WHY IS WEIGHT LOSS ........Difficult for Women?



This is an interesting study because of the high prevalence of fat women and the struggle women pass through trying to lose weight.  Most Saturdays, when I take my children to their physical exercise class, I see a lot of Fat women struggling to move their body in the gym.

Young women enjoy being called Plus size, but wait till they grow into their 30s and 40s and their joy will turn to disappointment and struggle.  It's always amazing how women gather weight within a few years of childbearing because of their change in body and eating more food etc.  If married women with children develop weight over time, how do you explain singles ladies that are overweight?

It is important to say that nobody should carry overweight into the Fifties because it could result in a slow movement, loneliness, and the need for financial and other supports from friends and relatives. In Africa, where there are no social security benefits, such an overweight woman will have to depend on relatives and her children if she has.

This is a pain that can be avoided early in life.  If you allow yourself to gather extreme weight, it will amaze you to notice that struggle will become a way of life.  When you walk a couple of meters from your house, you will be breathing so hard, you will be scared, then shame will set in, with all the inferiority complex and the difficulty to get a dress look good on your body.  When you get out of shape, none of your regular clothes will fit any more, so you will have to get new sets of clothes to fit your weight.

You need to pay attention to yourself now when you can still make some changes happen in your life. Watch this, if you get into your 40s and 50s being overweight,  and out of shape, you will have to manage to live a minimal life. 

Causes of Overweight
1. Food
2. Physical inactivity. 
3. Overeating.
4. Genetics. - Inherited nature.
5. Eating high carbohydrate foods
6. The Availability of food
7. Food Addiction
8. Nature of work or business
9. Lack of sleep and working late in the night, sometimes throughout the night.
10. Medications. ...
11. Stress and emotional factors
12. Junk Food and processed red meat
13. Eating heavy food late in the night before bed
14. Lack of physical exercises and Gym workout
15. Eating in between meals

Other Causes
1. The Genes of women is different from men.  Men do more hard work and accordingly burn more calories on the average than women.  The women body allow fat to store in their Hip area, which is not so with men.

2. The genetic makeup of women can, unfortunately, make losing weight a little more challenging, because of the following factors: 

3. Metabolism: Women typically have more body fat and less muscle than men and that affects how many calories their body burns while at rest. 

4. Pregnancy effects. When a woman gets pregnant, she gains weight and more body fat. In addition, it’s often difficult for a new mother to find the time to exercise, which makes it difficult to control her weight during pregnancy.  Except she is disciplined about what she eats and the time she eat the food.

5. Menopause. Women also gain weight in their abdomen during menopause due to a loss of hormones and a slower metabolism.

Health Risks Linked to Overweight
1. Heart disease and stroke
2. High blood pressure
3. Diabetes
4. Some cancers
5. Gallbladder disease and gallstones
6. Osteoarthritis
7. Gout
8. Breathing problems, such as sleep apnea 

What to do:
1. Exercising - Start exercising and walking twice or three times a week

2. Use of Pushup and Squats. -  Most women are afraid of losing their feminine shape through push-ups. However, it can be moderated to give the woman the benefits of building muscle, such as increased metabolic rate and prevention of osteoporosis.  Press up helps you grow in muscle mass, you burn more calories, which decreases insulin resistance significantly and helps prevent diabetes.

3. Find the eating pattern that works best for you.

4. Eat less carbohydrate food, skip night food if you can.  When you follow a diet low in fat and carbohydrates, make sure meals are balanced and nutritious. Include lean proteins, nuts, and avocados.

5. Fasting and praying
For believers, regular fasting and praying is a sure way to lose weight and live healthily.  It does not have any health consequences, except that it has to be regular to makes it effective.  It also requires personal discipline to extend the fasting to at 4pm or effectively at 6pm.

It is proven that no matter how bulky a person maybe if you fast and pray 6am to 6pm every day and observing to control your appetite when you break the fast so that you do not eat Three-meals-at once.  Its rare to see 'Fasters' who are overweight, fasting regularly works. 


For women, experts say that where your weight is may matter. If it's mostly around your stomach, and looking like 'Menopot', that may be riskier than if you have a "pear" shape, meaning that your extra weight is mostly around your hips and buttocks.

God has given us the ability to determine a lot of things concerning us.  Let us take good care of our body today, it could be an investment in good health and happiness tomorrow.


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