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Everything on earth has a beginning.  Your life may have begun many years ago, but today, you are about to make it better.  A journey to salvation is a wonderful one described in Mathew 11:28, where the Lord invited all who are heavy laden to come to Him for rest, He promised to give them rest.

To reconcile with the Almighty God is a blessing because the Lord will collect your sufferings, troubles and problems from you and give you a new spirit, the Spirit of  God.  That Spirit is called the Holy Spirit, who will be with you everywhere you are going to guide you, make you see things differently, speak the right words all the time and to give you success in your work or business.

With the Holy Spirit in you, fear is destroyed, and you will also stop blaming others for your failures in life.  In reconciliation, your paths are ordered by God, to go to the right places and to do things right. When you receive Jesus into your heart, you are no longer alone, you have the Helper by your side.  The creator of heaven and earth is on your side.

Everything about you becomes new, your hope and trust will be fixed on the Lord instead of your own ability.  One of the few things you will notice is that your prayer requests are speedily answered.  The Lord will grant your heart desires and direct favour your way to reduce your struggle and put smiles on your face.  He takes charge of your life, including your enemies.

Common Attitude of Man
People have the tendency to blame others for their troubles and failures in life, without seeing their input in whatever happens to them.  It must be the curse from someone that caused their misfortune. Others blame the devil, their parents and in many cases also, people blame their father and mothers-in-law for their woes.

How many people will remember that everything was working for Adam and Eve in the garden until sin came?  Adam did not know the consequences of sin was grave and they jokingly ate the fruit that God had commanded them not to, and that was it.  Their nakedness became glaring to them and they could not stand before God any longer.  The separation was almost automatic, and I guess they did not know it would mean everything to them.

That is how it is today when people sin. Sin not only separates us from God, but it also disorganizes God's plan for that person and makes it difficult for the person to p[ray or fellowship freely with God.  To make things worse, many people are blaming others for their wrong-doing.  

You hear some young ladies saying they were forced to join prostitution in order to take care of their families...NO!  It is not so, if you have hatred for prostitution, you will never consider doing such evil for money.  If you love people as God expects, you cannot rob them to get money.

Each time you analyse the defence people give for sin, you can easily see self-deceit or delusion.  Instead of accepting you have a high temper, which causes you to beat your wife, you are deceiving yourself that she enjoys being beating.  How can a woman, gentle and frail enjoy being beaten? Instead of crying to God for help, to deliver you from uncontrollable anger, you are the children provokes you all the time.  Do you know how many times you provoke God in a day?  Does He smark you all the time you provoke Him?

Sinful nature of man

Man has the nature of sin, which is the inherited nature of satan, acquired after the fall of man and that is why God has to send His begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins.  He knows you are not born holy and cannot make yourself holy.  God also knows that no other strategy can get a man out of sin and the nature of sin except the blood of Jesus Christ.

God created Adam and Eve to live forever, but sin came and that plan was truncated.  It was so because the wages of Sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord Romans 6:23. God knows that without Christ, man will only grope in darkness and slumber deeper into evil.  If there is no fear of the Lord, a person can continue in sin to a point, where he does not see evil as wrong.  

We have people who say they are not well paid, yet they will not resign to start a private business or seek employment elsewhere.  Instead, they will remain on the job and be demanding bribe from people, who have to do business with the organization.  Its the nature of sin in man that is responsible for such behaviour.

Hear me beloved, if you can align yourself with the Word of God, you will easily live above sin.  If you will love holiness and hate iniquity as Jesus did, you can trust the Lord to help you live right, one day at a time.  That is the greatest victory of all.  Sin is the cause of sicknesses and death, and overcoming sin means that every other battle is secondary and easier to win.  

A win over sin is a win over the devil, the author of sin and lies. No man can deal successfully with the problem of sin except through the blood of Jesus, and there is no salvation without Christ. Jesus was born specifically to take away your sins.  He is called the Saviour because of your sins - Mathew 1:21.  So, receiving Christ is the beginning of victory over the devil and sin. 

Steps to Salvation

Believe in the Word of God:
Belief is the first step to salvation.  This is also called faith, which comes by hearing the Word of God and accepting the sacrifice made by Christ at the cross of calvary.  When you realize your life is not right with the word of God, sometimes, you do think you don't even want to do, and when you realize that if you die in a sinful state, your eternity will be in hellfire, a place meant for only Satan and his agents.

When you desire to know God closely and to live a better life according to His Word and to enter into eternity in heaven, then your heart will seek the Saviour, Jesus Christ, through whom you can have victory over sin and sinful lifestyle.  

If you will accept you are born in iniquity, that man is helpless without God, then you will agree that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, according to scriptures.  Then, you are about to make the most important decision of your life, believing in the name of Jesus Christ, and receiving Him as your Lord and Saviour.

Confess, repent and receive Jesus: 
The next step is to confess your sins before God, repent and forsake them. You will invite Jesus Christ to come into your life, be the Lord and Saviour of your life.  This is a solemn action done through prayer, after which you believe by faith that you are saved.

Water Baptism:
Immediately a person believes in the Lord Jesus and the sacrifices He made on the cross to redeem us from sin and death, the next stage is water baptism.  We are to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Baptism is done on a flowing river or pool of water, which symbolizes death with Christ and to sin when a person is bodily deep into the water.  When he is raised from the water, that symbolizes resumption from death with Christ unto newness of life.

Water baptism is a necessary formality that completes the salvation experience, leaving the new convert with the responsibility of his new birth.  You are saved from darkness and all the worldliness like pride, envy, quest for power and fame.  You are delivered from living your own life instead of the God kind of life.  You are delivered from living without God and the word of God.  

Positive confession:
It is important that you let your friends and relatives know about your new life in Christ.  You are to speak your faith in Christ openly.  You are expected to study the Word of God daily and practise the word in your everyday life.  Practise the Word of God, keep your heart open and pure to receive from the Lord and be ready to obey the voice of God and obey them.  It is important to confess the scriptures, it is more important to reflect the scriptures in your daily living.

Relationship with Christ:
A life of relationship with the Saviour is the most interesting of all the steps of salvation.  This is like a father-son relation that we are familiar with. You are the child and Jesus is your Father.  As a child depends on the earthly parents for his feeding and care, so it is with your heavenly Father, so you carefully adopt a lifestyle of trusting Him for everything you need and expect to have.  

You wake up in the morning to thank Him for preserving your life through the night, thank Him for your daily provisions, protection and safety.  Commit the day into His hands and ask Him to go with you everywhere you will go and help you.  When you are leaving the house, you ask Him to go with you and when you return, you kneel down and thank Him for going with you and returning with you.  Let your Saviour be real in your life because He is actually not far from you.

Benefits of Salvation
1. The Lord inherit your enemies - Whenever you become beloved, your battles become the Lord's battles.

2. The Lord will make a way for you.  When you receive Christ as Lord and Saviour, He will make a way for you in places where there seem to be no way or hope.  In every situation, He will show you the light on how to enjoy the best of even a bad situation

3. Freedom from bondage - No truly saved child of God can remain in the bondage of any strong man or woman for long.  Whatever be the bondage of the enemy upon your life, if you become God's child, He will make a way of escape for you. Remember there is nothing too difficult for Him to do.  Psalms 28:8 says God is the saving strength of His anointed.  God becomes your strength to accomplish all things.

4. Bundles of Blessings - Children of God are blessed in this life.  They plan, work hard and God brings the increase.  Many people who fail encounter failure due to darkness around them, but when you become a child of God, the triumphant light of God in you and around you will swallow such darkness, limitation and spiritual roadblocks hindering your progress in the past.

5. Commanded Blessing - The Lord will command the blessings of Abraham on you, the anointed and godly sons and daughters. God rebukes Kings and other influential opponents standing in the way of your blessing to give way, according to Psalm 105:14-15. 

6. Protection and divine health - The Lord, the great physician Jesus Christ becomes your Doctor, healer and deliverer of your life and family.  You just draw by faith from the well of salvation...anything you want. Healing, deliverance, jobs, children etc.

Demands of Salvation

With salvation, a lot is also expected from a newly converted person.  You were living your own life before.  You lived as you want, and how you like.  Now, you are to live by the word of God and according to what God says.

Nobody encounters Jesus Christ and remain the same, His Spirit in you will cause a change of mindset, thinking and other ways of life.  When a smoker receives Christ, smoking disgusts him and he sees everything wrong with it.  The same with an angry and abusive person. That person becomes quiet and patient, refusing to talk when you annoy him.  He will hardly be quick to talk or condemn people because there is a new spirit in him.  

That was why John the Baptist told the people coming to his baptism to:   

"Bring forth, therefore, fruits meet for repentance, and not to think or say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.

According to him, the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire.  He says, I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire" - Mathew 3:8-12.

Salvation demand evidence.  If you are saved, your speech, the word you speak, the choices you make, the way you see things and relate to people will show it. God and people around you will expect to see a repented man or woman, who fears the Lord and obeys His Word.

What to do:
Confess your sins to God and ask for His forgiveness, believe He has forgiven you.  Then ask Jesus to come into your heart, and be your Lord and Saviour.  Believe the Lord has also accepted your request and His Spirit is already inside your heart.

If you said that prayer from your heart, know for sure that you are BORN AGAIN, a new baby in the kingdom of God. You have also received the power to be the son or daughter of God.  As you study the bible and obey the word of God, the changes taking place in your heart right now will begin to manifest for people around you to see.

Congratulations, you're born again!

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