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One of the great things that can happen to a person is for that person to break out of bondage.  There are bondages that is very difficult to break out from.  One of such bondage is witchcraft bondage especially when the witch or wizard is closely related and living with you.

Is there a good witch? The answer is NONE!
Worst still, a man or woman can be oppressed by his or her witchcraft spouse without knowing. The spouse in darkness will do everything to hide his/her true identity.  Listen to me, no friend or a relative of the oppressed spouse who is in witchcraft will volunteer to provide information to the oppressed person.  No, they will not tell him or her, though they know what he is suffering because of their vow of secrecy.

If the person does not embrace the Lord and pray fervently, they can watch him/her die in that bondage.  This oath of secrecy is used to punish close relatives and friends who are not in their dark world.  This is why Christians and believers should live holy and pray for divine protection every day, the person troubling you may be living with you in the same house or compound.

Witches and wizards have operated from ancient days and their strategy is the same.  They use manipulation, dominion and control. Today’s witches are very proud and arrogant because many Christians do not know how to confront them in a spiritual battle.  Those that know what to do, are manipulated to become cold and unable to destroy their evil works.

Witchcraft has become a way of life in today’s end-time world.  They hide under spiritual covers to do evil of all kinds in practically every aspect of life.  As far as one can see, the greatest enemy of progress on earth is the spirit of witchcraft, and those practising it.  

Witches and wizards are wicked and no matter how they love a person, if the person is not prayerful and strong in the Lord, they will still afflict the person and even kill him or her.  A person that can kill his or her children, husband or wife, can sacrifice anyone else.

Witchcraft Everywhere
Witchcraft has become a common practice in every society, which explains why there is moral decadence everywhere.  This is why evil and perversion have also increased in the world because many of the people doing these evil works are witchcraft agents.

Meanwhile, the spirit of witchcraft is the power of Satan, one of the spirits that were chased down from heaven with Lucifer.  The devil has also deceived the church by propagating the wrong notion that witches are least in the kingdom of darkness.  This may be correct according to the structure, but every member of the dark world started from witchcraft.  An occultist, a Necromancer, a palm-reader, Herbalist are all witches and warlocks.

The spirit of witchcraft is one of the leaders of the satanic kingdom that give Satan and other members secret information.  The spirit mimics the Holy Spirit of God and operates in the same way that the Holy Ghost operates.  The spirit is destructive and God hates witchcraft with perfect hatred and passed a death sentence on people practising witchcraft.

Witchcraft is a complex matter deeply entrenched in the heavenly, that draws powers from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, which goes to say that they will remain until Lucifer is finally overthrown in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Church
In the church, many are ignorant of the spiritual status of their friends and members of the same group.  Witches and warlocks work secretly in the church among themselves to quench the fire of God in a church where the Pastor is ignorant.  In such churches, important decisions are taken through human knowledge, instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to direct them. 

They are so secretive that when they notice their member is rising in the church hierarchy, they will never expose the person as an agent of darkness in the midst of God’s people.  Instead, they will encourage, their goal to quench the fire of God in the church and it’s members.

As we speak today, there is an extreme amount of witchcraft in the Church today.  Some of this witchcraft manifests itself openly and some of it manifests in a way that is hidden.  Whether the Body of Christ wants to accept it or not, witchcraft is here and it is actively working to destroy the anointing in many of God’s houses. 

Promotes prostitution
Witchcraft abounds wherever there is prostitution and nobody can be a prostitute without being initiated into witchcraft, including all the people who act in explicit films. It is painful that young people are today being initiated into witchcraft through immorality, and many of them have sold their souls to the Queen of the Coast through the same process.  

The spirit of witchcraft sponsors prostitution and promotes whoredom everywhere on earth. This is the same spirit manipulating people to say there is no God and to seek to live life as they want, and do whatever they want to do.

It is amazing to hear Professors saying there is no God, but the same people accept there is witchcraft.  This is because they are either witches and warlocks or are being controlled by witchcraft spirits.  They hear the voice of witchcraft and take it for the voice of their conscience.  

Many people say the believer’s warfare should be against the spirit of witchcraft, and not the agents that operate with the spirit, but, I disagree with that.  This is because the people practising this wickedness know what they are doing, and many of them have sold their souls to Satan to do evil all their days on earth.

Operations of Witchcraft
There are different manifestations of witchcraft, according to their plan and intention at a time, their aim remains to steal, kill and destroy whatever is good, or whatever has the potential to be good in the future.

The operations and manifestations of witchcraft are numerous and complex. However, in a nutshell, they use four major tools: manipulation, specific attacks, domination and control.  Witchcraft can manipulate just anybody, even men and women of God to get what they want.

They are greedy for power and money, and so you will notice these two factors playing an important role in their operations.  They are either manipulating to dominate and control a person or for money or to show she is powerful and can deal with or their enemies.  They also use their demonic power to seduce and arrest the opposite sex in order to pull such a person down spiritually.

If you have light of God in you,  and carelessly sleep with a witch or marry a witch, that destiny is in trouble.  The witch is in darkness and you are in the light.  She starts the manipulation of your star immediately and continues gradually until the person is a shadow of his old self.  

When they conquer a person, then they start dominating the person openly.  When a wicked woman conquers her husband spiritually, she begins to talk back at him, challenge and insult him openly.  This is also the stage when she begins to look for young men to commit immorality with since the husband cannot do anything to her again.  

Witches attempt this wicked behaviour when they have destroyed the finances of their husband, his work or business, and thus become the 'Bread Winner' of the house.  This is open wickedness against the entire family, as the curse it brings will affect every member of the family, except God intervenes.

Witchcraft Manipulations
The ultimate purpose of witchcraft is to dominate and control an individual, family or nation like a robot so that the entity does what they wish, when they want, how they want, and where they want. Ultimately, the entity will be destroyed. However, it all starts with manipulation.

In the case of Balak and Balaam, the target was Israel’s destiny and we all know how it played out. Numbers 22:6,12). The purpose is to manipulate Israel in order to ensure that the nation never inherits that which God had promised.

Witchcraft can gradually manipulate a prayerful person until he becomes prayerless. They give him other seemingly important and profitable activities to replace prayer – good business projects, booming sales at fellowship time etc. The purpose is to distract the person until he is weakened and then they can have the opportunity to dominate him and strike.

These are people who have mastered the art of deception.  They are destiny hunters and very vicious people.  A Pastor went to the hospital where his wife was having a baby.  While the woman tarried, a relative of the wife came to see her and the baby in the hospital, and as they were leaving the hospital, the Pastor saw the sister inlaw attempting to remove a Star from the shoulders of a day-old boy, but she withdrew when she saw the Pastor was watching her.

Manipulation is the major tool of witchcraft. It is the foundation for domination and control. It is the phase where the major destruction takes place, but watch this…If witchcraft manipulation can be prevented, witchcraft domination and control can be terminated.  So, one way to have victory over witchcraft is to discover and discern their manipulation and stop it.  

The question is “How do they manipulate a person”.  This is another hard question that cannot be generalized.  They handle the issue as particular and specific as possible.  They investigate their target and discover how to manipulate and tempt him or her.

They manipulate people by:
1. Tempting them with their body, offering their body physically and spiritually.
2. They manipulate people through fake love and care, to deceive their victims.
3. They manipulate people by offering to help them in achieving something.
4. They manipulate people through charms and incantations
5. They manipulate people through other cronies of them. 
6. They manipulate people by speaking into their ears like the Holy Ghost does. 
7. They manipulate people through spiritual diversion – Steering people away from their destiny place and giving a flourishing, but the wrong alternative. 

Witchcraft seeks to manipulate a person’s destiny so that he does not inherit that which rightfully and legally belongs to him – land, house, progress, children, peace, victory.   Manipulation of a person’s prosperity through protracted court cases drains his finances and destroys the foundation of his wealth.

They can weaken the reproductive system of a man or woman to deny the family of children, or at least delay their childbearing.  They know the effect of their action will be anger and constant disagreement between the couple and quarrelling, even at times most suitable for conception.  

Overcoming Witchcraft Manipulation:

1. Run from sexual immorality -  Immorality and witchcraft are inseparably linked together in the Bible. Bath are bedfellows. They are agents of defilement and destruction. Nations, families and individuals have been sold to Satan through witchcraft. (2 Kings 9:22; Nahum 3:4).

2. Live a holy life in Christ. You must hate sin and all iniquity and perversion and love righteousness.  A life of faith in God and constant prayer destroy their works.

3. Be humble - Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft… stubbornness is iniquity and idolatry.  The Bible equates the sin of witchcraft with rebellion. The Bible equates stubbornness with iniquity and idolatry.  Witchcraft, iniquity, and idolatry are major sins punishable by death. 

1. Start your prayer with Thanksgiving unto God. Worship and praise His name for His goodness and mercy.

2. By the blood of Jesus, I defeat every witchcraft power assigned against my progress in Jesus name.

3. Let the hammer of the Almighty God smash every evil altar erected against my life, in Jesus name. 

4. Witchcraft alters, shrines and sacrifices erected against my life, be destroyed by the fire of God in the name of Jesus. 

5. Witchcraft agent, warlock and their Priests assigned against me drink your own blood, eat your own flesh and die in Jesus name. 

6. Let the earth open and swallow the enemy and their incantations against me, in the name of Jesus. 

7. Every spiritual cage, invisible barricade, stagnating my goals, scatter, in the name of Jesus. 

8. By the blood of Jesus, I break from every power holding me down in Jesus name.

9. O' God arise and let every witchcraft agent working against my life be disgraced openly unto death in Jesus Christ's name.

10. Every evil hand pointing at me, wither by the fire of God in Jesus name.


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