PRAYING FATHER.......And the Benefits of raising Disciplined children


It is such a blessing to be called a father, and for those who waited for years before the children began to come, being a father becomes an honour. God is faithful in all situation.  

As believers in Christ, we owe it a duty to bring our children up in the way of the Lord, to teach and educate them to be lovers of God from their youth, good ambassadors of Christ.  Like the jews of the old, who handed over their heritage to their children, we should pass on the baton of faith to our children, the fire and every testimony and spiritual heritage we have acquired to our children.

The best way to pass this rich heritage in Christ to them is through training and sound doctrine.  After celebrations, comes the responsibility of bringing up the child in a godly way.  This is the essence of this message and I pray that the few points I will share will be helpful to young couples and others.  

Discipline is very important to moulding a godly child.  God expects the head of the family to take the lead in disciplining the children and commanding them to follow the ways of the Lord.  we saw this in the case of Abraham in Genesis 18:19, when God said: " For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him."

That was God testifying about Abraham's ability to discipline his family and his household of 318 souls to follow the way of the Lord.  Make no mistake about this, that is exactly what God expects from each of us, the ability to guide our family and household to follow the ways of the Lord and obey Him.

We can also see that it was the disciplined life of Abraham that made it possible for him to command his household to godly living.  He was a godly man, that feared the Lord, and believed every word of the Lord.  Abraham trained his mind to follow God perfectly.  He never doubted God's word.  

When he fought for the King of Sodom, in order to recover his relative Lot, He took his men to fight the enemies of King of Sodom and when he returned triumphantly,  the King of Sodom offered him the spoils of war, but he rejected the offer - Genesis 14:12-24.  That is a disciplined man.

What is Discipline at Home?

Discipline is the ability of a person to subject himself to order or rule.  It could also mean the ability of a person to keep his word and promises and fulfil them.  At home, discipline is the ability of the parents to teach, chastise and correct their children to know what is good and bad, and to follow the way of the Lord.  The parents are expected to be disciplined and God-fearing, so that it will be easy for the children to copy their attitude.

Discipline is not a choice, it is a necessity in the home where Christ reigns.  It brings order and no system can function well without order.  The parents and children should understand their respective roles and play them, and discipline should be a way of life, once it is inculcated at home.  It is not an attitude you practise when it is convenient.  It should be a way of life.  A disciplined person is not easily offended, and those of them in the Officer cadre of the military, will not even show they are offended until the offender crosses an extreme line.

A disciplined person endured hardship without complaining.  They are patient and though life is tough and hard, they will continue without murmuring.  The scriptures say "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.  Christians are encouraged to endure hardship as disciples of Christ.  The hardship they pass through enable them to learn discipline and be thoroughly established as a disciple.  

The bible says "God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father? If you are not disciplined (and everyone undergoes discipline), then you are illegitimate children and not true sons. Moreover, we have all had human fathers who disciplined us and we respected them for it.  How much more should we submit to the Father of our spirits and live! Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness.

The goal of discipline   
1. To raise godly children and leaders.  When you teach your children godly submission, you’re teaching them to do the right thing for the right reason.  Teaching and training the children is a godly responsibility of every Christian parent before God.  God will hold the man. head of the family accountable for whatever happens to the family.

2. Another reason for discipline in the home is for harmony, peace and joy of the Lord to manifest in the family as a whole.  There is peace and joy at home when people do their work on time.  There will be no argument and certainly no fight.

3. It takes discipline to be a success in life and ministry.  A disciplined person knows what is right and does it, he speaks the truth in his mind and does not get carried away.  Discipline produces godly children and leaders.

4. Discipline at home is an important aspect of leadership training at home that allows the parents to watch the children see the way they are growing up and the direction they are facing.  A child who finds it difficult to obey instructions can be spotted early and assisted to amend.  In the same way, parents can notice children that have an interest in the things of God and the other that does not have.  Once spotted, remedial actions can be taken to reposition them.

How to Establish Discipline at Home.

To have a disciplined house is to have a house with Rules of conduct.  It starts by the father allocating time for spiritual and other activities at home, which is followed through and it becomes a Rule for the house. In some Christian homes, 6.00am every morning is morning devotion.  The family fellowship together every day until it becomes a rule they look forward to.

The mother divides house chores among the children in a weekly register.  Their home lesson or homework time is included in the chart and the children are monitored to ensure they comply with the Rules of the house.  Over time, it will become a way of life in the home.

It includes the basic moral and social behaviours the children receive at home like how to respect elders, how to honour people in authority or those who have distinguished themselves.  In places where the culture of the people is actively practised, the culture of the people will be taught to the children.  For many families, what is taught to the children is the Word of God and how He wants us to live.

From the kingdom perspectives, a godly home is one where the parents live by example before the children and obey the godly order in marriage, which says the husband should love the wife, as Christ loved the Church, while the wife submits to the husband in all things.  This divine order is necessary for harmony to reign in the home - Ephesians 5:23,25,33.

The Christian home has God at the top of the leadership map, follows by Jesus Christ, the husband and the wife in that order.  It is a place where the things of God takes pre-eminence in the house.  Studying the Word of God to know the Lord and His ways and obey to do what the scriptures say is a priority.  Paying tithe and offerings are important family and personal business.  

Praising the Lord, honouring Him and worshipping Him is an important part of the life of the family.  Finally, godliness is practised and encouraged by the parents.  The children are directed never to tell lies, no matter what happens and the consequences.  Disagreements, arguments are settled according to the word of God.

I can tell you what such a house will look like a Prison for the children, because of rules and instructions they must obey every day.  Certainly, there will be movement restrictions put in place to guide their outings and their safety.  So, they will grow up not particularly feeling good about the house, for the bible says no discipline is pleasant, but later they would be grateful they have such a parent.  When they see that they have self-control and are highly focused on their goal in life, qualities their friends may be lacking, they will also thank God for giving them, such parents.

So, specifically, the rules of the house, house chores are clearly spelt out and monitored to establish the children in taking responsibility for duties assigned to them.  Discipline and subjecting oneself to the laws of God and man should start from the home.  Discipline helps holy living and in Psalms 15:4, the bible acknowledged disciplined people as those that will stand before the Lord.  It says "He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not".  A disciplined Soldier assigned to man a Checking point will remain there, come rain, come shine until another Soldier comes to replace him.  Rain cannot drive away a soldier on duty, never!

Lead by example 

Let your life honour the Lord As parents, your children watch and monitor what you are doing.  Whatever you do or say, they take note of, and over time, you will see them behaving in the same manner.  You are the first god they know, and whatever Character you show them, godly or ungodly, they will absorb it.  In the way we handle the things of God, our children should see us consistently putting Christ first in everything we do - In studying the word, praying, fasting and helping others.

 Model godly living - A life of the Word, praying and fasting.
The Bible speaks about how God is Holy and encourages us to be holy. The bible also told us not to love the world and everything they love.  Living a holy and separated life starts from being different from the world.  They may be greedy, angry, bitter, difficult and rebellious, but none of that should be seen in us.
Our friends and neighbours should be able to tell we are different by how we act and interact with one another, and with the world.

Teach them the Word

A lot of Christians often struggle in this area as we get busy trying to love others so much that some times, our children are left out.  Bible study should be done daily at home and everyday application of the word a way of life.  Bible cannot be studied like other books, it requires the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and you have to let the children know this.

Teach the children to Pray and Fast

Teach the children how to pray.  Jesus taught His disciples at least to underscore the importance of praying effectively.  The different types of prayer as well as the layers of prayer.  Let the children participate in your fasting programs once in a while.  At least they can be asked to wait from 6.00am to 12Noon.  It may not mean much to them at that time, but later in life, they will remember it and take it up from there.


To be a Christian father and husband comes with enormous responsibility before God.  God expects the father to lead the way in training and disciplining the children to follow the ways of God.  Every father should prayerfully guide his family to accept Christ and make Him Lord over their lives.

This attitude is easy to establish if you pray regularly.  You just include your children in the list, and as you pray for yourself, business, you remember them.  Kindly leave your opinion and experience to help others.


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