PRAYER FOR UNFAITHFUL SPOUSE......To break him or her from the Stranger



No one prays for an unfaithful spouse, but in life, the unexpected happens. When you married your spouse, you never thought a day like this come.  Some of you would have told your spouse never to cheat on you, as you cannot handle it.  

Others will say, 'Tell me what you need and I will fix it, but please don't cheat on me or share what belongs to me with another man or woman.  But, here you are today, wondering what went wrong, what you did wrong or what triggered his or her action.

Don’t live in anger and bitterness, don't think of revenge, which is the easiest thing to do.  Realize that life happens and there is no way you can control your wife and/or husband. Even though you may have a strong connection to him or her, anything can happen in life. 

I know you entered into the relationship with open arms, hoping that you found your soul mate and joy, but the reality stares you in the face.  The unexpected has happened and the question is "How should a Christian respond to marital unfaithfulness? What actions should you take?  What prayers can you say?  That is the purpose of this message and I pray you will find wisdom in the article.

Causes of unfaithfulness
It is important to look at some of the root causes of unfaithfulness in marriage.  As a believer in Christ, when you notice your spouse is becoming unfaithful, you should humbly know that there is a problem of either:

1. The unfaithful spouse is unhappy with issues in the marriage:
When your spouse is not happy with issues in the house, it could be a loophole for the devil to strike. Constant disagreement, lack of love and happiness in the house could have people seek pleasure outside.  So, before you start praying, make sure you are not contributing to the problem by making the house uncomfortable for your spouse.  You have to repent, ask for God's help and lead a peaceful life.

2. Lack of attention.
If the couple is not living together for any reason, the enemy can tempt the weak partner and if the loneliness continues, he or she could fall to pressure.  Let couples live together at the beginning of their marriage, at least the first 5 to 10 years.  That period is good for them to understand themselves and properly devote to themselves to listen to any strange voice.

3. Greed - Seeking promotion through iniquity
Unbelieving men and women who try to get promotion in career and business through compromise always justify their behaviour by saying they don't want their family to suffer.  It is not true because every proceeds of iniquity - Proceed of prostitution, adultery and other dark activities cannot be used to raise a godly family.  It is cursed money that will put the family in bondage.

4. Demonic influence - Hearing a strange voice
There are many people, men and women who were dedicated by their parent unto the marine spirit, knowingly - when they were desperate to have children and in desperation agreed to dedicated such children to the Goddess or idol.  Unknowingly, when they took the child to a wrong priest or witch doctor for any assistance, when the child is sick or so.  

Such people when they become adults without the curse or covenant being broken can hardly live holy.  They will be remotely manipulated by the evil spirit to misbehave, and the chief of their strategy is to push such a person to a wrong person for marriage or push them into adultery while in marriage.  The solution in this case of unfaithfulness comes by deliverance prayers to break every covenant speaking against them.

5. Wrong association and peer influence
When a married person is still moving with his or her unmarried friends, soon they will start looking outside and do those things their friends are doing.  Your friends love clubbing, and after your marriage, you still follow them to the club and drink, the spirit of worldliness, lust and vanity is still intact in the life of that guy.  

The man or woman in that situation needs deliverance and the Holy Ghost to come into their lives.  You cannot be a saint when all your friends are in darkness, something is wrong.  A born again Christian need to make new friends in the Lord.  After marriage, again you need to have friends that are married, as Iron sharpens iron.

6. Worldliness and desire to belong
Believers who are married and yet continue to dress and behave as though they are single fall prey to this trap of the devil.  If after marriage, you still dress and look like your single friends, one day, the devil will send his agent to tempt you.  Don't give the devil any change to destroy your marriage.

Reference scriptures
1. Mark 10:3-9
Proverbs 3:3-5
1 Corinthians 7:15-17

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Before the Prayers
People react to shocks differently, but as a Christian, you are expected to recover from the shock and thank God for revealing such a deep secret, so He can help you fix it.  Prayer is the only way to God, so you will pray for God's intervention.  

This is a prayer for forgiveness, deliverance and the opening of the spiritual eyes of the unfaithful spouse to see the dangers of their behaviour and divine intervention.

1. Thank God for intervening in your marriage

2. Every stranger troubling my marriage, be arrested by fire in Jesus name

3. Every strange affection between my spouse and the strange man or woman, die a natural death by the blood of Jesus Christ.

4. O' Lord, frustrate every move of the enemy to destroy the marriage and take my spouse away

5. O' Lord, open the spiritual eyes of James or Jane to see themself as they are in adultery and out of the ordinances of God.

6. Every sacrifice or ritual offered to satan to break my marriage, catch fire and die in Jesus name

7. Every spirit wife or husband fighting my marriage, be arrested by the blood of Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

8. You the spirit husband going to sleep with my wife in the dream, I cut-off your manhood by the Holy Ghost fire

9. Every spirit wife that goes to defile my husband in the dream, by the blood of Jesus, I seal your organ in Jesus name.

10. Every evil dedication speaking against my marriage, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ

11. Every idol, marine spirit claiming ownership of my life or my spouse, by the blood of Jesus, catch fire and die in Jesus name.

12. Every legal ground giving demons, idols ort marine spirit assess to my marriage, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus Christ.

13. Angels of the Living God, wipe-off every love and affection existing between my spouse and the strange man or woman and destroy it forever.

14. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I separate my spouse from the strange man or woman in Jesus name.

15. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I send fire into the midst of my spouse and the strange man or woman in Jesus name

16. O' Lord, deliver my spouse from the strange man or woman and restore my marriage in Jesus name.

17. Thank You, Lord, for answered prayers.


Relationships and life never move as you planned it. There are good times and there are bad times. It’s important to remember that, no matter what, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will always be on your side. 

He alone knows why the things that are happening is taking place and only Him know the end.  The most important issue in every challenge of life is to make sure, the trial, temptation and trouble do not take you away from the Lord and faith in Him.  The trouble must not break you or bring you down.  

Be patient and hopeful, as you pray.  


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