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Prayer plays a vital role in the life of a Christian.  It is a channel to God's throne, which opens you up to access God's blessings.  It is God's arrangement for everyone who needs divine intervention.  If you don't pray, you will not receive.  

Our Saviour, Jesus started His ministry with prayer and continued in prayer till He conquered the enemy and handed the victory to us.  If we want to see the hand of God move mightily in our lives, we have to pray and give God thanks.  

Prayer can be seen as a spiritual investment, a ladder into God's presence.  The more we pray, the more of His presence we encounter and the more we receive from Him, especially if the prayer is done by faith. There is no problem too big for God to solve, and He has asked us to ask, seek and knock on Him.  In Isaiah 62: 6-7, He says we should not give him rest, that we should persist in prayer, seeking and knocking until our prayers are answered.

The Importance of Financial breakthrough

Financial breakthrough is important in life, and they cannot be ignored. The Bible says money answereth all things, and without money, practically nothing can be done.  Without money and the ability to earn it, a man or family loses value in society and becomes vulnerable to the attacks of the devil.

Money gives voice to anyone that has it,  money can transform a beggar into a Chief, and community leader within months.  Without money, you cannot do the work of the gospel or anything for that matter.  This is why the devil and his agents do a lot of blood sacrifices for money and to control the channels of financial resources.  It is for the purpose of money that millions are worshipping the devil today. The devil buys people's consciences with money.

Talking of financial breakthroughs, there are some issues that should be dealt with, before your breakthrough will manifest.  There are some powers working behind the scene to hinder prayers and answer manifestation.  I am talking about the following:

1. The spirit of poverty
2. The spirit of murmuring
3. Curses and evil covenants
4. the spirit of doubt and unbelief
5. Spiritual hindrances (ancestral idols, satanic enemies etc)

You will also have to embrace the spirit of joy, Meekness, the Spirit of Hunger and thirst for God, and the Spirit of Mercy. The Bible says clearly that with joy shall you draw up water from the wells of salvation.  Child of God, you shall pray by faith and refuse to give up, till you receive your answer.

Bind the spirit of Poverty

Beloved, you must bind the spirit of poverty before you start praying for a financial breakthrough by the blood of Jesus Christ.  You should bind every dissenting voice, the voice of discouragement from the devil.  You must bind all such voices, and other's voices calling your name in evil mountains, evil places, speaking evil against you, that it shall not be well.  But you have to nullify all such voices with the voice of the blood of Jesus Christ.  

Apart from strongmen and women, witches and wizards and occultic agents that hinder people's blessings, there is the evil covenants of your father's house that should be broken.  That problem is sometimes described as a faulty foundation.  It is also called the evil of your forefathers, the ancestral idols they worship and covenanted their children into or the consequences of the evil things they did, that is being visited on the children.

Again, you have to deploy the blood of Jesus to nullify every ancestral covenant and curse speaking against your financial breakthrough.

Fight Discouragement

Elisha was discouraged from all sides, yet he refused to give up.  The Prophet of God Elijah, himself started the discouragement when he asked Elisha to wait in Gilgal.  There are Bethel and Jericho before Jordan, where the miracle of Elisha would take place.  The sons of the prophets tried to discourage him, another 50 sons of the prophets again tried to discourage him, but, Elisha refused to give up till he got his miracle - 2 King 2:2-11. That is the spirit that conquerers, the spirit of persistence and consistency.  Embrace it.

Child of God, it is the ability to pray and persist in your prayer until your answer comes that is the problem of many people who want financial and other breakthroughs.  

I prophesy to you in the name of Jesus Christ that the grace to pray consistently and to persist be released unto you in Jesus's name.  From this moment, you will no longer pray without answer, because you will pray yourself into the presence of the Almighty God, your request shall be given to you by His mercy and your faith in Jesus's name.

Have faith to Receive

Faith is very important in order to receive from God.  Absolute dependence on God is the hallmark of faith, and many times it depends on the Word of God you know and obey.  A secret and open display of trust in God triggers angelic assistance that brings the desired result.  Faith is not passive, so your input is needed to make your miracle a reality.  

When some people get to a boiling point in their desire, they start going to prayer houses and other places in search of a solution, but if you know the word of God, and you are born again, there are instructions and advice they will give you that you will not accept.  

A Sister visited a 'white Garment' prayer house in search of a marital breakthrough, and they counsel her to follow them to the stream to bathe there, but she refused to go.  She thought in her heart, that such a practice is not biblical, and based on her refusal to birth in the river, they curse her.  But by prophecy, the Lord revealed that the Lord honoured her faith by nullifying the curses placed on her marriage and opening the heaven of her marriage.  

There is an effort, a step you are to make to prove your trust in God for the breakthrough.  Faith does not say 'God will do it', faith says 'What should I do to commit God to do what He has promised'.  There are actions of faith that trigger divine intervention.  Your action proves your faith every time you need something from God, and don't forget that faith remains dormant until action is in place.  So after believing and confessing your faith, take a step of faith and the Lord will perfect it for your blessing.

Financial Breakthrough prayers

What do you a breakthrough?  A breakthrough is a mighty miracle that can transform a person from one level to another.  Like the lame man at the beautiful gate, when a breakthrough was visited on him, he walked and was never assisted to walk again in life.  A financial breakthrough can be a big boost that changed the status of a person from poverty to riches.  

A financial breakthrough can be to take a Supervisor for over ten years in a job and make him the managing director of the company.  It can be to move a well-trained and qualified man, whom the enemies sent to be the store-keeper in an office and make him a Distributions manager.  Breakthroughs come from God, for only the mercy of God can bring such a turn-around to a person.

Financial Breakthrough - Issues to Settle:

One of the rest issues to be settled before you start praying is the sufficiency of God for whatever you are asking for.  There is no alternative open to people of faith, after prayer because God is sufficient for all the needs of a man.  You have to settle this matter in your heart and let that mindset lead you into prayer.

Be focused on God, who is able to do all things for you.  He is ready for your requests and is not disturbed by it, neither is He worried.  So, the ball is in your courts.  Where is your faith?  Who are you trusting and who are you believing?  

Are you waiting for a man to help you?  The help from man may be limited, and come with conditions, but help from God is permanent and without any conditions.  If your trust is in God, you will never be disappointed.

1. Binding the spirit of poverty
2. Breaking curses and evil covenants
3. Destroying works of darkness hindering your effort
4. Favour, Mercy and divine intervention

Poverty is the spirit of error, ignorance, foolishness and poor attitude. The spirit of poverty makes people ideas, doubtful of everything, lazy, and unbelieving.  It diverts people from their place of destiny and makes others quarrel and fights people who can help them. 

It is a spirit that speaks to your destiny helpers not to help you, poverty spirit is a destructive spirit of darkness.  It is a spirit of witchcraft that rejoice to see people suffering and unable to help themselves.  These prayer points will destroy that spirit from your life.  Pray them with boldness.

1. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind the spirit of poverty working against my life and the works of my hands in Jesus name.

2. Arrows of poverty working against my life, backfire to the sender in Jesus name.

3. I bind every devourer assigned to destroy the fruit of my labour in Jesus name.
4. Arrows of demotion and failure fired into my life, backfire in Jesus name.

5. I use the Blood of Jesus Christ to wash away every curse placed on my hands and legs in Jesus name.

6. Arrows of error and mistakes fired into my life, backfire in Jesus's name.

7. Every demon assigned to follow me around, catch fire and be silenced by the blood of Jesus.
8. Monitoring spirit assigned to monitor my blessing and hinder it, receive complete blindness in Jesus Christ's name.

9. Alters erected and sacrifices made to Satan to pull me down, catch fire and die in Jesus's name.

10.  Evil words spoken against my prosperity in the coven, be nullified by the blood of Jesus Christ.

11. The evil mantra of  "He will never prosper" chanted in the coven against my breakthrough, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

12. By the blood of Jesus Christ, everything dead in my life, business and work, come alive in Jesus name.

13. I bind every spirit of fear, doubt and unbelief in my life in Jesus name.


1. Every curse placed on my hands, legs and head by satanic agents, break in Jesus name.
2. Every secret dedication made against me in the coven, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
3. Every sacrifice made to send demons to monitor and hinder me, be destroyed by Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.

4. Every demon to monitor me catch fire and become blind in Jesus name.

5. By the blood of Jesus, I exempt myself from every ancestral covenant and dedication in Jesus name.

6. Every ancestral altar and demon speaking against me, catch fire and be destroyed in Jesus name.

7. Every idol, and marine spirit that my parents dedicated me to, I am born again and my life is no longer for you.  Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, take your hands and eyes off me in Jesus name.

8. Powers and alters demanding my worship, drink the blood of Jesus and die in Jesus name.

9. I decree that the rod of the enemy shall rest on me in Jesus name.


1. I decree that no weapon formed against my life and business shall prosper in Jesus name Isa 54:17

2. Strange alter and sacrifices made against my progress, catch fire and silenced in Jesus name.

3. Witchcraft voice speaking against me in the spirit, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.

4. Witchcraft voice speaking to my ears, be silenced by the blood of Jesus

5. Multiple alters and sacrifices speaking frustration into my life and business, catch fire and be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.

6. Powers of darkness putting oracle in their mouth to command me in the spirit, run mad and die in Jesus name.

7. Multiple alters and covens holding my blessing, catch fire and be destroyed in Jesus name.

8. Evil voice, negative words spoken against me by satanic agents, backfire in Jesus name.

9. Evil prayers, and satanic mantras destroying my blessing, backfire in Jesus name.

10. Sacrifices performed to hinder, divert or scatter my blessings, catch fire and scatter in Jesus name.


1.  Thank You, Lord for your power to do all things for me.

2. Every garment of hatred programmed into my life by satanic agents, catch fire in the name of Jesus.

3. Every dark cloud hovering over my life, business and career, clear away by fire in Jesus name. 4. In the name of Jesus.

4. I command every demonic hindrance to my breakthrough be destroyed by the fire of God in Jesus name.

5. I bind the strongmen and women holding my money captive in Jesus name.

6. Wherever my money is locked up (Whether it is in a coven, alter, shrine etc), I command that place to be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

7. O' Lord command your blessing upon the works of my hands in Jesus name.

8. Anointing of diligence and excellence, possess my life and works in Jesus name
9. Anointing for supernatural favour and easy possess my life and works in Jesus name.
10. O' Lord release your angel to announce the goods and services I am producing and selling to the public in Jesus name.

11. O' Lord, let buyers and consumers of my good and services be satisfied and happy, give them utility, let it meet their needs and give them joy in Jesus name.
12. O' God arise and let every demonic arrangement against my breakthrough be scattered in Jesus name.

13. O' God arise, let your mercy speak for me and my business or career in Jesus name.
14. O' God arise, let my inheritance be released from the strongroom of the enemy, from their warehouse in Jesus name.

15. O' God arise, let connect my to my helpers of destiny in Jesus name.

16. O' God arise and let every demonic plan against my life and the life of my destiny helper be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ.


For many people, before you complete these prayer points, your breakthrough would manifest, assuming you are praying them for three days of seven days.  But, generally, you are required to focus on the Lord and trust Him for your breakthrough.

Express your hope by being happy and rejoicing in the Lord.  Remember that hope is a major foundation upon which your faith stands.  So don't bother yourself, don't murmur and do not grumble, only rejoice and thank the Almighty for answered prayers.



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