FOODS FOR PEOPLE FASTING........For a Long Period of time

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Fasting is one of the basic tenets of the Christian faith many believers are used to observing as they grow in their walk with the Lord.  The spiritual benefits of fasting are all over the Bible, and fasting is one spiritual sacrifice that can hardly be done in vain.

God is so faithful to His word that whenever you wait on Him in fasting, and your faith is lifted to heavens, the Lord cannot ignore a strong faith.  Fasting focuses your eyes on the Lord for a specific blessing at a point in time, and whenever your faith is able to touch the Lord, your answer is released to you.

Moses fasted for 40 days and experienced the finger of God writing down the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34.28). Jesus fasted for 40 days and started a ministry that would redeem man from the kingdom of the devil to God.  The ministry of reconciliation that cleansed the sin of the whole world and reconciled mankind back to God (1 Peter 3.18 & Colossians 1.20), did not start until the fasting.

The Importance of Fasting
Everyone may not embark on long fasting, but every Christian that desires to grow in the spirit and walk in the supernatural should know how to wait on the Lord in fasting.  In Mark 9:29, our Saviour Jesus says there are situations that go not, except by praying and fasting.  

In other words, He was telling us that fasting is a cure for unbelief.  His disciples could not heal a possessed boy, due to unbelief, but fasting and praying would have given them the spiritual power they needed to command the demon to leave and it is done.

Fasting humbles our soul and causes us to rely on God. causes us to Rely on God.  When we fast, there is almost nothing distracting us from hearing God’s voice. So, when we need God to speak to us, on any matter, our best option is to fast and pray.  When we are at a crossroads and don’t know which way to turn, fasting helps us to hear God’s direction.  We are able to hear God clearly when our spirit is empowered and focused on Him.

Benefits of Fasting
Food is one of the basic needs of life, but during a period of prayer and fasting, eating food and taking drinks are restricted for some hours in a day or a whole day to allow the person to concentrate on his prayer and intercession. It is a well-known fact that when we abstain from food, our body becomes light and we are able to pray better.

When we fast, we are in a better position to see in the realm of the spirit and hear the voice of God giving us instructions on what to do.  Fasting subdues our flesh, which distracts us with worldly thoughts and imaginations.  The spirit man comes alive whenever the flesh is in check and our communion with our Maker is enhanced for our own good.

The purpose of this message is to articulate foods that help the immune systems of people who are fasting.  The need for the right food when you are fasting is very important.  For instance, I don't normally take soft drinks any more, but when I start seven days, three or six months fasting, a time will come when my body needs Sugar, and I will start breaking with fruits, juicy fruits like pineapples and oranges.

Ideal food during fasting:
This is a period when healthy food will help the body recover from dryness.  Healthy eating that focuses on home-cooked foods instead of snacks, water instead of juice and soft drinks etc.

The list includes:
1. Fruits, preferable fresh fruits
2. Vegetables, preferably fresh farm vegetables
3. Whole grain like Oats, Pap, Beans, Nuts etc
4. Protein foods like fish, beans, chicken etc
5. Tea with milk or honey
6. Beverages - Once in a while and not necessarily daily as your body permits.
7. Rice, served with fish or chicken
8. Eba with rich Egusi or vegetable soup
9. Drink a lot of Water

The Esther Fast: - 3 Days Dry
When you have a need that cannot wait for two weeks or more, then you want to consider the Esther Fast, recorded in the book of Esther 4:16.  This is the 3 Days dry fasting that people do today, and as it worked for Esther those days, so it works for people today.

People who have three days dry fasting may want to eat light carbohydrates, food with rich protein, like rice and beans, served with fish the night before the fast.  Take enough water after the food, then catch a good sleep and allow your body to rest.  Avoid praying all night, the day before your Esther fast. 

Ideal food to breakfast with:
People fast for different reasons, for Christians waiting upon the Lord, who may continue to pray after breaking their fast, the best food to break is juicy fruits or hot tea with milk or honey.  Tea is better than a beverage, which helps to retain your vibrancy and keep your mind sharp to continue praying.

If you are breaking from 3 days dry, it should be hot tea with milk or honey.  After breaking, you need at least three to four hours before you can take light food like fruits or salad.  Avoid heavy food that day, till the next day.

Beginners and those doing Fruit Fasting
If you are new to fasting, or you are about to start fruit fasting, remember there are some energy giving fruits like Banana and pineapples you can combine with other fruits when breaking your fasting.  They are filling and sure to help you recover energy and strength fast.

If you are doing 6.00am to 6.00pm, you may eat food like Rice two hours after breaking and make sure it is with vegetable.  This will help you retain some strength if that will be your last food till 6.00pm the next day.  The combination of food that will leave you with the strength to perform your duties in the office and still pray before breaking the fast is very important.

It is important that you prepare your mind well in advance before you start your fast.  If you get your food right, you will discover you are able to do your job, and pray daily, while fasting.  

Except it is dry fasting, in which case you are abstaining from food for a period of time, and usually done on the Mountain or away from home, every other fasting and the food for breaking the fast should be one that will leave some energy to carry out your normal business, study the bible and pray.


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