It is the dream of every born again believer to live a life that is pleasing to God and finish well.  This is the will of God for His people and we are encouraged to be holy and live righteously on earth because the grace to live holy has been released unto us.

God is Love and every child of God learn how to love his neighbour, just as he learns how to exercise his faith in God at all times and not rely on his wisdom and strength.  The grace to love is also in you by the Holy Spirit, so our duty is to love the things of God, His ways and pray for the grace to live the life we are already equipped to live.

In this exhortation, I want to look at how believers can order their steps and lives to please God, in these difficult times and finish strong as our fathers of faith have ended.  A man that would be a beloved of the Lord will have to grow in the spirit gradually from his first encounter with Christ until the cares of this world completely disappear in his mind and brain.  

When that happens, then the new man in Christ is about to emerge to the glory of God the Father.  Until the cares of this world leave your heart and soul, there will be struggle internally and the man cannot be strong continually.  But when your will goes under the Will of God for your life, you will know that what is left is to serve the Lord and to finish well.


Believers are called-out to show forth the glory of God, in every aspect of life.  In relationship, business, marriage and in conversation.  This is because we are redeemed and delivered from the fear of man, so we can boldly live a life that pleases God.  

The following lifestyle of reverence to God, love for neighbour and serving others with a pure heart will eventually make a man finish strong.

Refrain from anger, turn away from wrath Psalms 37:8
Anger breeds wrath and a child of God should rid of the life of anger, bitterness and wrath.  It is not a positive attitude for a believer.  The bible recognizes there will be times of anger.  When someone has trampled on your right, offended you.  At such times, the Lord says you should not go to bed with that anger still lurking in your heart. 

Apostle Paul says that even if you get angry, it should not lead you to sin.  But, you know that uncontrollable anger can lead to sin.  Get rid of offence and refrain from anger.  If you are hot-tempered, don't ever think its a small problem, it's not.  Tell the Lord to help you and then take some steps to overcome your old habit.  When you are offended, for instance:
1. Don't talk
2. If possible, walk away from the scene of the incident
3. When you are insulted or abused, refuse to answer the person.
4. Refrain from provocative conversations
5. When offended, forgive at once and release the person from your heart.

Speak the truth in Love - Ephesians 4:15
This virtue is important for Christian leaders, who will always be counselling people and speaking into their lives.  You should always speak the truth, so God will be happy with you and open your spiritual eyes to see revelations and be in a position to communicate mysteries to others.  In addition, you should speak difficult truths in love.  

This is saying, we should consider the manner in which we speak to people when they are at fault or wrong, so they are not discouraged to leave the Church, or refuse to repent.  When a friend opens up to you and shares a difficult truth with you.  Make sure you tell him the truth, but use wisdom in the approach and manner the communication is handled, so he would not resist the counsel to repent.

Seek the good of others  1 Cor 10:24
As citizens of heaven, the redeemed of the Lord, we should seek the good of other people.  Basically, when people are renewed in their heart, it becomes easy for them to think of other people, pray for other people while praying for themselves.  It is not that you are born again that will make this attitude be your lifestyle.  It is that you now have love for your neighbours, as a result of the love of God.  When you have a considerate heart, kind heart and forgiving heart, you will be liberal and seek the good of others.

What does it mean to seek the good of other people?  It is those little things we say that help others.  You are working in a place, and there is a vacancy announcement, you share the information to people around you.  You are bidding for a job, and include the name of your friend or brother in the proposal so that you will both deliver the job.  In marriage, when you buy things for your mother, you include your mother-in-law.  When you go shopping for your children, you but for the House help also.

Apostle Paul was speaking to believers in Corinthians, says 'Let no man seek his own, but every man another's wealth'.  As hard as it may seem, there are people who have overcome the problem of 'Me and me alone'.  We have to win the battle over selfishness if we want to walk in love.  The spirit of selfishness makes us judge others harshly.  

Be a covenant child of God - Genesis 8:22
Many successful children of God are covenant sons and daughters of God.  When you talk about the covenant requirement for success, it includes paying your tithe, offering, seed offerings and other specials offerings in the house of God.  To succeed in your business or ministry, you should seek God's direction and favour.

When you receive divine direction, prepare to work hard to realize the goals you set for yourself and do the right things always.  Deut 8:18 says the Lord God gives us the power to obtain wealth, so He can make you a channel of blessing for others.  Since God cannot forget His covenant, you should be faithful in paying your covenant obligations in the house of God, to your parents and others.

Intimacy with the Christ - Phil 3:10
The secret of many believers is the close relationship they have with the Lord.  They have moved from being a follower to a disciple of Christ.  They know Christ intimately and so the love of Christ and His life and power flows easily to such Christians.  

The more we trust Him, the more of His manifestation we experience.  Believers who do not know how to trust the Lord, experience few miracles.  They are afraid of the unknown, they don't want to experience hardship, so they cannot exercise their faith.  Unfortunately, they also remain where they are for years.

A man like Apostle Paul wanted to know Him more, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering.  Imagine having the power of His resurrection, the power that raised Christ from the dead. If you have such power, what need or problems of life, the power that raised Christ from the dead cannot solve.  Get to know Him deeper today, and watch the power that raised the dead begin to work in your life.

No Murmuring - A Christian who walks by faith do not murmur or complain.  Also, we do not question God or command Him.  We trust the Lord for things to move in our favour after we have prayed.

We do not give up easily, knowing that the Lord is with us.  The Shunamite woman did not give up on the death of her son, the widow of Zarephath did not give up also.  Murmuring is a  sign of hopelessness, but if we have hope in Christ, who cannot fail, we will not murmur.

Requirements for a New Life in Christ

Faith. You will be a man of faith in God.  Faith like that of a baby is necessary.  You will also, be a man of the spirit, who hears from God and believe what the Lord tells you, even when there is no evidence.  A man that holds on to God's promises and the words of Rythema you hear from the Almighty God.  When the reveals something to you, you hold on to the Word you heard as evidence of what is to come. 

You have to learn how to walk by faith because walking by faith is walking with God.  Walking by faith is believing God, despite contrary reality.  You are believing God for something that looks hopeless and dead.  A good example is praying for the dead.  If you don't have faith, if you cannot believe God, then you cannot pray for the dead.  But, watch this, each time, you raise a voice of faith, heaven is alerted and God wants to know what is going on.  Some times, the answer could tarry hours or a whole day, so you can prove you are dead serious about that request.

A woman's husband died suddenly and she rejected that the husband should die at that time.  She cried to the Lord, saying she alone cannot bring up the children.  She asked the Lord to return the husband to her again.  She will not allow anyone to enter the room or console her, and her prayer was answered.

The prayer of faith is a desperate prayer, one that when people are crying to the Lord, they do not care about anything else, the only thing that matters to them is God granting their request.

Holiness - In holiness, you learn to keep yourself for the Lord.  You recognize your position as a child of God, a vessel unto honour and someone that God can send on an assignment at any time.  So, you agree with your inner man, your heart that sin and every evil work will not issue from you.  You will also agree with your eyes, that you will not see evil or loon on it.

You agree with your ears, not to itch for bad news, gossip and evil stories.  Your mouth also, not to speak evil or anything guile.  Tell your heart that every offence is forgiven as it happens, without waiting for 'I am sorry' from the offender.

To help you live a controlled life, you have to subdue your flesh through fasting, which should be started gradually until the time when you can live a 'fasted' life.  Fasting at least 12 hours daily.  A fasted live will not be helpful if you are not praying along those hours.  You can fast in the day, and pray at night.

Love - This is one virtue a child of God cannot lack.  If you lack love, you do not know God.  This love is kind heart towards people and complete surrender to the Almighty God.  To love God is to hand-over your life to Him.  Love is an action word that will be tested over time.  If you love God, time will reveal it.

If you love your spouse, family and neighbours, time will tell.  Love is very expensive and it is never easy to find one, but you would have to decide that you will love everyone freely.  People will mistreat you, cheat you and sometimes put you in deep problems.  These can be people you least expect to betray you, not to talk of deliberately executing evil plans against you.  These are the people you must forgive, without seeking revenge.

Righteousness - Righteousness, in a nutshell, is when a person goes about doing good.  Your heart is pure, your mind is clear and your thoughts are continually good towards others.  You have to righteous in the heart.  That means that you love righteousness and hate evil.  You hate oppression and will never take advantage of peoples conditions or positions to cheat them.

Those righteous in the heart are the people that make provision for visiting people in prison, they buy things for homeless children and widows, from their meagre salary.  People like that do their benevolence regularly, monthly or quarterly etc.

It is possible to live a fulfilled Christian life, which basically is a life of peace with God and man.  You are not anxious for anything or afraid of anyone, because God is your stay.  People who have received the revelation of Christ, find it easy to trust God in all circumstances.  That will be your portion this year in Jesus name.


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