POWER THROUGH PRAYER.......How to get result from God




Prayer is ordained by God to help His people.  The Lord Himself asked us to pray and tell Him all our needs, assuring us that those that will ask will receive answers.

If you ask and answer is long in coming, the Lord says you should take steps to seek solution that you have asked for.  Again He gave us an assurance that those that seek will find.  Meaning there are some prayers that you should follow up with a seeking look for the solution.  An example is someone praying for employment favour.  He will have to start applying for the jobs of his choice after prayers.

Again, the Lord asked us to knock, if our answers are late in coming.  Waiting He means here is ...To Fast and Pray.  When your answers are long in coming, graduate into fasting, a self-denial period of time you wait on the Lord for urgent answers to your need.  Don't miss the third level of prayer Jesus thought His Disciples means to FAST AND PRAY.

Fireinthebone is a Prayer intercessory ministry We desire that our readers should pray the right prayer and so obtain result from their prayers.  We believe in divine healing and miracles.  We believe in the written and spoken word of God and are guided by faith in God, love and service.  

Power through prayer

We are hoping to make it daily prayer bulletin for our readers and sons and daughters of God, who have a need for prayers to use.  We hope also to create an atmosphere for miracles in the lives of our readers, through targeted prayer points.

It is also a Revival prayer ministration, we believe will spring forth positive and quick results from the Lord.  We see Prayer as an opportunity to receive from the Lord, so each time we embark on a Program, it is with great expectation of receiving God's miracles and blessings.  

Christians who are successful in their different fields of endeavour owe their success to three important factors: Faith in God, Diligence and commitment to excellence and a powerful prayer life.  Prayer is therefore a channel for need satisfaction, deliverance, healing and prosperity.  When we wait on the Lord, sometimes in self-denying prayers, at other times, all nights, we are able to decree a thing by faith, and it is established for us.  

Through prayers, we wage spiritual war against the agents of darkness and destroy their strongholds around us.  Through prayer, we exercise authority over the entire darkness, from Satan to the Principalities and the rest of his agents through the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus Christ. 

Prayer is an instrument of spiritual power, using the name of Jesus Christ, and as long as the blood of Jesus cannot lose its power, and as long as the name of Jesus Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, our prayer cannot lose its power and potency.  As it was in the days of Christ on earth, so we will witness His power in our midst .


The prayer points we are providing today is for the following group of people and their associated challenges.  The people include:

1. People who are looking for divine favour at work, business or from men in authority

2. People with interviews, project defence appointments

3. People who are scheduled for Visa Interviews, Permanent papers or citizenship interview etc

4. People who are scheduled for promotional examinations, and other Examinations.

DIVINE FAVOUR - Actions that attract Favour

Divine favour falls easily on people who are well-pleasing to the Lord.  This is why the scriptures say the Lord surrounds the righteous with favour as with a shield.  The bible also says that those deliberately seek the good of others secure favour.  Favour comes from the Lord.

Divine favour falls on people with a good heart.  God chose David among his brethren when He saw that David had a heart of love, reverence towards God.  He was not the kind of person that will sell his birthright or put his hands in the plough and look back.  So, God chose David because of the condition of his heart.

God favour the merciful, as the bible said, they will receive mercy.  A man that wants to see the mercy of God, should be able to show mercy to his fellow man.

God also favour the obedient.  Obedience has its reward as promised.  Obey your parents, so that your days may be long on the earth.  If a man will hon our his parents, and not dishonour them, he is sure to live long on the earth.

Divine favour will also locate people facing Jerich-like situations, who cry unto the Lord for help. It can be Jericho concerning marriage, fruitfulness, employment, getting business contracts etc.

Reference scriptures includes:
1. Deut 28:13, 
2. Jeremiah 1:19, 
3. Nahum 1:7-8


1. Every prayer should begin with praise worshipping.   

2. Confess your sins and repent of them.  Ask for God's mercy to speak for you and those who have not received Christ as  Lord and Saviour should do so before prayers.

3. O' God arise and show me mercy, release Your angels to make a way for me during the interview in Jesus name.

4. O' God arise and raise a voice for me at the place of my destiny in Jesus name

5. O' God arise and raise a voice for me among the members of the Panel waiting to interview me for the Visa and other interviews in Jesus name.

6. Every veil of darkness covering my glory, catch fire and be destroyed in Jesus Christ name.

7. O' God arise and let every adversary to my breakthrough be destroyed in Jesus name.

8. O' God arise and let every negative words, evil decisions made against my success be destroyed and completely nullified in Jesus name

9. O' God arise and let every spiritual roadblocks to my breakthrough be destroyed by the fire of God in Jesus name.

10. I receive wisdom, knowledge and understanding to comprehend their questions and answer them correctly in Jesus name.

11. I command every human and spiritual hindrance to my success be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

12. Every agent, demon assigned to follow me to the interview, receive blindness, catch fire and be frustrated by the angels of God.

13. O' God arise, let the decision of the panel favour my cause in Jesus name

14. O' God arise and let every enemy in the midst of the panel or Board be absent on the day of my interview in Jesus name.

15. O' God arise and release the anointing of an overcomer upon me in Jesus name.

16. I claim the power to overcome and triumph over my competitors in Jesus name.

17.  Thank You Lord for answered prayers, for in Jesus Christ name I have prayed, Amen


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