30 PRAYER FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS.....Let Angels of God work for you!



The business arena is very tough and everyone in business knows that success in business depends on a lot of factors.  The principal, of all the factors for success in business, is the power behind the businessman or woman.  

Everyone making progress in life has a power backing him or her.  It's either the power of God or the devil.  

In the marketplace, the businessman or woman with a higher power makes the sales and celebrates to the bank daily.  A lot of successful owners are hardly seen in their shops because they have done what is necessary for their sales staff to make sales and profit, so he only supervises their work and leaves.  

When the Lord God is your source, your money comes with peace of mind, no loss of close relatives or any other person for sacrifice.  One day, I entered a busy Auto parts market in Abuja, and the Lord asked me to look at a particular line, which I did.  I wondered why I was looking, and the Lord says there is a demon at the beginning of that line directing people into a particular shop.

When I looked closely, I notice a particular shop with more customers on that line.  That is why someone can open a shop in a busy market and close it at the end of the day without recording a single sale.

Many businessmen entered into a covenant with the devil to become rich at the expense of their souls. If the devil is the one pushing your business and bringing sales to your shop, it is at the expense of your eternity.  Not only that, the devil will continue to demand blood sacrifice from you, targeting close relatives from year to year.

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God's Promise and Will for you

In Jeremiah 29:11, the Lord says He knows the thoughts He has for us, thoughts of good and not evil, to bring us to an expected end.  In 3 John 1:2, we see that God's greatest wish for all His children is that we succeed in all areas of our lives. This is a true statement, but unfortunately, many believers are far from a success, many Christians today are living miserable lives, and many are even wondering if it is the will of God for them to suffer in life. 

The Lord has made provisions for your success, He has declared you a success, and He is saying that you should go and possess the possessions.  He told Joshua He has given the lands and territory to the children of Israel, but they have to contend with the occupants of the land, dispossess them and occupy.  You have to be prepared for battle if you want success in business.

There are many reasons why people fail in business, one of such reasons is the inability to contend with the devil on the altar of prayer.  The devil knows the plans of God for you, his agents know it also, but they are saying you will not get it.  This is why we must put up a fight of faith and resist the devil till we take delivery of our inheritance in Christ.

The Power to Contend
I believe in hard work, good qualifications and networking, but the spiritual exercise of prayer should be the starting point and the staying power of our trust in God to help our business.

Remember that God will usually have respect for a person, before He will accept the prayers of that person.  That is why I will always recommend you are born again before you start destiny-changing prayers. Today, I present 30 prayers for success in business.  Every child of God should get the Lord involved in his business and serve him in the business.  

Your dealings in business should be in accordance with the word of God.  You should serve the Lord in your business.  That is manifested in honest dealing with customers and partners.  

Pray always over the business, cover every aspect of it with the blood of Jesus Christ.  Pray against strange money and strange legs.  We ask the angels of the Lord to announce our services to all that need them and direct them to our shops and offices.  As you engage the power of God through prayers, success in the dimension you have not seen before becomes your portion in Jesus Christ's name.


Please make sure you're born again before you start this prayer, so you can be sure of victory.  Deliverance is the bread of children of God, and these prayers will bring awesome breakthroughs in your life and business.

1. Start with thanksgiving... Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy.

2. My business, receive the fire of God and become fire the enemy cannot touch in Jesus' name

3. Witchcraft burial against my sales, be nullified by the blood of Jesus 

4. My blessings imprisoned by the grave, come forth, in the name of Jesus.

5. My blessings swallowed by dead enemies come forth in the name of Jesus.

6. The evil voice speaking failure to my business, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ

7. Powers contending with my greatness, hear the word of the Lord, As the grave could not stop Jesus, you cannot stop my success in Jesus' name.

8. Powers programmed to hinder me from greatness, lose your power now, in Jesus’ name.

9. Anything representing my image in the spirit world, catch fire and be roasted in Jesus' name.

10. By the blood of Jesus, I command confusion in the camp of my enemies in Jesus Christ's name.

11. O'  God arise, let the enemy of my business success scatter in Jesus’ name.

12. O' God arise, let what people think is impossible become possible in my life in Jesus' name.

13. Every sacrifice buried in front of my shop, as I pour the blood of Jesus on the ground, let it be cancelled in  Jesus' name.

14. Sacrifices made against my life and business, backfire to the sender in Jesus' name.

15. O Lord, take me from where I am to where You want me to be.

16 O Lord, make a way for me where there is no way.

17. O Lord, grant me the power to be favoured by men and women in the name of Jesus.

18. O Lord, send destiny helper business partners to me in Jesus name

19. Every voice crying against my business, and my life, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.

20. O Lord, let your mercy speak for me today in business and life in Jesus name.

21. O' God arise, establish my business by the Blood of Jesus Christ

22. You, My business and finances, receive the favour of God, arise and shine in Jesus name.

23. Every weapon and evil design against me fail totally, in Jesus’ name.

24. Arrow of failure, sacrifices of failure made against my business, catch fire in Jesus name.

25. Evil words, and incantations pronounced against my business, backfire in Jesus name.

26. The eyes and hands of the stranger shall not devour my business in Jesus name

27. Every arrow of error and unprofitable investment fired against me, backfire in Jesus name

28. O' God arise, release your publicity Angels to announce my business services to people that need them in Jesus' name.

29. O' God arise, release your angels of Help to bring customers that need my products to buy them.

30. Every witchcraft bewitchment on my hands, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Give the Lord thanks for answered prayers, in Jesus name, Amen.


Wealth is built over time through hard work and diligence.  A champion is a person that knows how to win again and again.  Wealth is more than having money, it includes choice investments, properties and businesses. I prophesy uncommon favour, wealth-building contacts and connections for you in Jesus' name.

Friends,  Jesus is coming back soon.  If you have not known Him, I plead with you to surrender your heart and troubles to Him now.  It is a prayer that should come from your heart. 

You have to confess your sins to God in prayer and ask for His forgiveness, believe He has forgiven you.  Then ask Jesus to come into your heart, and be your Lord and Saviour.  Believe the Lord has also accepted your request and His Spirit is already inside your heart.

If you said that prayer from your heart, know for sure that you are BORN AGAIN, a new baby in Christ.  You have also received the gift of the Holy Spirit and the power to be the son or daughter of God.  

Congratulations, you're born again!

Watch a short video on this topic which explains it deeper. 

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