6 MARINE SPIRIT ATTACKS ON MARRIAGE........That bring Closed Heaven



Success is the desire of all, but in the end, only a few people experience real success.  It is said that once you experience a paradigm shift, the lids blinding your eyes will be lifted, to see the opportunities around you, in your business, which were closed to you all along.

This is true because success and its twin brother prosperity, begin from the heart.  Until you see the pictures in your heart, you are still far from success.  Until you move from Jordan to the promised land, you cannot see the plans of God.  His plan is in the promised land where He is taking you to.  The day your eyes open in the Promised land, you will see a completely new world.

The day you realize who you are in Christ, a royal priesthood, called out to show forth His glory, human limitations evaporate from your subconsciousness.  Whatever you want quickly becomes yours because you now, see what most people don’t. You can see opportunities everywhere, all because your heart and soul are enlightened to see your true picture and a possible picture of your future.  You are full of energy, and there is a fundamental shift; you are no longer the same old person.

Open Heaven

Open heavens require a good foundation and the favour of God.  Successful people ride on open heavens.  Open heavens is when you see angels of God descending and ascending for your sake.  When you see something in your dreams and it manifests without delay and controversy.  Open heaven will enable you to receive the breakthroughs you need from God and favour from men.  

Will you have the favour of men to pull anything through? When open heaven is in operation, people will just love you and whatever you do or say.  You make a simple announcement, and millions of people respond positively and so on.  Under open heaven, there is abundant grace and favour of God and man.  The question is "Do you have the favour of God and the 'Open heavens' to experience the success you are praying for? 

You have seen success in the dream, but, do you have the capacity and grace to handle the success you saw?  Can you discipline your heart, eyes, mouth and ears to reach the goal God has set for His children, and finally, do you have divine grace to walk in the success of your dream?

You need a good foundation, and faith in God, among other factors of success for you to experience open heaven.


All the zeal of a new man in Christ will not amount to anything if there are some spiritual roadblocks in the life of a person.  This is the problem of sin, present and past sins.  The sin of the past, the sin of the fathers manifests itself in evil covenants entered with satan, the wickedness they did to people, and sometimes, in the innocent blood, they shed, who are now crying against their children.

There is the dedication of children to idols and the marine spirit for protection and for the blessing and prosperity of the parents.  Many of these evils are never told to the children.  They grow up like their mates, without knowing their life, the choices they make are influenced by the marine spirit, they had been dedicated to.  When they become born again, their lives are turned upside down.  This is because a major part of the covenant their fathers entered with the devil is that they will grow up to serve and worship the idol or god, they were dedicated to.

Such a believer can hardly live a holy life for long.  He will be hot today, cold tomorrow because of the influence of the marine spirit.  The target of the marine spirit is to frustrate him or her and make life difficult for the person.  When life is hard and unbearable, anything can happen.

There is also the sins, which the person committed during his lifetime.  All the wrong places and things that people do when they are spiritually naive, some of them leading them to contact demonic spirits.  These are the factors that make a man fall into terrible sins that could close his heavens for a long time.

Closed heavens

Closed heaven is simply the absence of favour.  The bible says favour is life.  When there is no favour in life, heaven is closed on the person.  It is possible for a person's heaven to be closed.  It is one of the curses of disobedience included in Deuteronomy 28:23, the bible says "And the heaven over thy head shall be brass, and the earth under thy feet shall be iron". 

There is a reason why a person's heaven can be closed.  It can be closed by God as a result of disobedience, it can also be closed by powers of darkness, when there is an offence, either ancestral or a present sin found in the life of a person, they can enforce closed heaven against the person.

When that happens, there will struggle to get anything, even the simplest of things will be hard to obtain.  The good news in all these is that pray some aggressive prayers unto the Lord, and the heavens will blast open again.

Marine Witchcraft Attacks

Marine powers use witches and warlocks to enforce evil decrees. They can use a close relative or friend to attack.  They can also send one of them from the water to come and marry the person physically.  The agenda is to destroy man's future and every tactic is deployed as they deem fit. The good news is that with 

When you notice the under-listed attacks, understand there are powers assigned against your progress.  These attacks are deadly for men to handle because it involves their flesh, which like enjoyment and then toches their soul.  Even if it is instigated from the water, there is a marine witchcraft agent close to you that is enforcing it.  

The manipulation to commit those sins are coming from her, though you will think it is your mind.  It is not your mind or conscience, it is the voice of a marine witch or warlock manipulating you. Be strong to resist the instinct to get into secret sins.  It's a plot to close your heavens!

1. Married man watching pornography

When you see a married man watching porno, know there is a problem with the marriage.  There is marine witchcraft pollution to deal with, as soon as possible, otherwise, it becomes a lifestyle for the man, to the detriment of his destiny. 

Such a man, though he is born again, has a spirit wife that visits him during the day, to make him hide and watch naked videos. They are never alone in the room...NO!  The spirit wife comes to manipulate him to watch the short video.

Its a sign of marine witchcraft presence in the marriage and the goal is to destroy the man's future.  If the man is jobless, it will be hard for him to get a job.  If he is working, he will soon lose the job, or suffer demotion in the office.  

A brother was working in his office one day and a colleague asked him to look up.  When he did, he saw the lady was watching an explicit video in the office.  He wanted to scream, but the lady asked him to keep quiet, insisting there is nothing to scream about.  Within two months after the incident, the office was closed down and every one of them lost their jobs.

2. Married man patronizing Call girls and Prostitutes

Another killer marine attack happens when a child of God who is married, begins to desire to meet with prostitutes.  It is not normal for a man living with his wife to do such.  But there is a power that manipulates people into such errors in order to remove them from the covering and plans of God and deal with such people.

If you join yourself to a prostitute, you become one with the prostitute, and prostitutes are witches, the person becomes a witch in the spirit and the hand of God departs from him.  The power that makes a man leave his wife and go for a public woman can destroy him.  

Such a believer will soon lose his job and other important contracts and before long, favour will be hard to find.  This is called self-affliction.  Your enemy manipulates the person into sin that will take him out of God's reach and mercy, in order to afflict him.

3. Inability to keep a marriage

When a woman is unable to keep marriage is under the heavy influence of a spirit husband.  The purpose of a spirit husband is to do to the woman, what a natural husband would do.  So, the first step would be to discharge the legally married husband of the woman, so the spirit man can have the woman all to himself.

If deliverance is not conducted for the woman, the next husband would also leave her or he will die.  When the spirit man is dislodged, he would try to put spiritual roadblocks around the woman to frustrate her efforts.

The painful side of the spirit husband issue is that people are in darkness. witches, herbalists and warlocks can use demonic means to hire a dead man's spirit and ask the spirit to go and marry their victim, in order to punish the lady.

When that happens, the woman will soon lose her husband and other precious things in life, because dead spirits are more wicked, extremely wicked.  The spirit will torment the woman until the power of God is available to send the spirit away from her.  This is why Christians should be on 'fire' always.  With the fire of God and the right prayers, spirit husband or wife can be expelled easily.

4. Secret sins

Secret sins are sins covered up.  They are shameful sins that people do not want others to know about, but God knows and the devil also knows.  Every secret is heaven closer for a Christian.  It is painful to see born-again Christians committing secret sins.  Many of them are not happy, but they are not able to stop, because of the power behind the sin itself.

The devil knows that as long as the sin is kept secret, there can be no deliverance for the person, and so his or her heaven remains closed.  Some people are stagnated in one position for years because of secret sin.  

What about the people using toys to find pleasure.  The demon of lust, spirit husband and wife and witches will never stop attacking such people. Those sex toys are marine witchcraft products, and anyone keeping such things at home can never escape the attack of witches.  

There are people who do abominable things in secret without knowing they are going nowhere with their life.  This is why we published a list of what God calls abominations, so people can flee from evil.  No child of God who commits abomination and any of these secret sins will ever prosper, no matter your level of education, there will be struggle and hardship.

If a believer thinks he can behave like an unbeliever and succeed, he is mistaken.  That believer is inviting closed heaven upon himself.  

5. Lusting after your own wife
This is an attack.  It is not normal for you to lust after your own wife or her body.  This is a tricky attack from the marine kingdom.  The man starts by framing the wife's picture and hosting it at home and his office.

Each time he looks at the picture, he is lusting to go home and see her.  When such men get home, they will never go out for anything that day.  Your wife is your own, but if you are now lusting after her, understand the devil is around to shift the person.  

The devil wants to disgrace the man and the woman, but the woman has nothing to lose.  It is the man the devil is targeting to humiliate and destroy his future.  So many men worship their wives today because of this demonic attack.  They think it's love, but before you know what is happening, they are perverted in thought and action.

If you notice this subtle attack, know you are marrying a Queen in the water, who wants to pervert you and subdue you to worship her at home.  Go for deliverance.

6. Sudden loss of affection after marriage
This is another strange attack meant to separate the marriage.  It means that one of the couple or both of them have a spirit husband or wife.  How come you do not want to go close to your wife after marriage?

Some people, the attack occurs after one or two children.  The man suddenly does not desire to have anything to do with his wife.  Before you know what is happening, the two people are sleeping in separate rooms, it’s a marine witchcraft attack.  Sometimes the attack makes the man impotent for months, creating tension, doubt and disaffection in the marriage.

The power behind this attack sometimes manipulates the couple to seek pleasure outside their marriage, so that the heavens of such a man can be closed with a legal ground.


Open heaven is the desire of anyone in the valley of life.  To come out of the valley and return to abundance requires a lot of factors.  Chief among them is genuine repentance.  You will need to cry for mercy, a desperate prayer for someone in danger, asking for divine intervention.

The Lord is ready and willing to pull anyone in a valley out when the person cries to Him.  It is our duty to pray and continue to pray in faith until our dreams appear.


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