WHY PEOPLE EAT IN THE DREAM.........And Prayers to Counter it


The problem of eating in the dream is one of the evidence of witchcraft activity around a person or within a place.  Whenever you see yourself eating in the dream, you should know that the place you are sleeping is spiritually polluted, or a witchcraft power wants to influence you, afflict you or wants to destroy something in you.

You cannot sleep in the house of s strong witch without being fed at night, except you have sufficient fire of God residing inside of you.  What they cannot tell you in the morning, they will introduce to you in the dream through food, so that when begin to discuss the matter in the morning, you will not resist the idea.

When you are being monitored by a strong man or woman of darkness, food in the dream will be a frequent attack to try to poison the person or afflict the person.  When a demonic person threatens to deal with you, you should expect food in the dream, or other types of a witchcraft night attack, as the person will be trying to get assess to you, in order to effect the threat.

Why Food in the Dream

Eating in the dream is a satanic attack meant to pollute a person, poison him or her or make him spiritually weak to fast, pray and do other spiritual exercises.  Anyone constantly eating in the dream cannot live righteously.  

A person who is constantly served food in the dream should know he or she has a strong enemy, a witch or warlock is working against his life and progress.  This understanding will help the person get closer to God, study His word and pray daily.

Feeding people in the dream has a lot of spiritual meaning and dimensions.  The food itself is a spiritual poison because the spirit do not eat. If a person eat the spiritual food in the dream and does not know how to cancel the dream and its effect, the affliction could result in the physical in days.

There are situations when the enemy has monitored a person's life strictly that they know the person will not eat the food they will bring in the dream, so they will show the person the food to encourage him or her to go and look for the food and eat it.  It does not matter whether you cook at home or you eat in the restaurant, if you eat the food they show you, there is a good chance of the person being poisoned.  

By showing the person a particular food, they have programmed evil in the spirit, waiting for the person to eat the food.  It could be Rice or Beans etc.  If the person eats the food, their evil plans could come to pass.  Every food in the dream is an attack to cause harm to the person in the physical.  

Some of the major reasons include: 
1. To poison your spiritual life and make you weak physically.  When you can no longer pray and fast, they are able to afflict the person.

2. To pollute your deliverance and make it ineffective. If a person just finished his fasting, or even in the midst of a dry fasting program, it means there is a covenant involved and it is the idols that are feeding the person.  At other times, it could mean that the power monitoring and fighting the person is stronger than the person.

3. To initiate the person into witchcraft.  If the food is for witchcraft initiation, it may include blood served as drink and the effect of such food can be so immediate, as to make the person appear in a meeting with them without delay.

4. For children of God who are fervent in prayer and other spiritual activities, the devil serves them food in the dream to weaken them spiritually, and to quench the fire burning in their life.

Dimensions of eating in the dream
Eating in the dream is a strong witchcraft attack, that must be cancelled immediately you wake up from such a dream.  There are dimensions of eating in the dream, but the intention of the enemy is the same to pollute, afflict or control a person.  

If you are person of the spirit, and you eat food in a polluted house or environment, where there is serious witchcraft, the Lord will show you signs in the dream, so you can cancel the effect of the food eaten at the table of the enemy before it manifests into an attack on your health.  

A young Pastor trusted his Inlaws as being good Christians until the day he visited them.  His father and mother in law were not at home, he met one of the sister inlaws at the kitchen cooking.  When she was done, she served the Pastor and he ate.  

But at home in the night, he dreams and saw himself eating in the dream, with the same place and the piece of meat his sister inlaws had served him.  He was shocked and when he inquired from the Lord the meaning of that dream.  The Lord said the witchcraft in the family was strong.  Though his inlaws were not around, every food prepared and served in the house were dedicated to the coven.

Another Pastor went to visit an elderly Pastor in the country - living in one of the South Western states of Nigeria. He met the elderly Pastor preparing for a night vigil and decided to follow him to the vigil.  The moment the vigil closed, and the Pastor put his head down to sleep, they brought food for him to eat in the dream.  To the amazement of the Pastor, he ate the food, and after eating the food, he woke up.

He was angry in his spirit and prayed to God, asking how he could eat in the dream, something that has not happened to him in recent times, and the Lord told him the woman in the house is a strong woman. 

Powers Behind food in the Dream
There are powers behind every attack a person experienced in the dream.  For a born again Christian, it not expected that you are still being oppressed in the dream after giving your life to Christ.  So, who are the owers behind the night catering and food in the dream? 

The two major sources of food in the dream are:
1. Witches and warlocks
2. Idols that are enforcing covenant dedication.

There is a reason why a Christian will pray and cover him/herself with the blood of Jesus, before going to bed and still eats in the dream.  When that happens, you should know there is a covenant in place.  You may have been dedicated to an idol by either parents or close relatives.  

When there is a covenant in place, the idols can harass the person at any time, even if you sleep in the broad afternoon, they will bring food for the person, and such a person can hardly resist the food.  

The food from witchcraft agents can be resisted easily and destroyed, but when there is a covenant involved, and the idols are the ones feeding the person, it can only be resolved through a better covenant, the covenant of the blood of Jesus prayed and administered on the person to silence the idol and the alters fighting the person.

A covenant being in place is to let the person know he needs deliverance.  If he is spiritually strong, he can surely administer the deliverance prayer on himself, otherwise the person will need the help of a genuine deliverance Pastor.


Before you start praying, you have to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life, so you can pray, standing on a better platform, the Blood of Jesus.  Without Christ in you, your prayer may not be effective, and if God answers your prayer, it is likely you will still lose your deliverance due to sin.

You have to know that God demands your faith in everything you do.  Faith shows where your heart and trust lies.  Faith also shows that you be3lieve God for the solution, and that you are not just praying.  Your trust is in God.

You have to know how to enforce the Word of the Lord on your enemy.  know how to recall the dream and cancel it, and once recalled and cancel, you enforce the cancellation.

1. Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I cancel the dream I just had this morning and all its implications 

2. In the name of |Jesus Christ, I set the dream on fire, the picture, food, people I saw, I set everything on fire in Jesus name

3. Father, by the blood of Jesus I set the coven from where the food came from on fire and I cancel the dream in Jesus name.

4. Every spiritual poison given to me through the dream, come out of your hiding places in the name of Jesus.

5. Plantation of darkness in my body, die in Jesus name

6. I drink the blood of Jesus Christ, and by the blood of Jesus, every evil plantation in my body, come out with all your roots in Jesus name.

7. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I cancel the dream and its implications in Jesus name.

8. Any witch or warlock coming to feed me in the dream, catch fire and die in Jesus name.

9. Whoever brought food for me to eat in the dream, I am not your candidate, eat your food and die in Jesus name.

10. Thank You, Lord, for answered prayers as I have prayed in Jesus name.


Eating in the dream is an evil plantation that should be uprooted before it begins to manifest into affliction or even death.  Apart from spiritual and physical hindrance it causes, it leads to terminal sicknesses and untimely death.  

Before you pray, you should reflect on the attack and identify why the enemy is attacking you and who the enemy is.  The Lord guide and protect you from dream attacks in Jesus Christ name.


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