MOTHER'S SECRET CONFESSION........I did some bad stuffs in the past, I am sorry!


Marriage is the coming together of two people under God, if they are Christians.  These two people are not saints, neither are they perfect.  So they are bound to make mistakes and sometimes grievous errors, especially in the beginning of the marriage.

That is why it is a thing of joy when a Christian woman realizes her errors in the marriage and decided to confess them to God and ask for forgiveness.  I believe that is a sign of humility, brokenness and love for God. Many women would not even agree that some of the issues she mentioned are sins, that should be confessed.

There is none holy!
Confessions like this, is good for your salvation and walk with God.  Whoever will walk with God must be honest and truthful, covering nothing and hiding nothing.  A wise woman knows how to thread carefully with matters of the family.  She is a home builder, not a destroyer.  She is not unequally yoked with unbelievers, and she will not cover her sins, or take the things of the spirit for granted.  So, she confesses her sins to God and cry to the Lord for mercy and forgiveness. Guess what? The Lord will forgive and bless her!

This confession is published as it is, to help young couples who are having similar issues in their marriage know there is a way out, confess them to God and He will direct your next step.  Mother's secret confession is a humbling confession of secret words and actions taken by a wife, which the husband do not know about.  But she realizes her mistake and goes to God in prayer.

We encourage believing Sisters and brothers to search themselves and confession all their sins before God, so they will receive forgiveness and mercy, especially as the D-day of the Lord draws near.  

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The Confession!

Darling, you have been a great man, loving and caring since our courtship days,  and I hope that I have been kind to you as well.  We have been through a lot issues together.  Remember the initial disagreement over my parents, and even your mother, and we overcame all. 

Remember the delay we also had, before our first child came. Those were years of pain and agony, and I thought it affected you more, because you did more of the prayers and deliverance, to the extent I began to wonder if your faith was going down.

Darling, may your days be long and fruitful, and may our love story continue to grow deeper and stronger.  The good Lord has blessed our marriage with children, boys and girls, who are now, themselves becoming men and women.

I am making these confessions in my heart and before God, before coming face-to-face  to you. Darling, I hope you will not be confused and angry with me.

1. I wanted to be a super mum, and wife, so i have worked hard at home and office. That was why I joined your Master in Economics class, though I am an Accountant.  I was not competing with you, but in quest for knowledge.

2. Your jealousy made me to loose a lot of friends, as you will not allow me visit any of them.  At a point, I wondered what was going on, but I have forgiven you.
3. I thought you were becoming proud until you got your last job that made you a senior management staff, and yet you have remained the same man I married. 

4. I took my first salary to my dad, thinking it was the right thing to do, though you got the job for me.  I thought it will be a small thank you to my Dad, but I 
did not know I should have taken it to God. 

I notice you have stopped taking me out since the job came.  You have also stopped buying me Pepper soups and those other little things you know.

5. Two years ago, I was paid a huge Productivity arrears in the office and my mother said I should buy a plot of land with the money, which I did.  I bought three plots of land in a popular Estate in Owerri, which I did not tell you.

6. Though we are training one of my younger brothers in the University those day, I was also taking care of my younger sister, especially when I started work and I sensed my family needed more support from us. So dear, Blossom that spent her holidays with us till she finished from the University, was funded by my salary and your money, I am sorry I did not tell you.

7. I have chatted secretly with some men before. A former class mate and my Campus fellowship leader.  They wanted to know how things were going with me.  It happened those years, when I was jobless and staying at home all day.

8. I treated your mother wrongly when she came to spend some time with us early in the marriage, because my mother was not happy she came. I am sorry.

9. The same thing happened when your most senior Sister visited us. She was so angry with me that she vowed never to visit us again, and till date she has not visited.

10. A time came when I was jealous of your staff, especially Sandra, I thought she was getting too close to you, because of her numerous calls, but I found out there was nothing going on between both of you.

11. I verbally abused you in the past, especially those days of hot argument, when I thought you hated my father. I said some uncomplimentary things about you to my parents and siblings, but I was naive and unwise.

12. I had also suspected you and Chinasa, especially when I traveled to have our son.  When I returned, I noticed she had become too loyal to you and dangerous.  She was obeying you and running your errands with so much joy and gladness.  I sent my friend to take her out, buy her good things and question her to find out, if anything happened in my absence.  The lady said you did not make such a request neither did you hold her hands at anytime throughout her stay with us.  She said you are over-righteous for her liking.

13. Darling, I have more confessions to make to you, concerning your reaction whenever my colleagues call me at home.  You frown your face when the conversation is getting long as though its a sin, but I repented the day you stayed even longer on phone, with your colleague.

14. The way you stylishly admire other women whenever we went out together in the past, was killing me slowly. I wondered why you stare stylishly at fat Ladies, when you say, you cannot stand heavily-built women...but Thank God you have changed for better.

15. I disagreed with your advice to ignore that middle-aged man who is always greeting me anytime he sees me on our street.  I though you were jealous, until the man started calling me his darling.

16. I thought you were too pecky until I realized it was the nature of men to try varieties of food. That's why I attended the Catering course recently and now, I cook, fry and bake all kinds of food, which I believe you are enjoying.

17. I thought at a time that you were praying too much and too loud at night, but since you stopped waking me up for prayers, I no longer feel that way.  You will notice that I have started praying before going to bed, at least 30 minutes and I hope to catch up with time.

18. About the children, I thought you were too hard on them, especially the boys until I saw how difficult boy could become as they grow up.

19. I thought your love was becoming cold...and weak, until you showed me that it was work pressure taking its toll on you.  Sometimes, I wonder how you are able to remain strong and ever ready.

20. Last year, my office auctioned some used cars to staff.  I bidded and won one of the cars.  Since both of us have our own cars, I gave it to my senior brother.  I am very sorry I did not tell you.

21. I did not also tell you, that my salary is now almost N1million monthly.  

22. It was December last year, that I put your name in the Personnel form as my Next of kin, it was my junior brother's name I used, because of the fight we were having in the beginning, and the delay in child bearing, so I did not know whether the marriage would work, I am sorry.

23. Remember that I missed mid-week church service many times in beginning, because I waited for you to return from work, so we can go together, until one of the Pastors told me to love God more than husband and parents.  He told me that God will reward me. I asked what God will give me, and he answered 'eternal life'.  

You have become a better husband and I am grateful to God.  I ask that the day I will share this confessions with you, you will show understanding and forgive me from your heart.  

I have repented of all of them.


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