SALVATION AND WEALTH CREATION........The Important things to Consider



Though salvation is deliverance, many people are saved and yet they remain sick and hungry.  This is partly because they need to grow in the spirit to know God more and the way things operate in God's kingdom.  

When a believer understands how things work in the kingdom, and what he needs to do to obtain the promises of God for his life...then his freedom and breaking out is near.

Christianity is a personal relationship experience with the Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ,  who died to reconcile us to God.  For while other religions are attempting to reach God by works, but, when we receive Christ as Lord of our lives, we have access to God, as sons and daughters.  When we pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ, and God receives our request, but sees His only begotten Son Jesus Christ as the one making that request, hence every prayer request made according to His purpose for our life is granted without delay.

Salvation is the Beginning
The first stage of your salvation is completed the moment you give your heart to Jesus in prayer, He gives you a new spirit - the Spirit of God enters into you, but your soul and body remain the same.  The soul will be transformed and reformed by the Word of God over time.  When the Word of truth dominates your heart and you become a Word-doer, your soul is being saved, while your body is the last to be redeemed, and it must be saved as well!.

With your body, you touch and relate with the world.  But the Lord said we should present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service - Rom 12:1.  One of the ways a Christian can present his body holy is to be careful, not to make provision for the flesh.  When you receive Christ, reject worldliness and don't return to them again.  Apostle Paul advised us not to be conformed to the world but to be renewed in the inner man.

Renew your mind with the Word
Without the renewal of your mind, you are still in Egypt.  The quest to get rich quick will dominate your mind. But when you renew your mind, your thought changes to those things that will please God.  You will deliberately seek the good of people around you, help people you can assist, share the gospel and invite people to Christ normally.  When your mind is renewed, you will fear and revere God, and your behaviour will be pleasing to Him.

Your mind is renewed by the Word of God.  Without the Word of God inside of you, you cannot discern what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God for your life.  You will think that since everybody is doing a particular thing,  it is the will of God...NO!  The word of God will teach you to be humble, and destroy your ego, and pride.  The word of God will teach you that it is God that giveth power to obtain wealth.  If you are a child of God, your prosperity is in your hands, but the wisdom and power to get wealth is in the hand of God, so you have to lean on the Lord and ask for that light.

The word of God will teach you godly wisdom, so you can prioritize your activities.  You will be able to discern what is right.  You will not think that you are too intelligent to be preaching the word of God.  I knew someone who left preaching to manage a Bank, thinking he was too good to remain as a preacher. Though he was influential, with enormous goodwill, he was not able to return to preaching the gospel, till his death.  The Word of God humbles a man.

Whenever the word dries up in your life, worldly wisdom takes over.  Human knowledge and intellect will begin to dominate such a person and before you know what is happening, those things the person has rejected in the past will begin to appeal to him.  Jesus said those that endure till the end will have their names written in the Lamb's book of life - which means many will not be able to endure to the end.  

Your body...Now the Lord's

Your body is as important in the salvation equation as your spirit and soul.  A child of God must take care of his body, for it is through the body that everything is done.   Whether it is preaching, helping people, building a house for God or self, playing and dancing, everything is done under the sun is through the body.  If you allow your body to break down, you cannot do anything meaningful until you recover.  This is why God recommended one day free in a week.

Presenting your body as a living sacrifice means a lot of sacrifices and self-denials.  These sacrifices and self-denials do not make sense to an average worldly person.  Why suffer yourself?  Why suffer in silence, especially when you have the resources to indulge yourself, but when a child of God remembers what Christ went through at the cross just to save him from the same earthly fun and enjoyment and the consequences of using his body to serve the devil, which is eternal damnation, he restrains himself and endures the mockery of friends and relatives.  This decision is not possible if such a Christian has not grown through the Word of God.  

If a child of God recognizes that his body is the 'house' holding his spirit and soul, and also the temple of the Holy Host, through which Christ lives in us, he would do everything to keep his body holy, otherwise, the temple becomes contaminated and the Spirit of God will leave.  The believer is expected to continue serving the Lord with his/her body as a living sacrifice until his last minute on earth - This is why the bible said those that endure till the end, shall be saved!  I pray the Lord will give us the grace to endure till the end.

Your body is delivered from the corruption that is in the world - From Tattoos, smoking and drinking, greed etc.  Avoid worldly desires, and keep your body holy.

Prosperity in the Kingdom

Sustainable wealth comes from a well-defined work path, it is not a transfer.  A transfer cannot be sustained, but a well-defined process, business or trade will continue to bring financial inflow as long as you are doing the business.  That is sustainable.  You need strong faith in God for both salvation and prosperity to be sustained in your life.  Let's look at some important steps to getting wealth.

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Idea generation

Creativity is a skill and also a passion.  To be creative is to have an intuition about new things, to seek answers and new ways of doing the same things. Having the willingness to seek new ways and ideas that deliver goods and services differently and better can take one out of poverty within years.  

Until your conditions challenge you to think and seek answers outside the box,  the yoke of poverty may never break off you. Accepting the unfavourable status quo is laziness, Why?  If you reject the status quo and seek answers to the problem, you will discover a way out of it.  

The alternative is mental laziness, meaning you are not ready to exercise your mind. Mental laziness tells you that nothing you put your hands that will work, which is not true.  Mental laziness is destructive and effectively puts many in the bondage of poverty.
The second laziness mindset that should change is the idea that what you studied in the university is the only thing, work or profession that you should practice. To a large extent, it helps to practice your profession, for instance, a banker working in a bank.  That’s very good.  But not everyone that studied banking will be lucky to find a job in the bank.  What if the guy could not secure a bank job, is that the end of the road for his dream of being a successful man, able to take care of his family? NO!
Identifying opportunities 
There are opportunities everywhere, the only thing a man need is to discern these opportunities that are open to us every day.  This piece is actually a business opportunity discernment clinic, targeted primarily to help you see opportunities around you that you can commit to and be productive.  The discernment of opportunities and their exploitation has nothing to do with the degree you have or your work experience.  It has a lot to your vision and your positive aggression to take the necessary steps to exploit the opportunity.
The ability to discern business opportunities is a major key that opens the door of success.  Identifying an opportunity is the first step, you will need to test the idea in the marketplace or with a select audience, to discover if it is profitable in the first instance.  In testing the idea, you will also be looking out for the input of people about the service or product. 

Try Franchise

Starting a new business and building the brand from the ground up can be daunting. From planning your production, packaging, marketing strategies to creating engaging campaigns, and more.  The process of building a strong and rich brand name can get extremely expensive. 

An alternative way to enter a profitable business is through a Franchise arrangement.  Buying a franchise saves you the trouble of building a brand and acquiring customers. It eliminates excessive marketing costs, years of trials & errors, and places you right in a revenue model within a few years.  In Franchising, you are only required to sell an established product or service of a known company, providing such services as though it is the parent company that is providing the service.

The Franchiser (Owner of the business idea) will require that the person establishes a facility with a similar resemblance as the Franchiser, pay the Franchiser to train his employees and second his own quality staff to establish the new business in its agreed location.  Buying a Franchise from a known brand, a global brand could be very expensive, but if the person buying the franchise is disciplined to follow the agreement terms through, he will experience the same profitability the parent company is experiencing. See KFC's Franchise conditions and agreement.

While franchising may have its advantages, it also has it’s flawed, but some of the best franchise opportunities can have your new business up, running, and highly profitable within the first year.  The most vibrant Sectors where you will find good franchise arrangements include Quick service Restaurants, Transportation business, Road Haulage, Petroleum marketing, and 

Establish a Business or Trade, Service etc
God will bless you through the power that is at work in you, the Holy Spirit.  But, you have to discover where your talent lies, and what business or service, you can do better than others.  You should never be discouraged by the initial failure or suffering involved. 

Since the Word of God says the Holy Spirit inside of you will be the instrument the Lord will use to bless you, then you should establish a relationship with the Holy Spirit, and be willing all the time to obey His promptings.  It is the Holy Spirit that will give you the inspiration you need to know what to do.  He is the one that will also guide you on how to do it etc. if you don't have the Holy Ghost, you have limited your Christian life as well as the kind and level of success you can achieve here on earth.  

After knowing the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and our success, a Christian should know that hard work, diligence, quality product or service are the ingredients for success and wealth creation. God does not rain manna from heaven any longer, so whoever wants to be rich will have to work hard for it.  You will have to compete with unbelievers in the market place, so diligence to identify needs and the ability to provide solutions are critical.

Have Faith in God, even in Hard Times

One of the greatest strengths of a Christian is his faith in God, not in man or money.  Faith determines how people react in different situations that confront them.  A man of faith is known in a state of adversity.  How will he react, will he kill himself?, Will he listen to his wife, saying "Curse God and die"?  We may be hardworking, but our faith is not in our strength or hard work, our faith is in God. 

Can I say here that, a believer can present his requests to God, we do not argue with God?  He is all-knowing, and ever willing to help us, especially when it is a request that is in accordance with His will for our lives.  In business, you need strong faith in God and prayer that your product or services will be accepted in the market.  You need to pray that people that need the services will get to know about it and purchase the product or service.  You also need faith in God to stand, if your efforts did not bring the expected return.  That is not the end of the world, it could be an indication of additional work to be carried out. Jesus tells us that we will have troubles in this world, it's a guarantee. However, He also promises that we have victory through our faith in Him.

Below are Bible verses to encourage you when the results are not encouraging.

1. Deuteronomy 31:6 - Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

2. Isaiah 41:10 - So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

3. John 14:26-27 - But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

5. Proverbs 3:5-6 - Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.


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