DOING THE WILL OF GOD........And the many blessings attached

God Reveals His Will in His Word 


When God called Abraham to service, He had a plan for Abraham, God wanted to raise a people for Himself from among His creation on earth.  He had chosen to raise them through one man - Abraham.  Abraham believed God and the relationship started.  At necessary junctures, the Lord will speak to Abraham or appear to him to give him instructions.  On the part of Abraham, he expected a smooth journey, having been chosen by God Almighty.  Abraham was expecting to see a city built by God, full of gold and all kinds of fruits and grapes and vines, but there was none.  

Yet, it was God who called him and His plans for Abraham were intact.  Abraham was flesh, a human being naturally preoccupied with the immediate, while God was interested in thousands of years to come.  A vision that was above Abraham and that will continue to grow and expand till Christ returns to the earth.  As it was with Abraham, so it is with us today.  Do we know the will of God for your life?  

Are we willing to go to God in prayer to find the details?  Are we ready to have specific words spoken concerning your assignment, other than the general will of God in the bible?  Have you realized that God's plan for your life goes beyond you, to our children and children's children?  If we believe God and obey His words and instructions, He would bring it to pass in our lifetime and those of our generations after us.

His Plan and His Will
God told Abraham His plans, but did not tell him how to get there, neither did God tell him what sufferings and hardships he would encounter on the way to the fulfilment of the plan. God was talking to Abraham and guiding him on the way to follow.  For us today, we have the general will of God written in His Word, the Bible, we need to go to Him for His specific programs for our individual person.  What assignments He wanted us to perform on earth.  When we know this, we are in the right way to fulfilling His will.

We are taught that if our hearts are right with God, then, His Spirit will guide us. We are taught from Jeremiah 17:1 & 2 that our sins are written on the slate of our hearts with a point of a diamond. Such hearts must be brought to the cross of Christ. Most of us have brought our stony hearts to God. And God says in Ezekiel 36:25-27 "Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean, from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you. 

A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you.  I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them."  These are settled promises of God.

If we are born again, the new Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God is already within us, and He will work-out in us the cleansing we need to walk in His statutes. We now have to learn God's will. many times, we seem to walk by our intellect and with human wisdom, but, God's will require that we are guided by His Spirit, and not by our own will and wisdom.  The will of God is power in disguise. When you are in the Will of God, you are in power and spiritual dominion.

Deliverance from sin and Worldliness
These days when people are asked to follow God and go to different parts of the country, and preach the Word, they are afraid. Apostle Paul did not find it so hard to go to the places where the Spirit of God guided him to go and preach, because he was delivered from his sin and he was also, delivered from the love of the world. 

So, when we were cleansed from our sins, we should also be delivered from the love of the world? It will be hard to do the will of God when love for the things of the world is still in our hearts.  Everyone that wants to do His will, should be separated from worldliness. 

The pursuit of His Will

If we are delivered from sin and worldliness, nothing more will matter to us that pursuit of the Will of God for our lives.  When we get passionate about doing His will, we will go back to Him for our specific word and instruction, other than His general will in the bible.  When God calls you into the ministry, He would speak to you directly.  When you go to Him for a specific assignment, He would download it to you and how you should operate in most cases.  It is this specific Rhema, that will direct your steps going forward.

The general will of God for His people is expressed in His word. But, your specific commission, He will have to speak to you directly, either through the dream, through another person or through the audible voice of the Lord.  When you look at the will of God, it's usually a journey of many years before it becomes clear to the person and with more years, the person is likely to realize it.  Take for instance, that God has destined a person to be Neuro-Surgeon. 

You can imagine the number of years, he would have to walk the will before it begins to manifest.  The person will complete his education to become a Doctor in the first instance.  Then he goes for specialist training and qualifies as a Surgeon, and yet again, he begins to specialize in brain surgery and so on.  After qualification, he gets employed and begins to practice, privately or publicly for many years and gather experience specific to neuro-surgeon to qualify as a specialist Neuro-surgeon.

As it is in medicine, so it is in Ministry.  In training you to fulfil His purpose, The Lord is training you to mature as a child of God, He is also guiding your 'Will agenda' to make sure you are not diverted or persuaded to stop the journey along the way.  God will help you, but you must stay focused. You may experience discouragements and difficulties, but remember that no one fulfils God's will overnight. No matter the kind of circumstances you are going through, if He has spoken His will to you, He will establish it.  You must believe Him and have faith in His promises, even when times are very tough.

If Abraham suffered a lot of troubles and even lost hope at a time for the promised child Isaac, then, there will be difficult situations for you as well.  There will be times when it appears as though God is no longer answering your prayers, you should trust and abide still with Him.  Our circumstances are the tool the Lord uses to mould and change our lives.  It may never be pleasing, but it will end up in our favour. 

Our Experiences
For God to transform us into a worthy vessel that will do His will without murmuring, there is a process.  This process is never a sweet experience. It will look like suffering, hardship with a lot of pains, but the Almighty God is working out something in you that will stand the test of trials and temptations in the future.  The problem of man is the Flesh, which loves pleasure and hates suffering or even the smallest difficulty.  but, if we can put the flesh under control and believe God in everything that happens to us, becoming what God wants us to be, will be easy.  

Becoming a worthy vessel unto honour comes with closeness to the Almighty God and trusting Him.  Until we adopt a lifestyle of casting our cares unto the Lord, leaning not on our own understanding, we will continue to complain and struggle with situations.  Therefore, the wise thing to do is to obey the Word of God in faith and walk in it.  God's plans for us are good, to get us to the expected end, which is an eternity in Christ.  The route will be different for different people and so, never compare your experience with that of another person.  

Trusting and Believing

When situations arise that are not favourable, our duty is to go to God in prayer to inquire about the situation, make our demands and leave the matter with Him in faith.  It is our faith that will determine how soon our reply will get to us.  If we believe the prayer is already answered, then we begin to praise Him, otherwise, we continue with our prayer as Daniel did, pray and wait on the Lord until we receive the answer.

Parents know how difficult it is to raise children according to their parents' desires.  Remember the children have their own will and interest and over time, their life ambition changes.  My sons will say they want to be Engineers today, after some time, they want to become Doctors, and after another while, they want to be Pastors.  But my wish for them has not changed, that is for them to know the Lord, and serve Him in whatever profession they finally want to pursue.

Remaining Focused
Destiny is not a small matter in the realm of the Spirit.  The devil knows that if you get to where God wants you to get, you will do things that will bring glory to God, and whenever His name is glorified, souls are won into the Kingdom of God.  So, the devil is there to discourage every vision-focused believer, to discourage him and frustrate his purpose. To remain focused on your goal is your utmost duty, while God will help to bring it to pass. You have to make sure every training, education, and certifications you may acquire along the line are those that will assist and support your vision.

Others can afford to be diverted with plum jobs, good contracts or even scholarships in a different field, but that is not for you.  If the job, scholarship does not move your vision forward, you will reject it.   

Surrendering your own Will
Becoming what God wants for us is only possible when you have submitted our will to God and taken His divine will.  Your will may be to be the Managing director of a big bank or a Football Club in your country.  But if the will of God for you is different, you will not be happy and fulfilled.  God deposits in people skills and talents that will make them outstanding in the area, He has designed them to operate. 

But, you will have to drop your own will, in order to pursue the divine will. There are instances when people did not ask God, what they were born to be, and they pursue a different profession in life. Over time, you will discover that as the MD of a bank, you are not exactly happy, as a Doctor, you may not be fulfilled, despite being financially stable and loved by your patients. You are doing well and all seem to be well with your Hospital, yet, you feel like doing something else, other than medicine.  Your duty is to go to God for direction.  

Doing His Will
It is too difficult for us to try to serve God as we like, or as it is convenient.  No!  You cannot serve God that way, and be fulfilled.  To serve God, you must be empty and the Lord will fill you.  To do His will, you have to submit your own personal will and take up His own plans for your life and run with it.  If you know you are His creation and that His words are amen...settled in heaven, then a time will come when you will make a deliberate effort to do His will and please Him.

Whoever is called of God will certainly arise one day and go back to His Father in humble submission, just like the prodigal son did. When you arise out of your self, your human wisdom... doing the will of God becomes easy. When you are ready for the things of God, surrender your heart to Christ, the Holy Spirit of God takes over the rest, working out in your life, those things that are not good and making crooked paths straight, etc.  The Holy Spirit will gradually and steadily transform your heart and mindset to be in line with the Spirit and the rest is with time.

All the Holy Spirit needs to change us is a willing and obedient heart, and all our self-righteousness, pride, stubbornness will crumble. Those confused thoughts and evil desires of the heart are gone the moment a new Landlord is in-charge of the house, Jesus Christ.

Without Murmuring
The ultimate is to know the Lord and serve Him without murmuring.  We must accept we are pilgrims here that our greatest reward and joy is in heaven when we return home to be with our Lord and Maker.

We should be willing to serve God everywhere we find ourselves, whether in the cold or hot regions of the world and say like Apostle Paul: “I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need” (Phil 4:12). 

Confessions like this come with obedient continuance in His word and ways. If we continue with Christ in obedience, then the Spirit will do a perfect work in us, but if we rebel or get tired along the line, then the Lord says whosoever shall put his hands on the plough and look back is not worthy of the Kingdom.

So, no matter the circumstances we might be facing, we must believe in God’s Word and obey it. If we want to lead a spiritually correct life of faith before God, then we must accept the Word of God into our hearts. 

If we do not accept God’s Word into our hearts and instead try to live with some type of carnal wisdom, we will fall short of God's expectation and our services will be all-together unworthy. God is not a respecter of persons, and pampering ourselves in the things of God will lead to backsliding.  Tell yourself the truth...which is that God's Will for your life is achievable. 

No Chastisement is sweet
If we obey His word and do it, we will be doing His will and it will be well with us. No chastisement is sweet to the flesh or easy to the body.  So, when our Master shapes us, even if it comes with pain, we should endure it and follow the Lord.

If you remain in the will of God and allow Him to train you, it may take a longer time than you expected, your change of status may take longer, but certainly, your life is being transformed to a life of Spirit and power.  Soon, the people that use to mock you will see a different person in you.  In the way you talk and see things, the power and grace you command. 

It's never done in a hurry, and the Spirit of God will always bear witness to your own spirit that you are a child of God.  The Lord knows how to reward you for your faith in Him, obedience to His word and even the seed of faith, you have planted in His vineyard.  That is why you may sow good seed in Church A, country A, and the reward will come from Mr D of country F - God owns everything!

Blessings of doing the Will of God
The bible says Doers of the Word will inherit eternity, not the hearers.  So, we will be reflecting on the many blessing of those that obey the word of God and do what it says.  Their blessing includes:

1. You receive Entrance into the Kingdom: Matt 7:21 – “So Jesus said to them: "Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the WILL of My Father Who is in Heaven". Doing God's will starts with believing in His Son, Jesus Christ. 

2. Kept from falling: Matt 7:24-29 

3.  The witness of the Spirit - The Spirit of God will bear witness with your spirit that you are the sons of God.

4.  God Answers your Prayers - John 9:31 – “We know that God does not listen to sinners; but if anyone is Godfearing and a worshipper of Him and does His will, He listens to him.”

5.  To abide Forever - 1 John 2:17 – “And the World passes away and it disappears, and with it the forbidden cravings of it; but he who does the WILL of God and carries out His purposes in his life abides forever.”


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