JESUS IS COMING SOON........How should we Watch and Pray (Preparation)


His shinning image appears and is captured by Mónica Aramayo, a resident of San Salvador de Jejuy, recently to remind you that the end of all things is close.  



There are physical evidence around us today to support the statement that Jesus Christ is coming back soon.  The picture above is one of such evidences around the world.

The world needs to hear the message of salvation, so they can make an eternal choice, and the Lord Jesus Christ has given the job of sharing the gospel to those who are “Saved”.  We have the responsibility to carry the message to the lost.  You are saved, Yes. But with your salvation, you have a mission in your hands.  You were called by Christ, to bring the good news of salvation to the unsaved, to explain to them, who Jesus is, what He did, why they need Him, and then give people an opportunity to accept Jesus, personally.  

New Christians are usually excited by this commission.  They’re the ones with the glow on their faces, ecstatic over the fact that God loves them and excited about what Jesus is doing in their lives. 

The world also needs to be reminded that Jesus is coming back soon.  This reminder could be a wake-up call to the believer who is still struggling with sin, and so cannot discern the times and season we are.  It could be a call for those who are yet to receive Christ to do so.  The world needs to know that the love of Christ towards them is real and available.  All they need to do is accept the sacrifice He made at the cross and receive the Lord as their personal Saviour, and the promises of God will begin to manifest in their lives.  

For the saved brethren, the question is: How are we supposed to live our lives in this fast receding world, where knowledge has exploded and technology has broken every known barrier.  In a world where the very things which the Lord expressly call abomination, sin and evil are now being allowed by governments and individuals.  In a world, where many say boldly there is no God, and no judgment of any kind is coming, how are we to live?   We can find the answers in the scriptures as well.

There is no doubt that from the events happening everywhere on earth, we can discern that we are in the last days, before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This time was mentioned in the bible.  It is the time, when those who think they stand, should examine themselves, lest they fall.  It is the time in history when every child of God should be sober and redouble his effort in the area of his or her calling.  It is a time when every child of God should ask for mercy and forgiveness of sin before going to bed.  This is a time in history, believers should rely on the Holy Ghost for grace to escape the seduction that is in the world.  

The Lust of the flesh and love for money, on one hand, the devil and his agents waxing more wicked, to the extent that false prophets with their demonic visions are luring those who have already confessed Christ into their fold, what a tragedy! The good news is that God knows how to deliver His people from anywhere, and so as many as are of the Lord shall be delivered, say Amen.

Second Coming Of Christ

No One Knows When
The Second Coming of Christ is plagued by many false teachings. As soon as someone predicts the day or time of Jesus Christ's second coming, you should know that such a prediction is wrong. Why? Simple.  Only God the Father knows when it will be -- Jesus doesn't even know. Jesus told His disciples:

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father... Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with the hand mill; one will be taken and the other left... Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come" (Matthew 24:36, 40, 42).

At the end of the Great tribulation
Tribulations or trials refer to any event or situation that comes the way that tempts you to reject God and continue to sin; that gives an opportunity for sinful thoughts and temptations to rise up in you. 

Presently there are earthquakes and typhoons ravaging nations and destroying lives and properties, in the dimension that could make the ignorant person question if there is God.

Signs to watch for
We could just shrug our shoulders and casually wait for the Second Coming of Christ. However, Jesus wants us to "keep watch." A great way to keep watch is to know what the Bible reveals about upcoming events and compare those to what we see happening today. 

How we shall Live

I believe believers should live like Christ in every way, this end time to avoid the wrath of God.  Christ is our only example, the only human who lived without sin, He was blameless and holy.  He was faithful to His Father, who sent Him and fulfilled the will of His Father in heaven.  His footsteps should be our guide.  We are to walk worthy of your salvation and bring forth fruits.

Our repentance should be sincere and true.  Repentance is saying that you will not go back to sin again.  Repentance is also saying that if you stole anything from anyone, you borrowed a book, and the book is still with you for two years now, your customer over-paid you and you noticed it and spent the money.  Repentance is asking you to return the money, the book and the item in your possession that is not your own.  Your repentance and salvation must be genuine and resting on solid grounds.

Let me quickly add that, there are some sins, in which we have repented, that we need to confess openly to someone closest to us.  These are the sins that men hide to commit and which are shameful for a child of God to commit.  If you repent of them and refuse to confess them, the devil will use them to tempt you again in the future.  

Sins like adultery done in the past should be prayerfully confessed, pornography, masturbation, same-sex involvement should be confessed, otherwise any time the opportunity presents itself, the devil will tempt the person to sin again, after all, it will remain secret.  If you confess them, the devil knows you are no longer hiding anything and he will leave you alone.  Confessing them releases the grace to overcome them into your life.

We must not take sin for granted, or handle the word of God with levity.  We should never be a reprobate.  Someone who knows what the scriptures say, but who insists on living his or her own life as he pleases, even in the house of God.  This is what the bible described as having a bit of holiness, but denying the power therein.  Christ was faithful to His calling, so should we be.  


Without faithfulness to God, there can be no new birth, or how can you say you are born again, and yet the person remains stuck in his or her old ways.  You use to fight before, and you are still fighting your neighbours after salvation...NO!  Christianity is based first on faithfulness to God in all we do, and faithfulness to man as well.  Our faithfulness is a commitment to adhere to the One God, to serve Him and do His will.

We are called to walk faithfulness, as stewards before God. We are forbidden from having another god or idol.  We should never bow to any other power or receive their help or serve them.  God spoke to Moses, to tell the children of Israel, saying:  “You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God...” 

Faithfulness to man means that you live godly in your engagement with your fellow man.  You are expected to work with your strength and ability in the office that employed you.  As a child of God, only your best will do, even if your immediate boss hates you.  You work for your employers as unto the Lord.  Your immediate boss can deny you promotion, training etc, yet you remain loyal and committed.  

Faithfulness also means that you keep your promises and your words, and not allow them to fall to the ground.  You should think things through before making promises or commitment, but once made, you are bound to fulfil it.  It also means that you do not betray the trust of people, you do not take advantage of people's weak conditions and cheat them or deny them, their rights.  You are to live godly and shun every unrighteousness!

We are to follow the example of Christ: 

1. Walk like Jesus  
Walking like Jesus means your steps lead you in the same directions Jesus went here on earth.  Into regular times of worship with fellow-believers. Your neighbours might not say a word, but they will notice you leave every Sunday morning and at the same time each week for Bible study and small group time. You are compassionate and loving, not angry at every abuse or wrong word is thrown at you.  You study the Word and pray more than your brethren, and you live by the word, more than your brethren as well.

Away from sin. Your steps won’t take you into bars, nightclubs, movies that aren’t Jesus-honoring, or into unhealthy relationships.  You should be known for good works.  You donate your time and talents to those in need and to things that serve to spread the message of the Gospel.

2. Talk like Jesus

The Lord was a man of few words, and none of His words fell to the ground.  This is how it should be for us this end-time.  We should circumcise our tongue and keep in check always so that we do not offend in words.  Let us be mindful of the words we speak and its effect on the people, the gospel and our destiny.

The everyday speech and conversations of Jesus Christ reflected who he is. The same should be true of us. Paul wrote in Colossians 4:6 “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone” (NIV).  This really shouldn’t be too difficult for us to do. If we truly have the Holy Spirit actively living inside us, we will be consciously avoiding things and word that does not edify.

3. Act like Jesus

You’ve heard that actions speak louder than words, right? And what about the old saying, “It’s not what you say but how you say it”? Both of these are true statements.  We are to glorify God in our conduct, and if we are conscious of who we are, born again children of God, we will be careful, not to do anything that will bring shame to the gospel or to our God.  Acts of dishonesty, unfaithfulness, fighting and quarrelling that will make our neighbours ask "Are these not the so-called Christians, we should avoid ".

We should never be greedy for anything., nor follow any short cut to success, all such behaviour will bring reproach.  Children of God should be content with God's blessing upon their lives and know how to receive anything they need from the Lord.  One sure method to receive from God is to start praying for something important to you, long before it's the due date.  Even if you want the Master to appear to you or reveal something to you, start praying for that thing early and tarry...continue to pray and ask for it patiently, until He answers you.

4. Be Spirit-filled
A Spirit-filled life should be the desire of every Christian in these end times.  A Spirit-filled life is one that is completely surrendered to the will of the Almighty God.  God wants us to live a life filled by the Spirit and in Ephesians 5:18, the scripture instructs to be filled with the Spirit.  When we allow the Spirit of God to control our lives, we are able to do exploits for the kingdom of God.  When we are Spirit-led, we will be able to manifest the fruit of the Spirit.  We will be able to relate with people in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

4. Learn to handle temptation

How did the apostle Paul handle the temptation to take short cuts in sharing the Gospel for personal gain, or so that he could impress others, or get quick results? In 2 Cor 4:1-6 Paul states his approach to telling the Gospel, first negatively and then positively.

5. Renounce Deceitful Behaviour

You must renounce “the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness nor handling the Word of God deceitfully.” Refuses to adopt questionable or shady practices that would bring shame if exposed. Do not use a convenient device or trick to achieve an end. You should not distort, dilute, compromise, adulterate, or falsify God’s message. Paul would never manipulate or pressure people into a profession of faith.

6.   False promises
We must also be careful of making false promises of a trouble-free life for those who would trust in Christ. When people get saved, their marriage may not also be saved, their daughter may still want to get her nose pierced, and the Tax and revenue authorities will still stop him to produce his tax returns or receipts.  He will still pay all the revenue levy in the market or Tenament dues.  Salvation does not exempt us from societal obligations.

That we are pilgrims on earth does not exempt us from obeying the laws of the Land, neither does it exempt us from any governmental obligations.

7. Sensual appeal
Believers are expected to carry their bodies with dignity and honour and not in the spirit of worldliness that is controlling men and women of the world.  Attractive young ladies are expected to honour the Lord in their dressing and behaviours, within and outside the church.  They are not to lure men to their religious meetings with the impression that after the meeting, they could talk.  That is a deception which has no place in the things of God.  

God searches the heart and no guile is expected in our service in the kingdom.  Unbelievers and the unsaved are invited to Church to come and meet with the Lord, first and then the Lord will meet them at the point of their need.  But, to lure any person to Church with the promise or hope of finding a Christian husband or wife, or the promise of financial prosperity or physical healing are not necessary.  God will judge the heart and motive for our actions.

8. Be Prayerful
The act of praying is talking with God.  To be prayerful is to pray always, talking to God as you talk with your Daddy or Mummy.  This is easy for you and me because God is willing to listen to us and attentive to our requests.  Developing a prayerful life is one of the keys to living a successful Christian life.  Jesus prayed daily, even though He was the Son of God.  His ministry started by prayer according to Luke 3:21, 22.  We should emulate Him if we want to be successful as Christians.

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    1. Thanks Mr. Oliver. The Lord says we should watch and pray , because the journey is not an easy one. The temptation to join the world is very strong, but if we continue in faith, love and trust the Lord, He will guide us safely to the end. Remain blessed, thanks for your comments.


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