THE MYSTERY OF EVIL MONEY.......And the Prayer to Counter it



Ignorance is the license to bondage and the absence of light in a critical area, where a person is suffering hardship, means the bondage there may continue.  There are many reasons why people are poor.  

There are reasons why a successful man will suddenly fall from grace to grass, there are regal grounds that make sure what has been winning before, the strategy that has been working in the past cannot work for a person.  One of such reasons is the mystery of Evil money.

It is also referred to as an evil exchange, and strangely, we do not hear many preachers preaching this topic.  Jesus came with a three-fold ministry.  He came to save, heal and deliver the oppressed.  People understand salvation and what it means.  They also understand healing anointing, but deliverance is not clearly understood by people, and it has even become controversial these days.  So, topics like evil money and its sorrows are left untouched.

Money itself is a small god.  Money answereth all things, the bible say and money is a voice.  Money can make a man rise to prominence within a year or two, but I can assure you that money does not satisfy.  Money cannot satisfy the owner, and no one has enough money to say, he will stop working for money, so, money is one thing that engages every soul living because, without money, practically nothing is possible.

It is for this reason that money is the root of all evil, yet money is a neutral paper, a means of exchange and no one eat money itself.  Its usefulness lies in its power to procure practically anything for the owner.  That is why millions have died poursuing money, million are praying to have money every day and million are thinking, if only they can have money and become wealthy, even for one week, they will be fulfilled.

What is Evil Money
After God, money is probably the next most important commodity for millions of people world over.  That is why many have killed for money, many are in wrong and illicit business because of the money that comes from such evil and risky business.  

Evil money is money taken to the coven, where incantations are made and evil and wicked spirit despatched to go with the money and attack whosoever receives the money.  It is not new, but it is usually ignored.  People who are in need of money and those who are desperate often ignore the trouble cursed money could bring to them.

Proceeds of iniquity like money from prostitution, armed robbery and drug cannot be used to serve God or train children that will be worthy members of society.  Bribe money and money given grudgingly are all accursed to you as a child of God.  Believers should avoid all such inflows as it brings afflictions and sorrow.  But in the midst of all these, brethren, men and women must know that:
1. All money is not the same
2. There are good and bad money
3. There is money earned in godly and ungodly ways
4. There is money you must reject
5. There are monies you must not accept
6. There are cursed and blessed money

How do you know you have an Evil money problem?
The mystery of evil money can be sounding like greek to many people, but not to Traders, who own shops in the market all over Nigeria.  The traders and many others in the market know the effect of evil money dropped into their cash till.  Anything can happen.  

From low sales to the disappearance of sales proceeds and even disappearance of the recipient, here lies the mystery of many Traders arming themselves with charms and amulets, in order to survive the darts of the enemy.  

You will know you are dealing with evil money when you notice:
1. The business suddenly nose-dives and refuse to rise again.
2. You will have to spend all you have before another income comes into your hands
3. Your known customers or members leave in droves without any problem
4. That money refuses to multiply in your hands.
5. The heaven over your life and finances is closed
6. You cannot get favour from even close friends.

Sorrows and Failures of Evil money
Many churches have been closed down through evil money given as an offering, and can I shock you, most times the agent of darkness use N50 naira for this evil operation.  Where there is no fire in the church to quench that arrow, an evil money offering can close the church finances if God did not intervene.  This is why sometimes, the Pastor will notice that the church is full of members, but all of a sudden, their tithe and offering is nothing to write home about.  

Instead of members giving their tithe and offerings, they will be asking the Pastor for transport money back home, when you notice such in a church that is not new, know that evil money has been dropped in the offering bag to destroy the finances of the church.  This is one of the reasons why Churches operating from rented facilities sometimes close unexpectedly.

All money is not the same, there are spirits attached to money.  If a witchdoctor collects money from a sick person in order to heal him or her, robs the money on the person and spends the same money, if the recipient of that money did not pray over it of having fire of God inside of him, the sickness of the owner of the money could transfer to the receiver.  This is why we all need to pray always. 

A Pastor collected money from his wealthy relative to expand his church.  He noticed after the expansion and with all the modern features in the church, and all the comfort, the number of people attending his service began to reduce.  This downward reduction of attendance continued until the big church came down to less than 20 people worshipping on Sunday.  The Pastor cried unto the Lord in prayer and it was revealed that the cause was the evil money he used to renovate the church.  The uncle did a virtue exchange with the money, he gave the Pastor and the church was closed down.

A sister executed a contract which landed her in million, but unknown to her, the evil people close to her had spotted the millions in her account.  I am praying for you that witches and wizards around you will not see your glory and destroy it in Jesus name.  So, this sister went to the village on holiday and a woman welcomed her and gave her N50, which she initially refused to collect, but the woman who was a close relative, persuaded her to accept the money and grudgingly, she accepted the money.  That was the beginning of her downfall as the millions she made from the contract, she cannot account for how the money was spent.

Before we go into the prayers, let me share this concluding story of a Pastor, who collected money from his successful wife to pay for the rent of his church in a new location.  He later discovered that people were not coming, no matter the evangelism and other activities he executed in the place.  He began to pray and when his cry got to a boiling point, the Lord open his eyes to see his wife asking him in a vision, what were you thinking when you collected my money?  She asked the husband, so you think you can use my money to open church...NO WAY!

What to do:
Whenever you find yourself in situations like this, you will do well by praying enquiry prayers to identify the source of the problem and what to do.  People who use accursed money to do anything pertaining to God will never work.  God himself said they should not bring anything accursed near his house.  

Evil money has become a tool of the wicked against ignorant people, Christians included.  The money carries sorrow, affliction and failure. Evil money can bring a wealthy man down within months of getting in touch with the money.  Evil money is a trap that has legal grounds at times, while at another time, it is the determination of the wicked to destroy a person, with or without any reason. 

1. Start with praise and worship, thanksgiving unto the Lord

2. O' Lord, show me the secrets of the failure I am witnessing in Jesus name

3. Every owner of evil load in my life and business, carry your load in Jesus name.

4. O' Lord reveal the cause of the problem, and what do to do to me, in Jesus name.

5. Where I need to do restitution, give me the grace and resources to do so in Jesus name.

6. Every garment of shame from the enemy, catch fire in Jesus name

7. The mercy of God that speak blessing, cancel judgement of the enemy, begin to speak for me in Jesus name.

8. Divine favour from the Almighty God, overshadow my life and business.

9. Power to overcome darkness, fall upon my life in Jesus name

10. Every legal ground the enemy is standing to attack my life and business, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

11. I release myself, business and ministry from every evil and blood covenant in Jesus name.

12. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I nullify the effect of satanic money into my purse or bank account.

13. O' Lord, let the effect of evil money paid into my bank account be nullified by the blood of Jesus Christ.

14. Evil money paid into my account, die and become of no effect in Jesus name.

15. Let every drop of blood speaking against me be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.


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