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This report is a personal opinion, which I consider worthy to share with readers because of the writers' recap to the memory lane..  Some people think the Igbos do not even agree on a consensus candidate, neither do they support their own leaders.  

There are people who think the Igbos like to place second fiddle to other tribes, especially the North.  Again, you have to understand where the Igbos are coming from, to know why it has been difficult for them to agree on a candidate or insist on this year or that year being their turn.

Fani-Kayode speaks about Yoruba,Igbo alliance as he receives ...

I observe during the course of reviewing papers and pictures that the Igbos and the Yorubas have not been bonding as they should.  If they are, it does not reflect on pictures in the mass media.  Pictures of Nigeria leaders together is easy, Nigerian leaders with the northern leaders are easy too, but Igbo and Yoruba leaders is almost non-existent.  

Yoruba men expressing positive sentiments about the Igbos, only a few men - Fani Kayode and Ayo Fayoshe stand out.  These are frank, objective and frank gentlemen I will say.  It is time for the leaders of these two major ethnic tribes should bury their mistrust and work together as Nigerians.  

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The Igbo presidency will come and go, as most people know, its just a matter of time.  When the time is ripe, the way will open to make the dream a reality without a hiccup.  In the area of inter-tribal marriage however, the youths are doing better.  You can see countless pictures of  Yoruba and Igbo youths marrying themselves with pride, which is commendable.

The Report: Puncturing some falsehood about South-East and South-West

Sometimes when some Igbo people talk about the need for the people of Southern Nigeria to unite, they blame the South-West for preferring to align with the North more than aligning with the South-East. The facts from Nigeria’s political history show that it is not true that the South-West aligns politically more with the North than the South-East does.

When the political history of Nigeria is X-rayed, the statistics show that the South-East has aligned with the North more than the South-West has done. Let us start from the First Republic and trace the elections till today. In the elections that ushered in the First Republic and Nigeria’s Independence, there was a stalemate, as no party met the constitutional requirement to form a government. 

The Action Group, led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo from the Southwest, and the Northern People’s Congress, led by Sir Ahmadu Bello from the North, both wanted to form an alliance with the National Convention of Nigerian Citizens led by Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe from the Eastern Region. Azikiwe and his group eventually chose to align with Bello rather than with Awolowo. Awolowo and his party became the opposition.

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With the political alliance between the North and the Eastern Region breaking down, Premier of Western Region, Chief Samuel Akintola, arguing that the West was losing grounds to the Eastern Region because it was in the opposition, decided to resuscitate the Nigerian National Democratic Party as his new party and form an alliance with the NPC in the 1965 elections. That attempt was opposed by those in support of Awolowo. It was the first time the West teamed up with the North in politics, but it was only a section of the region that was in support of that.

Inter tribal marriages - 
Why Igbo Men Will Always Marry Yoruba Women Amidst Tribal Conflict ...  
Iboman, Yoruba woman

In the Second Republic, the South-East and the North teamed up again. The only difference between the First Republic and Second Republic scenarios was that the names of the parties and some of the party leaders changed. After the 1979 elections, the Nigerian People’s Party, led by Azikiwe, chose to form an alliance with the National Party of Nigeria, led by Alhaji Shehu Shagari, rather than the Unity Party of Nigeria, led by Awolowo. Awolowo and his UPN remained in the opposition.

Yoruba Man Marries His Igbo Bride In Anambra (Photos ...
Lets go there....Yoruba man and his Ibo bride

In 1993, the Third Republic was stillborn after the annulment of the June 12 presidential election, which was clearly won by Chief MKO Abiola. If judged by the key candidates in the presidential election, the South-East aligned with the North again, because the running mate of Alhaji Bashir Tofa of the National Republican Convention was an Igboman, Dr Sylvester Ugoh. But in reality, the South-East shared its votes almost equally between Tofa and Abiola. The unofficial results of that election showed that the South-East gave Abiola (from the South-West) 49.45% votes and gave Tofa (from the North) 50.54% in spite of some prevailing factors then. 

Three of the four South-East states already had the NRC governors; Tofa had an Igbo (Dr Ugoh) as running mate; Abiola had a disagreement with Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu and some Igbo leaders on the issue of power-sharing. Simon Kolawole of TheCable put it in perspective thus: “In my opinion, (the) Igbo pulled one hell of a surprise. Despite having virtually nothing to benefit from (the) SDP, despite the Muslim/Muslim ticket, despite the fact that an Igbo, Dr. Sylvester Ugoh, was the NRC vice-presidential candidate, despite the age-old animosity towards the Yoruba over the civil war, south-easterners voted impressively for Abiola, giving him 49.45% of their votes. Tofa, with an Igbo son on his ticket, got just 50.54%. Remember, also, that (the) NRC controlled three of the four states in the South-East. This is the Nigeria that I love.”

Ayo Fayose, Clement Watershed And The Christmas Cloth Invective ...

In 1999 when the Fourth Republic took off, power finally came to the South. The South-West (Chief Olusegun Obasanjo) and North (Alhaji Atiku Abubakar) were in charge of the affairs of the nation, with the South-East and the South-South supporting. The South-East produced the Senate President, while the South-South produced the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In the presidency of Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua (from the North-West), the South-East aligned with the North, if indeed the results of the 2007 election can be relied upon. Under the presidency of Dr Goodluck Jonathan, the South-East aligned with the South-South.

It was only under Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) in 2015 and 2019 that the South-West mainstream fully chose to align with the North. In 2019, the South-East aligned with the North with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, while Mr Peter Obi was his running mate.

I intentionally omitted military rulers, because soldiers did not consult the people before making their appointments or taking their decisions. From this breakdown, between the South-East and the South-West, who have aligned with the North more? It is obvious that it is the South-East.

Gov. Ayo Fayose fears no man" - Femi Fani-Kayode - ENewsNigeria
Friends of the Igbos

The truth is that the three zones of the South find it hard to work together unlike the three zones of the North. And this has been working against the South. The first reason is that the South-East, South-South and South-West do not have any language in common, unlike the North which has Hausa in common. Secondly, they have been in separate regions or zones unlike the North which was administered under one region until 1967.

The second political fallacy is the accusation from some Nigerians who blackmail the South-East or the Igbo as a people who do not like to work with other ethnic groups or support other people’s political ambition. Those who make this accusation are usually Buhari’s supporters (both his Igbo and non-Igbo supporters). 

This is a spurious claim borne out of frustration of not being able to convince the Igbo to support Buhari. Judging by the elections that have taken place in Nigeria from the First Republic to now, no ethnic group or zone has supported the political ambitions of other ethnic groups like the Igbo. Let’s look at the elections in Nigeria since 1960.

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In the First Republic, the Eastern Region (through the NCNC) aligned with the NPC to make Sir Tafawa Balewa from North Nigeria’s first Prime Minister. In the Second Republic, in addition to providing the running mate to Shagari (Dr Alex Ekwueme), the South-East aligned with the NPN to produce the majority in the legislature. In the stillborn Third Republic, they shared their votes between Abiola (South-West) and Tofa (North-West), even though their son was the running mate of Tofa. 

In the Fourth Republic, their son (Dr Ogbonnaya Onu) handed over his presidential ticket of the APP (which later became the ANPP) to Chief Olu Falae from the South-West. In the PDP, even after Ekwueme from the South-East (who was the leader of the G34 which formed the PDP) lost the presidential primary of the PDP to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who was not among those who formed the party, the South-East people still supported Obasanjo (South-West) in the election. In 2007, they supported Yar’Adua (North). In 2011 and 2015, they supported Jonathan (South-South). In 2019, they supported Atiku (North).

A thread written by @blackrepublican: "Before Burke, Kirk, Buckley ...

So, since Nigeria’s independence, even though other parts of Nigeria have not supported the South-East people to be president, they have continually supported other parts of Nigeria to be president and have worked with them while in office.

It is said that opinions are free but facts are sacred. On issues that require perspectives, people can choose whatever side they prefer, but on issues that demand facts, one cannot create one’s facts and figures to support a non-existing position. These issues need to be explained for the sake of people with tenuous knowledge of the political history of Nigeria, who easily get deceived by the rhetoric of those who love to spin tales and create narratives to serve their agenda. Source: Punchonline.


Whether you are a politician or not, whether you father or inlaw will be the next President of Nigeria or not, I want you to know that we are living in the last days, and the King (Jesus Christ) is coming.  The world is in transition and power is shifting from the popular to the odd.  Before the Lord comes in glory, people you least expect to lead will become Presidents and nothing will happen.

This global trend started with the election of Barak Obama as the President of the USA.  For once in modern history, a black man was the most powerful man on earth.  A footballer has also become President and many others.

The King is coming friends.  Where will you spend eternity, heaven or Hellfire?  This is the time to prepare.  If you are the next in line, thank God for you, if the Lord appears in glory, your title will not help you.  If you are flourishing now, don't be proud, many prominent men have come and gone, yet the Lord is still knocking at the door of those living today.

Repent of your sins, confess them to God and ask for mercy.  This is the hour of grace, it is the appointed time.  If rapture takes place, there will be no more grace.  Give your heart to Christ, do it now!


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