DEEP FINANCIAL ATTACK.......When they rob money on your head in Dream

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The head is the symbol of a person's destiny, and without the head, the person is dead.  Every attack on the head is an attack against the destiny and success of the person.

There is no area where the wickedness of the enemy is more profound than in the human head. The enemy can program insanity, confusion, and the spirit of an error on a person's head through dream attacks, so Christians who are sensitive do not joke with any attack on their head.  

When the head is sick, the whole body is sick, and a bewitched head is a bewitched body, that will not be your portion in Jesus's name.  These are some of the reasons why dreams are a very important part of the security architecture of a believer.

God uses the dream to communicate timely instructions that will deliver the person from evil, and the plans of the enemy are revealed to us through dreams.  Every child of God is expected to receive information of any attack of the enemy before it happens.  That is always the truth, but many people are not sensitive in the spirit and others do not remember their dreams.  

Nothing 'takes' a child of God unawares, the Lord will surely reveal it through dreams, open vision or word of knowledge.

Deadly Financial Attacks

The devil's most difficult attack on a child of God is an attack on his or her finances.  If the devil succeeds in destroying the 'bread and water' of a Christian, such a believer is grounded in the marketplace of life.  Every Child of God should know how to 'Occupy till the Lord comes' in the area of finance and in faith.

There are different kinds of dream attacks on the finances of a man or woman, depending on the enemy pursuing a person.  If your enemy is a Herbalist, the attack from a herbalist on your finance will be different if he is a Marine Goddess, a Queen mother in the waters.  

If your attacker is an occultist, the type of attack will also differ, and if the enemy is a witch, be sure to fight against her manipulations.  There are attacks, but the attack of robbing money on a person's head is a fatal attack that should be reversed immediately.


This is one of the strong attacks you get from an old warlock and occultic kingpin.  This attack is a terrible one.  You are in a dream, and suddenly you see a man or woman using money to rob your head.  Whether the Notes are new or dirty, five pieces or one, the implication is the same.

The dream is from the Lord, contrary to what people say about bad and horrible dreams.  It is the Lord showing you what the enemy has done. Dreams like that is regarded as serious:

1. This is an acidic financial attack on a person's finances.

2. It means the enemy has drained the person's glory and left him/her barren in the spirit.

3. It also means the person's stars have been removed and drained from his head and shoulders.

4. It means the person's candlelight has been spiritually put-out.

5. It signifies an evil decree that the person will not excel on earth, no matter the number of degrees the person acquires, no matter the work experience and his or her connection in high places.


1. You must be spiritually aggressive to overpower the man or woman, robbing your head with money in the dream because they usually use older men or women, looking weak and fragile.  You will be warning him or her to stop, but they will not stop until you wake.

2. When you have such an encounter,  deal ruthlessly with the enemy and kill dim or her in the dream and their evil plans are destroyed.  Don't be kind or compassionate towards them, don't say they are old and fragile, kill that witch or warlock and terminate their wickedness.

3. If you could not kill the attacker before you wake up, don't worry about what you should do.  You will have to pray some prophetic prayers to terminate the effect of the evil in your life.


1. Start prayer by receiving Jesus as Lord and Saviour

2. Every sacrifice and ritual offered to Satan to steal my glory, catch fire and backfire in Jesus name.

3. O' God arise and uproot the enemy of my glory in Jesus name

4. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I set the man or woman I saw robbing money on my head on fire in Jesus name.

5. By the blood of Jesus, I set the money and the dream on fire in Jesus name

6. By the blood of Jesus, I cancel the dream and declare it is not my portion in Jesus name.

7. O' God arise, let the implication of that dream and that sacrifice backfire in Jesus.

8. Owner of evil load in my life, carry your load and die

9. Thank Him for answered prayers.


The devil and his agents know the importance of the head, and once a person's head is captured, such a person's destiny and glory are also held in bondage.  I encourage you not to ignore any dream touching your head, it's a serious destiny matter.


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