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Interviews are great opportunities for progress in life.  If you want to stand a chance of landing the job, you have to be well-versed on the industry and company, and command a deep understanding of the value you're bringing to the table for your potential new employer.

Having said that, when you receive a letter or text for job interview, there are basic things you should know.  One of them is that the prospective employer thinks that you are qualified 'on paper' for the position.  The interview will enable them to know you personally, assess your public conducts, your view of life, your future plans and specifically, how competent you are in the area they are seeking new staff.  

Take the time to do your homework on the company's website, and be sure to check out their competitors and make a mental list of what differentiates them.

If the position is a managerial position, they want to know more than experience on the job, they also want to see if you have leadership skills, how you will handle complex issues relating to employees, senior and junior.  Managerial positions require human resources skills.  So when you appear on that day, they will be looking to know your technical and peoples skills, and how you will handle issues in a professional manner.

For managerial positions, the organization will be looking for specific competence in say Management Accounting, Audit and Assurance, preparing financial statements or an Accounts Manager.  Their requirement may be qualified Accountant, and they will through interview question determine those with detailed experience in the area they are looking for.

If the job interview is for a fresher's position, without specific skill competence, the applicant should be prepared for a lot of personality questions that will reveal his true identity and person.  Are you bold, courageous, hard-working, diligent, can you play in a team?  The to play in a team is important for freshers because they are going to be trained by experienced workers, so what the organization want are humble, intelligent and loyal freshers.

Interview Preparation
Everyone attending a job interview should know the following:

1. How to prepare a creative and insightful answer to standard interview questions like  "Where do you see the company in five years?" Where do you want to be in the next five years?  Refresh your memory on your most relevant recent experience and craft an engaging story that effectively communicates your employment journey. Focus on how your experience will benefit your potential new employer.

2. Do a brief research on the organization, and know the years of the company's establishment, the current Managing Director and their branch networks.

3. You should also know the products the company produces or markets, their market standing and possibly their competitive strength.  If they have multiple products, you have to know their best product in the market and the one you personally like best.

4. Understand the position you are applying for and the likely job requirement for the position.  If they are asking for an Internal Auditor, then ask people what internal auditors do, if you don't know and be ready to relate your accounting experience to internal audit.

5. If they are looking for a marketer, then think of personal and social work and experience you have that relates to marketing.  A man was invited for an interview on a position that will bring him in contact with rural women, market women by a Bank.  He suddenly remembered his role in the Church.  He is in charge of the Welfare group and joins Visitation group to visit and verify claims made by members before Welfare packages are given to them.  He related how that knowledge will support the job at hand, and he was given the job.

Finally on your preparations, remember that God will help an honest person, who speaks the truth in his heart.  If you believe God to pray for success from Him, then be the following:

1. Be authentic - Be yourself in word and action.  Don't deceive or tell lies. God hates falsehood.  Christians are truthful, reliable and trustworthy and God expects nothing less from you.  Additionally, you will be expected to prove your claims, when the job is offered to you.  

2. Be disciplined - You have to choose to be disciplined in the way you do things and reflect this discipline in the interview hall.  Answer only questions posed to you, and know when to stop talking.  Don't over-talk.  Several years back, I recommended someone for an interview in a senior management position.  When the interview was over.  They said, he did well but added that he was talking too much, and his would-be boss was not impressed.  He lost the job.

3. Be Positive and hopeful - Do not show any anxiety or desperation in the interview hall. Instead, exhibit hope and calmness of a winner.  Exercise your faith in God and reject every negative thought of failure or defeat in the interview hall.  Whatever you don't like at the interview when you get home, you take it to God in prayer and it will be well.

If they ever ask you what you think of the interview, say you are hopeful.

On the Interview Day

1. Dress for the Job. - Should I wear a suit or play it more casual? The real answer is, it depends on the job you're interviewing for. If you're not dressed for the job you want, you're not doing yourself any favours.  Don't be too fashionable or trendy. 

2. Bring Two Extra Copies of Your Résumé. - This may sound strange, but you will be surprised at the number of people show up to an interview without any copies of their résumé--leaving it to chance that the person they're meeting with was given a copy.

3. Turn Your Phone Off and Arrive Five to 10 Minutes Early.

4. Sit Confidently  -  Sit confidently while waiting for your turn. Bad posture can be damaging to your chances.  As you're waiting in the lobby, standing, and walking around the office, be mindful of how your posture looks to the people around you. 

5. Be friendly in a professional manner.  If you sense they want a conversation, feel free to join them, be as friendly as you can. They may be looking for someone who can handle customers complaints gently, someone with a positive attitude.

6.  Maintain Eye Contact - This is key for most employers. This is a big one for me, too. I have a difficult time trusting someone who's constantly looking down or around the room instead of confidently communicating with me. 

7. Walk into the hall with your Notebook and a pen to write.
8. Be confident and bold.  Don't answer a question that is not put to you.
9. Be humble and focused.
10.  Listen to the questions and relate it to your experience you think they will like to hear.  Don't tell them all your experiences, only the relevant ones they will be happy to hear, that relates to the position being interviewed


Begin your prayer with affirmation.  
Tell Him He is your God, kind and merciful. He is your Father who wish that you prosper and be in good health.  Tell Him there is no one like Him in loving and in blessing. He is the God of all flesh, with whom nothing is impossible.  

Almighty God, I thank you for giving me this interview opportunity. I am grateful and I know that whatever you start, You will surely complete.  Call Him generous God, your great Provider...Generous God, you are my provider, you give me everything I need. Success is found in you. Lord, let your Holy Spirit be at work in me as a lamp to my feet, to help me understand their questions and answer them correctly. Take away every fear, anxiety and unbelief, give me the inner peace of your presence. 

Almighty God, I pray that you would give me success in this job interview. Give me the Spirit of wisdom and discernment, not to talk out-of-point on any question.  Guide my thoughts and dispel every confusion the devil may stir in my spirit.  May I rest on your limitless wisdom O' Lord.

Help me to trust you as I go into the interview. Whatever the outcome, I know that you are still working for my good and your glory. Help me to do my best, knowing that my future is in your mighty hand. I do not know what is around the corner but nothing can take you by surprise. I face uncertainty but I can be certain that you are in control and that you are good. 

Prayer Points

1. O' Lord, let the Holy Spirit take hold of my tongue and give me the grace to speak the right word and answer their questions correctly in Jesus Christ name.

2. O'Lord , give me the wisdom that my competitors cannot dispute.

3. Every evil spirit  assigned to speak through a Panelist, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ
4. Any evil power, ancestral powers or demonic strongman wanting to cause confusion and hatred for me, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.

5. I receive the anointing for a supernatural breakthrough in Jesus Christ name.

6. Contrary spirit waiting to ask a question I cannot answer, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.

7. Every monitoring spirit assigned to follow me into the Interview hall, receive complete blindness, get behind me in Jesus Christ name.

8. Every cloud of failure and darkness assigned to hoover around me, clear away by the fire of God in Jesus Christ name.

9. I bind every spirit assigned to spread wrong rumour against me, my qualification and experience.  Let such spirit be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.

10. Thank You, Lord for answered prayers.


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