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Leadership means different things to different people.  Without looking for a definition, leadership is the ability to influence others.  Leadership is a key to success, the ability to motivate people through your vision, knowledge and attitude.  

Leaders have the capacity to influence the lives of many people in their organizations.  They bring an organization's vision alive and motivate people to harmoniously work to achieve the goals of the organization.  Leaders manage themselves and their time but lead others.

This message is about a godly leader's attitude to work and prayer life.  Many people want to be leaders, but few achieve it.  But a leader is known even before he gets to the position of authority.  When you move close to people, you can spot leadership in different aspects of life in them.  

Some will lead by their intellectual capacity, wisdom, Physical ability, and large followership.  The last category is what the world is grappling with today.  We have leaders with large followership, who are morally bankrupt, and whose words and speeches encourage rebellion against the word of God. That's not the leader we are talking about here.

We are looking at a godly leader with a kingdom lifestyle, occupying a leadership position.  The Lord says to us in Jeremiah 33:3: "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou know not"  A godly leader trusts in the Lord and ensures that his work or position does not stand in the way of his conscience and faith.

Marks of a Godly Leader
Most godly leaders start from the home.  A family will continue to be tormented by the devil until someone arises with the right anointing to terminate the works of darkness in the family.  A Christian leader should always pray for the Spirit of discernment, for a word of knowledge to guide him in business decision-making.

It is painful for a Christian leader to buy a property that is in Contention, of which the matter is in court, because of discernment. Men will hide important information and facts, but it takes the Spirit to open things up to you.  You will not do business with a fraudster in Jesus's name.  A godly Christian leader should always pray in tongues for minutes for thirty minutes and above, before leaving the house every day.

The grace to operate in the spirit is a gift Christian leaders should ask for.  It is the ability to discern what is going on at the moment, and what is going to happen to you and your business and family in the nearest future.  This information can be passed to you in the dream or through a word of knowledge.  

Purpose - A godly leader knows he is in a place at a time for a purpose.  God has a plan for each one of us, and if we acknowledge Him in our position, He will reveal the purpose to us.  It could be to grow the business and create more jobs for people.  

It could be to lead the introduction of a new and better process that will help humanity; yet, it could be to lead the organization in a godly manner and through your honesty, effectiveness and prayers win souls to the kingdom of God.  Are you in a position of authority today, have you asked God why He placed you there for now? Do you know His purpose for you in that office and how you can achieve it? - Ask the Lord.

Kingdom lifestyle
Godly leaders have a noticeable lifestyle.  Jesus Christ is their God and the Holy Spirit is their leader.  They think, plan and prayerfully hand the rest to the Holy Ghost to perfect.  They understand the place of thinking, working and prayer in the success equation, so they have time for each of these activities.  Thinking and working will produce different processes, products and services. The leader's prayer will cover all of the organization's business, from the product's drawing, research, and production, up to the marketing stage.  

A godly leader is conscious of the presence of God around him, and he may not be the owner of the business, but his prayers will cover staff and customers etc.  He has a servant attitude, unselfish with a humble spirit.  He is God-fearing, diligent and prays prevailing prayers.

Godly Processes
A godly leader knows that greatness as defined by men, is not the same as God.  God looks at the heart and the purpose of actions, while men look at the physical result.  When it comes to success, and if you will succeed in whatever you are doing, you must have a strategy.  Without a strategy, a person will fail.  What you call strategy can also be described as the ways you want to operate and how you want to do the work you are assigned to do.  A godly leader will ensure the process is right and godly, with integrity for the workers and staff. 

His Prayer life
A godly leader knows that those who achieve greatness in Christ owe their success to faith in God and prevailing prayer life. Through prayer, he lifts his personal and business needs to the Mercy Seat of God. Through prayer, he is able to alter the agenda of Satan over his life and business.  He believes in the promises of God, works with a pure heart and his prayers are effective.

There are three levels of prayer according to Mathew 7:7-8:  It says, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.  For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

1. Ask for prayers
2. Seek Prayers
3. Knock prayers

Asking is the first level of prayer and sometimes it used for supplication and inquiry prayers.  Lord, let me know why you put me here at this time, or O' Lord give my son admission to Harvard University with scholarship.  These are asking or supplication prayers, a humble request with the faith of a child.  You know He is your Father and what you are asking for is important to you.

Seeking prayer - A godly leader prays the Seeking prayer when things are getting tougher and he cannot continue to pray without end.  He steps out of his office to seek the help he has asked God for.  This is what happens when you suddenly realize you should go back to that place they had rejected your proposal.  This time around, you are asking God to speak to a man among them on your behalf, open their eyes to see some salient points in your proposal they may have ignored, or simply asking God to grant you favour with those who will decide on the proposal.  When you finish seeking prayer, it is imperative you move straight to the company concerned and see what the Lord has done for you.

Knocking prayer as the delight of children of God boxed into a corner.  When everything has failed and all hope seems lost, the godly leader locks himself into the Knocking prayers.  Your goal is to get things working again.  It could to secure a contract, get distributorship of a major global company etc.  It could also be to get an important partnership with a well-known organization, the type that will take your organization to the next level.

The knocking prayer is a prevailing prayer that could bring transformation to your life and or to your organization, so you have to get the Holy Spirit involved.  The Lord says Knock and it shall be opened to you.  Knocking is praying and fasting at the same time.  When people take a day to fast and pray without food, they are knocking at heaven's gate.  If you can fast for two or three days a week, it shows how serious the matter is to you.  

Knocking prayers will:
1. Remove spiritual blockages
2. Destroy the plans of darkness
3. Bring victory and success

Prayer for Business Success

Start with affirmation  
Heavenly Father, I am here before You, Lord, to thank you for your love and mercy upon my life.  I affirm that you are my God, you have made me who I am today and whatever I have has come through your help.

Concerning the position of authority you gave me and the success of the business, I have come today to seek your face for a breakthrough in our production process, Services Proposal to TED Oil and Gas etc.  I want You to perform a miracle in my life and in this proposal we have submitted.  I pray that You lift my head so that I may stand proud as one of Your children. I want You to make me a living testimony and shame the enemies who doubted Your great works in my life.

Father, I affirm that Your word is true and your promises sure.  I stand on your word in Jeremiah 33:3 and I am believing to hear your voice and receive instructions that will take the business and its products to the next level.  Thank You, Father, for making all grace, every favour and earthly blessing, come to me in abundance that I, having all sufficiency, may abound to every good work.

I ask for your guidance in leading the organization and I pray that You will bless the work of my hands. Heavenly Father, make my hands skilful, fill me with your wisdom and discernment to make the right decisions.  By Your Holy Spirit guide me to the right places and to meet the right people, that will support the business.

Father, make me diligent in all areas of my life. May I not make technical errors that can destroy good works of the company and its products.  Open the doors of opportunity for me and the business and give me the power to explore and succeed in them.

Lord, make a way for me to succeed in the position and organization You have entrusted me with stewardship responsibilities.  Guide my heart and all I shall do.  I commit the business, our workers and customers, as well as users of our services to you, asking that they will have to find favour before them.  I ask also that you will guide our workers, to be honest, and dependable.

As I go into specific prayers, O' Lord release your Spirit, the Spirit of fear of the Lord upon our staff and workers so that work or business will not hinder them from serving You. 

1. O'Lord, I lift up the plans of the company, proposal etc unto your thrones of merc asking that every plan of the devil to hinder the plan be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ
2. Every veil covering the plan or product be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ
3. I command every demonic delay and instruments of failure be roasted by fire in Jesus name.
4. By the blood of Jesus, I pull down every demonic set up to hinder the company in Jesus name
5. I pull down evil personalities and their plans against me and the business by the blood of Jesus Christ.

6. O' Lord, release your angels to broadcast the product or service to people that need it.
7. Every wrong information, evil news circulating about me and the product, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.
8. O' Lord grant me and the product/proposal favour before men in Jesus name
9. Every strongman struggling with my life and success, be frustrated in Jesus name.
10. Every environmental factor working against the success of the business, be uprooted by fire in Jesus name.

These prayer points should kick start your prayer.  You know what your organization needs and how urgent the needs are.  You know the efforts you have made and what is lacking, that you want God to perfect for you.



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