OCCULTIC ATTACKS............And the Prayers to Destroy them



The desire to be wealthy and famous is one of the reasons why a lot of young men join occultic groups.  Occultism is a terrible society that sacrifices human beings and animals for money and power.  Occultists are very aggressive people, who are not ready to tolerate any opinion or person standing against their wish, even if the person is their spouse or parents.

Occultic people are very daring in their approach to life, and pursue things with desperation.  They are used to making sacrifices, which are meant to give them access to power and wealth.  Their quest for power and wealth knows no bound and they are ready to offer anything their demonic god demand.  

Money and power is the driving force of occultism and you can observe this in their sacrifices and practises.  For money and power, they are ready to give anything.  They are ready to sleep with spirits, mad people, carry pots at night etc in order to acquire money and power.  This is why many of them belong to different secret societies and many sacrifices their relatives, especially those that are precious to them like parents, especially their mothers.

These wicked personalities have rendered some people poor and desolate,  held down the destiny of many and wasted the lives of others in order to be wealthy and famous.  The hardship in the land has made a lot of young men to join them without knowing the cost of the blood money they will receive. It is at the expense of their salvation, joy and peace at home.

What is Occultism?
Occultism is defined in the dictionary as “hidden, secret and mysterious, activities pertaining to the supernatural.  They perform what is usually known as magic.  Occultism is evil and their money is also evil.  You cannot use their money for business and prosper.  Neither can you use it to train children and watch those children come to faith in Christ and serve him, except in the case of father and children, where the children have no other person to train them, the mercy of God abides with such children?

They practise enchantment, divination, sorcery and magic. The practices are normally backed up by evil covenants and curses.  They are heartless people, who have no value for human life, as the devil will always demand human blood.  They gain promotion and more wealth through human sacrifice, with members of their family and those people working with them being are a great risk.  They don't give anything to anyone for free, it is for evil exchange.  

Whatever money, property or car they give to a person, it is in exchange for something the person will lose through magical means in the future.  That is why people who know them, do not take anything from them.  They are very secretive in the beginning, to deceive people into believing their kindness is genuine and from God.

But, if a man or woman collects money from an occultist to train his or her children, the destiny of such children is being mortgaged.  Their money cannot be used to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Occultists use the money to lure people into their society before putting them into bondage, while their female members use sex to initiate men.  Occultists are merciless people. 

I prayed for a bed-ridden Lady who was afflicted with an unexplainable disease that kept her in bed for months.  After praying for her, I blessed water for her to be drinking continually until the sickness is flushed out of her body.  

That night, the senior brother came in my dream to ask what my interest was, in his junior sister, and why I should pray for her.  He was not happy with my response, so he vowed to give her another money, saying that as soon as she accepts the money, the sickness will return to her body.  Beloved, by the time I will hear from the village, the lady was dead, wasted by her own blood brother.

A young lady married a rich businessman without knowing he was an occultist.  He took care of the needs of the lady and made her happy.  She became pregnant for her first child, but unfortunately, both the lady and her child did not survive.  She died during childbirth.  But as soon as she died, her husband became very wealthy.  

He started ordering goods worth millions abroad, building houses and buying exotic cars.  The wife is yet to be buried when all these started happening, so the girl's family decided to avenge the blood of their daughter.  They planned to attack him during the girl's burial, but that was not to be, as he surrounded himself with security operatives.  Not a single stone was thrown at him because of the security around him.  This is a real story told me by the girl's senior brother this year 2020.

1.  Numbers 23:23
2. Isaiah 49: 24-26 
3. Mathew 12:29
4. Mark 3:27
5. Deuteronomy 33:27

Occultism is evil, which is against the will of God. God strictly warned the Israelites against being involved with the occult in Leviticus 20:6. He says, He will set His face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.  People who join occultism are in league with the devil, who has exchanged their destiny and gifts for money.  The devil does not waste time on poor and worthless people, he goes to people with the potential to serve God and do an exchange with them for their immediate gain.

If you are suffering from the hands of an occultic power right now, God will deliver you.  It may be that people deceived you that you will soon become wealthy if you join them, but today, you know better.  They have initiated you into their group and you are not better.  They are asking for human blood and you don't know what to do.  They have put incisions and marks on your body and with that, they are monitoring your movements, Jesus will set you free.  There are things you should know and prayers for you to pray,  and the Lord will perfect your deliverance

Freedom from Occultic Attacks
Freedom from occultic attacks may not come quickly for many people because of the way they operate and covenants they enter with people before they start to afflicting the person.  Before an occultic person will start attacking you, they would have done a lot of work in the spirit and covenanted the person and won his or her heart.

They would have given the person something in exchange of their soul.  Money is a strong weapon they give to people.  The person would have received the money, property or car, which is given in exchange for what they want.  They would also have done other good things to the person to make him or her very happy, to the extent that he considers the occultist as his or her benefactor, a God-sent helper.  

This is the point they must get to with the person before they can effectively afflict him or her.  If there is no exchange, and if the person's heart has not been won by the occultist, the attacks will not succeed.  This is why many people will never believe the power behind their sickness.  The Lady I prayed for was always calling her senior brother as a wonderful man, the only one taking care of her, meanwhile, he was the one who afflicted her with a sickness unto death.

Sign of Attack
1. A major characteristic of occultic attack is "An unexplainable sickness".  A sickness that Doctors and laboratories cannot explain, yet the person is dying.

2. Another sign is a sickness that comes and goes.  The person is treated in the hospital and he/she recovers.  Then after two weeks, the sickness comes back in the same way and format.  It is treated and goes.  After another period of time, the sickness returns with greater complications. It is a spiritual sickness, an occultic affliction.


1. Start by receiving Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord and personal Saviour.  He is the only one that can deliver you from an occultic enemy.

2. Return every material of the Occultist to him or her.  Make sure you return all, so you can effectively break their monitoring mirror, used to track your life and progress.

3. Break every Covenant entered with the occultist through sex, money, and other things by the blood of Jesus Christ.

4. I break every soul-tie with the occultic agent and set his/her images on fire

5. I render null and void every incantation, ritual, sacrifice and curse issued against me by the occultic agent in Jesus name.

6. By the blood of Jesus, I break out of their network and evil scheme in Jesus name.

7. Every strongman assigned against my life, demanding blood, I am not your candidate, therefore eat your own flesh and drink your own blood in Jesus name.

8. O' God arise, let every power of the occult, working to destroy my life, be paralysed in the name of Jesus. 

9.  O' earth, trouble the camp of my enemies, destroy their altars and shrines in Jesus Christ's name.

10. I break every spiritual mirror, computer and camera of the kingdom of darkness monitoring my life by the fire of the Holy Ghost.

11. I bind the strongman assigned against my life, and destiny by the blood of Jesus.

12.  Every wrong and wicked decision taken against my in the dark, backfire in Jesus name.


Give the Lord thanks for answered prayers.  


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