DESTRUCTIVE DREAMS.....You should not Ignore!



Dreams can be a priviledge in many instances and at other time, it could be a dread, a fearful experience.  Dreams are one of the chosen ways through which God speak to us when we lie down to rest.  The Lord uses dreams to communicate instructions that cause people to avoid destruction.

God uses dreams to give direction and to reveal the plans of the enemy to His people, and yet there are people who do not dream at all, there are others who dream and forget their dreams.  I like to say that to be alife and not dream at all, or your dream and you cannot remember what you saw in the dream, it is a sign the person is under the attack of strong power.

We have people who dream and view their dreams as not being important, no matter how deadly such a dream may appear.  This is an error because it means you are ignoring the instructions that may be coming to you from the Lord.  Such instructions are usually meant to deliver the person concerned from affliction and death.

Dreams are not to be ignored at all.  It is an avenue for divine visitation and though the agents of the devil now use the dream to manipulate people, threaten and afflict people, it is a dangerous thing for a child of God to ignore his dreams, especially those scary dreams that evoke fear.

The Lord also uses our dreams to point to certain areas of our lives that require our attention and improvement.  Dreams can give clues to areas of our lives which require attention, our relationships and other aspects of life and the what is happening in these areas, therefore no dream should be dismissed.

The following deadly dreams should never be ignored, instead, pray immediately you wake from sleep.


1. Going back to the Village dreams
When you see yourself going back to the village all the time, the chances are that you are tied down in the village or your destiny is being controlled from there.  If that is the case,  The witches of your father's house have your name in their register.  And each time they make a roll-call and mention your name, you will see yourself going back to the village.

Know for sure that it is a dream of demotion.  It is not a good dream and such people can not experience meaningful success anywhere they may be.  You have to pray and break their hold on your life using the blood of Jesus.

2. Conviction by a Law court
Whenever you see yourself being convicted in a law court in the dream, you must cancel and counter the judgement as soon as you wake up.  It means that witches and warlocks have decided to assign a spiritual offence on your head, in order to destroy the person.  The bible says if a person breaks the hedge, the serpent will bite.

Judgement in a law court in the dream is the spiritual legal ground to destroy the person.  You reject the dream and declare your innocence to whatever charges they would have levied against you by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Thereafter, you set the court and its judgement on fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

3. When you see Snail in the dream
When you see Snail always in the dream, know for sure that the enemy is projecting stagnancy and failure into your life.  They have seen greatness, which they are trying to terminate through a snail spirit and snail speed.  If you have seen such a dream many times, you must awake from your sleep, otherwise, the person may never fulfil the plans of God in his or her life.

This is the dream of mean people.  It is the dream of people with great stars and destiny in life, especially in the kingdom of God, whom the devil is scheming to stop or divert or stagnate, to make sure the star they are seeing does not manifest.

4. Eating in the dream:  
This has been treated in our earlier publication on why people eat in the dream.

5. Being shot in the dream: 
This is a serious attack that can lead to an untimely death.  In most cases, the enemy is trying to shoot sickness into a person's life or sudden death.  It can mean a sudden accident that leads to death or sudden disaster that will lead to affliction and death.

You have to pray immediately after the dream to return their arrow or gunshot back to them.  You should also command the spiritual assassins to shoot their senders, as you are not their candidates.

6. Attack by animals: 
When you see a dog barking you in the dream, you should know that a strong witchcraft power is resisting your progress in that house or from your father's house.  When you see a dog frightening you in the dream that you are not able to pass to go where you want to go, it is an indication that there is a spiritual battle for you to fight and win before you can advance.

The meaning of a dog backing you or restricting you from passing to go where you want is that a witch or warlock, an occultic agent has vowed to stop your progress in life.  You must declare war on whoever it is that made the vow in the spirit or in the physical.  Start night prayers of at least two hours every night before going to bed or after rising up by 12.00am.

If you see a dog becoming rather friendly to you in the dream, know also that you are the target of a wicked witch to pollute you with the spirit of lust and put the person in bondage.  The enemy is trying to project the spirit of a dog on that person, and that is also the spirit of promiscuity and adultery for those who are married.  The person needs deliverance.

7. Losing your Bible in the dream: 
If in a dream, you look for your bible and cannot find it, or you are asked to minister and you cannot find your Bible or they say, “Open to the book of Matthew,” and you looked for it and could not find it until you wake up.

The enemy wants to cover your Calling and make sure you will not preach the gospel.  Many Pastors experience this dream without knowing what it means.  It means a spiritual sacrifice to bury the person hunger and thirst for the gospel has been made.  Such a person will start to notice he cannot pray for long any longer.  Fasting will be so difficult, and gradually the fire is going down without the person knowing.

As a Minister of God, any time you become cold in the spirit, declare war against destiny amputators chasing your glory and if God will open your eyes, you will see that something has been done in the spirit to hinder your spiritual growth.  This kind of attack comes to Pastor and believers who disturb the kingdom of darkness with their night prayers.

This is not a dream you can afford to ignore if you value your spiritual growth and wants to operate in the supernatural.  The enemy around you wants you to backslide and if you do not fight back on time, he will take away that Bible from your hand. 

8. Seeing corpses, dead relatives or dead people: 
This is a destructive dream. Your spirit man is trying to tell you that you are already being counted amongst the dead. You should fight back for the Bible says that the living has nothing to do with the dead.  Whenever you see such a dream or dream of a coffin, try to see who is there.  It might be you or someone connected to you.

You should cancel death for yourself and anyone close to you the enemy is targeting to take away.  It may be true that the person whose face you see, may not be the real target, you should know there is a reason why God is showing the picture of a dead person and cancel the dream by the blood of Jesus Christ.

9. Going back to the former school or former house or taking again the examinations that you have already passed: 
These are dreams of retrogression. The enemy wants to take you back either to Egypt or from prosperity to poverty.

10. Walking barefooted: 
This means acidic poverty. It also means that the enemy wants to destroy your marriage.

11. Being locked up in a Cage:  
If you find yourself locked up and there is no way out, then you should know that your progress has been caged in the spirit.  Once, I asked the Lord what this dream means and He asked me whether people in prison get anything in the Prison and I said No.  When a person is locked up, he cannot get a job or new job, he cannot even receive heavy blessing from God because he is locked up in a place, and the blessings of God come in the form of gifts, which is not just for our consumption alone, but for the blessing of others.

Again, you have to declare spiritual war until you see yourself out of the cage of the enemy.  Events will reveal that you have been delivered.  When closed doors begin to open, favour and new ideas locate you, you know there is a turnaround.

12. Being naked in the dream: 
This means that the enemy wants to fire the arrow of shame at you.  It means the enemy is trying to steal your glory or have buried it.  Apart from tampering with a person's glory, it could also mean that an arrow of acidic poverty has been fired on the person in the realm of the spirit.  

You should not allow this to happen. Declare a spiritual war, cancel the dream and set the picture they showed you on fire.  The Lord will give you strength and grace to fulfil your destiny in Jesus Christ name.


In dealing with deadly dreams, we expected to enforce the decrees of the Lord by faith, Cancel what should be cancelled and reverse what should be reversed. to do so as a child of God.  There is a reason why the dream came to you.  Whether the dream is a satanic dream of from God, there is something to know and learn from each dream we have.

Whenever you are in doubt, ask the Lord to reveal the meaning and purpose of the dream to you and He will help.  No child of God is permeated to walk in ignorance, for that's a licence to bondage.  The Holy Ghost is with you to help.


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