire and get away and she disappeared.  

She had to relocate to another place and handed over the place to her junior sister.  If Christians know the power in the name of Jesus Christ, they will not be afraid of the satanic agents.  As you say these prayers, every closed heaven over your life resulting from the place of your residence and business shall open on their own accord in Jesus name.

Before you start praying, note that:
1. The name of Jesus is given to us for our redemption and deliverance.  His name brings down the hand of God into our situations for deliverance and victory to take place.

2. It is very important that you give your heart to Christ before you start praying these contending prayers against powers of darkness, and enemies of your progress so that your victory can be assured.  When you receive Jesus Christ, He fights your battles for you, for the bible says that healing and deliverance is the bread of children of God.

3. Start your prayer with Thanksgiving, praising the Lord for His goodness and mercy and it shall be well with you.  

1. O'God arise and silence every territorial power pointing at me in the spirit in Jesus name.

2. Evil hands pointing at me in the spirit, wither and dry up in Jesus Christ name.

3. Every Witchcraft alters and coven in my environment, catch fire and scatter in Jesus Christ name.

4. O' God arise, let every marine altar in my environment, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.

5. Every territorial altar in my environment, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.

6. Astral altars in my environment, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.

7. Marine spirits, operating in my neighbourhood, be paralysed and suffocated, in the name of Jesus.

8. O' God arise and let every demonic word, utterance, invocation, spell charms, amulets, witchcraft burial made against me scatter in Jesus name.

9. O' God arise and paralyze agents of darkness putting charms around my house, at my door entrance and office.

10. Let every sacrifice drop anywhere against my life and progress catch fire and backfire in Jesus name.

11. Holy Ghost fire incubate my house, office and shop in Jesus Christ name

12. O' God arise, let all the high places of darkness in my environment catch fire in Jesus Christ name.

13. O' God arise, Let every satanic altar in high places in my environment to be consumed by the fire of God in Jesus Christ name.
14. Environmental powers consulting with powers of my father's house die suddenly in Jesus Christ name.

15.  By the blood of Jesus Christ, let the Sun, moon and stars fight against the diviners and astrologers in my environment in Jesus Christ name.

16 My buried potentials in this environment, come alive by fire in Jesus name.

17. O' God arise, let every marine altar in my environment, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.

18. O' God arise, let every territorial altar in my environment, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.

19. O' God arise, Let every territorial power assigned against my life be rendered powerless in Jesus name

20. O' God arise, let the stronghold of darkness over this Territory be destroyed by fire.

21. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I declare that I am seated above all territorial powers in this environment in Jesus name.

22. Let the Finger of God tear down the strongholds of the enemies that make this neighbourhood their abode in Jesus name.

23. Let the voice of the Lord that divided the Sea shake territorial commanders of darkness in this environment to expire in Jesus name.

24. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I declare that I am victorious over every territorial powers and curses in Jesus name.

25. Let every territorial demon assigned to monitor and manipulate my life be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

26. Give Him thanks for answered prayers.


It is my prayer that as you say these prayers with faith, territorial powers will let you be in Jesus name.


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