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For many Christians having the experience of uncommon blessing and favour is a hard thing.  It is not that God cannot bless them, it is that they are not able to exercise faith and take the steps of faith to see their prayers answered.  

Among these believers are the people who receive prophesy and go to sleep, instead of praying and declaring their prophecy and praying for it to manifest.  If they knew that powers of darkness could delay a person's breakthrough, so that it comes when the person is tired of life or old, that will not be your portion in Jesus name.  What is the use of prophecy that comes to pass when the person is already old and tired?

We have believers, who do not understand their dreams and even when they see something clearly in the dream, they are not able to shield their blessing with the blood of Jesus Christ.  They are not able to pray for their dream to manifestation.

If you want to see the glory of God in the area of employment, you should be ready to pray and take some faith steps that will bring the dream to pass in your life.  In almost all prophesies, there is what the person is expected to do.  When angel Gabriel announced to Mary, her choice as the mother of Christ, she asked how it will happen.

The angel answered her and said 'The Holy Ghost will come upon her and she will conceive' the holy child of God.  The preparation and the work of faith that will bring dream job to manifestation may include skill improvement, acquiring related skills and taking a refresher course in your profession to keep you updated.

After reviewing your skills, you should have the spiritual authority to stop works of darkness seeking to stop your progress.  Every evil voice speaking failure into your life should be silenced prayerfully.  You should cancel in advance evil dream transactions.  Sometimes, the enemy go to people in the dream to tell them they will not get the job, or business they are expecting.  You should be able to forbid such demonic announcements in advance and remove the hands of the enemy from your life.

If you attend an interview and after the interview, someone comes to announce to you in the dream, that you will not get the job.  You should recall the dream and cancel it.  Simply cancel the dream, reverse whatever evil words the enemy spoke to you and set the witchcraft alter on fire.

The ability to have a breakthrough in job search depends on your ability to pray with faith, and have the spiritual authority to counter the works of darkness assigned to hinder your employment.  In fact, if you can pray for hours every day, but cannot stop the works of darkness programmed to stop you, you will still not be able to get the job.

In this write-up, I hope to help such believers to experience the glory of God. Please understand that prayer is a strategic key, to reach God and obtain favour when all efforts fail.  In Jeremiah 33:3, the Lord says "Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show the great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

If you will see the glory of God in any area of life, you have to pray.  Prayer is a ladder to God's throne of mercy and the more we pray with faith, the more of His glory we will experience.

If you are unemployed at this moment and you desire a job, these prayers are meant for you.  Maybe you lost your job for whatever reason, and you are getting stranded, these prayers are for you.  Whether you have a degree or not, these prayers will work for you, all you need is to receive the Lord as Lord and Saviour and have faith in God's ability to give you a job.

If you desire a better and profitable job, these prayers will work for you also.  God's plan for you is good, to prosper you and bless you.  It is not for you to be a beggar or live off your parents forever.  Pray these prayers with aggression and faith in your heart.  If you can, add fasting to your prayer and the Lord will answer you.

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Scriptural Assurances backing up the prayers:
1. Proverbs 21:1
2. Jeremiah 33:3
3. 3 John 2: 
4. Deut 28:13
5. Psalms 34:10

Prayer Points

1. Thank the Lord for His power to give you a good job in Jesus name.

2. O'Lord in your name, I anoint my Resume and certificate with the blood of Jesus
3. O' Lord, let your angels announce me to my employers in Jesus name

4. Father in heaven, in that place of my destiny, make a way for me there in Jesus name
5. O' Lord, raise of destiny helper for me in the place of my destiny in Jesus name.
6. Any alter where my certificates are locked up in the spirit, I enter that alter by the blood of Jesus, and remove my certificates.

7. Any power urinating on my certificates, saying I will not be employed, die by fire in Jesus name

8. Where ever they have pinned my certificates down, I command fire on that alter in Jesus name

9. Any tongue crying against my employment, be silenced by the blood of Jesus.

10. O' Lord direct my attention to the place of my destiny to apply for job there in Jesus name.

11. Every monitoring spirit following me about to hinder my employment, receive complete blindness in Jesus name.

12. O' Lord, connect me to the place of my destiny to apply for a job in Jesus name.

13. O' Lord bring me into favour with friends and relatives that can help me get a job in Jesus name.

14. I receive divine favour and excellent spirit to obtain the job in Jesus name

15. I receive the power to obtain a profitable job in Jesus name

16. Any power speaking against my employment, be silenced by fore of God in Jesus name

17. I bind every strongman or woman assigned to hinder my progress in Jesus name.
18. Alters and Oracles speaking against my employment, catch fire and perish in Jesus name.

19. Every dream transaction assigned to stop my employment, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus

20. Any power that will come to speak evil about my employment in the dream, die by fire in Jesus name.

21. An evil voice speaking against my progress from any coven, be silenced unto death by the blood of Jesus.

After Prayer

Prayer is the starting point, and it must be said in faith, without any alternative plans to visit any fake Prophet.  Immediately after saying these prayers, start looking for vacancy publications and applying for jobs you can handle successfully.

After applying for many positions, you will have to customize your prayers for God to make a way in specific places.  For the Lord to raise a voice for you there, or for the Lord to use the person in authority there to help you.  Remember that what you ask for, is what God will give you.

The prayer should continue until you resume in that position and office in Jesus name.


The conclusion is the work of faith, thanking God for the job, and praising Him for His mercies.  You are not permeated to grumble or murmur while waiting for the job.  If the job is delaying, you can try to find out from the Lord, why there is no news from all the places you have applied.  Listen to hear what the Lord will be trying to tell you.


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