DONALD TRUMP........Ranked among persecuted Christian Leaders?


The present President of the United States of America is evidently ranking among the most persecuted Christian leaders in 2019 due to the impeachment campaign against his government.

According to the dictionary, to persecute is to treat someone unfairly or cruelly over a long period of time because of their race, religion, or political beliefs, or to annoy someone by refusing to leave them alone.  

The President is seen as an agent of change, an “instrument of righteousness” because of his pro-life stance, and anyone who will live right will face persecution.  He supports the moral rebirth of the American nation, reminding Americans that their founding fathers trusted in God.  

In a fox news analysis of Christian persecution, and all things Trump and the Washington political circus, are doing, the newspaper observed that issues like Christian persecution receive little to no press coverage. According to the online newspaper, as a nation, freedom of religion is core to our DNA, despite the Left’s efforts to strip faith from society. We need to work to protect it here and abroad.

It’s time we made religious freedom a strong component of our foreign aid and diplomatic strategy. Americans of all faiths should demand it. This country cannot be a beacon of freedom if it is silent on religious liberty.  This Christmas, we would do well to not only pray for all persecuted Christians but resolve to act to help ensure the followers of Christ here and around the world are able to openly worship without fear.

His Christian Credentials

In 2017, after his inauguration, he made a now-famous statement "In America, We Don’t Worship Government; We Worship God’ – President Trump

He was addressing the graduating students of Liberty University.  He said "That is why our elected officials put their hands on the Bible and say, ‘So help me God,’ as they take the oath of office. It is why our currency proudly declares, ‘In God we trust,’ and it’s why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation under God every time we say the pledge of allegiance".

The president ended his speech to the Christian graduates of Liberty University by reminding them that Americans share one home and one glorious destiny whether they are brown, black or white. 

“We all bleed the same red blood of patriots. We all salute the same great American flag, and we are all made by the same almighty God. As long as you remember what you have learned here at Liberty, as long as you have pride in your beliefs, courage in your convictions and faith in your God, then you will not fail.”

According to him, “And as long as America remains true to its values, loyal to its citizens, and devoted to its Creator, then our best days are yet to come.”

He is held in high esteem by the Christian community world over because of his open commitment to biblical truths, religious freedom and moral rebirth.  Many believe he is God sent, to return America back to God, one step at a time.  

It wasn't just the "In God, We Trust" symbol in USD that made America, God's own country.  It was the light the government and private American citizens were showing around the world.  Their belief in freedom, faith in God, and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ done by them.  American citizens took over from where the British stopped in taking the gospel to the world, Africa, China, Russia, India etc.

The President of the US believes in the return of bible-study and moral education to schools.  This is because of the benefits of moral instruction to the children and society.  The Bible is the best book on relationship in the world today, whether it is the relationship between man and God, man and his fellows, family relationship as well as the relationship between the individual and the state.  The Bible took time to assign roles to each party, so the return of Bible study in schools in America will lead to a better society.

He does not support people changing their sex by themselves according to his transgender opinion, which agrees with the Word of God.  The reason is simply - A man cannot be wiser than his creator, the Almighty God.

He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and approved the movement of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recently, President Donald Trump signed a bill establishing a commission that will monitor religious freedom worldwide.  The bill is worth $1.4 trillion package that funds the military and domestic programs, building portions of the border wall and government agencies, including a government commission that monitors religious freedom worldwide.

His Political Foes
With such a commitment to global religious freedom, America resonates as 'God's own' country, which she is.  However, there are serious questions in the US, as to whether or not Trump is actually pro-life—or just advocating pro-life policies because it is politically expedient. After all, he previously held to a pro-choice position.

In addition, people say Trump contradict a pro-life definition because of his apparent white supremacist views; his endorsement of hatred towards people of the opposing political party (even suggesting that congresswomen who are American citizens be “sent back.”) And does not pro-life mean that we seek the well-being of Kurds? And women? And the Chinese people?

Those who are doubting his Christian credentials are saying that Trump’s transgression is not really his desire to build a wall. It is his anti-immigration policy in the face of the largest global refugee crisis. They ask 'Isn’t building a wall the opposite of compassion towards people fleeing tyranny and seeking refuge'?   

Can the most influential leader on earth be persecuted?

When you hear of persecution, what comes to mind is the killing of Christians by opposing forces, burning down churches, killing of Pastors and worship restrictions in some countries and so on.  But the persecution of Trump is totally different from all the kind of persecutions you know about.  His persecution is in the Press and opinion moulding.

The economy under his watch is doing well, the welfare of different segments of the society is receiving attention, fundamental business and trade deals have been signed and sealed that will facilitate more job creations, nobody is quarrelling with all of that, but they say there are things and words the President of the United States should not say.

Nobody can persecute the President of the United States physically, but in social media, they can.  In the opinion of many, the problem he is facing came from his tough opinions about people and institutions.  The president is himself every time he speaks, he does not hide his feelings.

The President is not a 'protocol' man, he bares his mind on issues, without much diplomacy.  He is thought of as a ruthless leader.  Nobody denies the fact that the economy is working and more jobs are being created. His America First political 'theme' has led to sending back immigrants, border walls and so on.  

He is a straight forward Leader, dynamic and unassuming President, more of a Technocrat than a politician, and the status quo do not understand how to handle him.

Since his weakness may be in his expressing his mind expressly, his social media foes are busy looking for his mistakes, wrong use of words and misquotes.  So, though President Trump is not being persecuted for being a Christian, his aggressive opinion against the other party may be responsible for his woes.


God knows all things, and He can use anyone to achieve his purpose at any time.  They say how can a leader that lacks Christian character be pointing the nation back to God? The same people acknowledge a reduction in the number of abortion cases, and some level of moral rebirth, which is an indication of his strong personality.  

Fireinthebone believes the president is doing the will of God this moment for America.  He is a leader who is not ashamed of his Christian faith.  A Christian leader, and agent of positive change, his persecution is purely political.  I believe the only thing they are telling him is: "Mr President, hide some of your opinions, don't let them all out".

What do you think?  Please drop your opinion.


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