EVANGELISM AND SOUL WINNING............How to win people to Christ!

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Soul-winning begins with evangelism, which is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, what He did for us at the cross and how his death purchased our freedom from darkness.  Evangelism itself is one serious business of the kingdom that is done casually by many believers today.

We are to go into the world and spread the good news according to His word in Mark 16:15, which says: “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15.  It can be started as casually as saying hello to your neighbors and people around you to connect with them and have a relationship with them before inviting them to the church and other evangelistic meetings.

We live in a world where the good news is not appreciated for what it is, the power of God unto repentance. What the world rejoice at, are entertainment, money-making and 'bad' news of the tragedy, disaster, murder that the TV stations carry daily.  But the good news of salvation that is capable of transforming people is not considered as important.

Why is the gospel treated that way? Sometimes, I think some people see the gospel as restrictive of their freedom to do and say what they want, they think the gospel message telling them to repent of their sins as judging them.  But the gospel of Jesus is not to judge a man, rather enlighten the person of the impending judgement of God and how they can escape.

The good news

The good news is simply the news of salvation; what Jesus did for you and me on the cross! The news that we are saved by believing and confessing Him as Lord and receiving him in our hearts. There is nothing better than this! I know sometimes it sounds too good to be true, but it’s because the news is true; that’s what makes it good! John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"

The commission is for us to go into the world, not to stay in the church because until their eyes are enlightened, they (The world) may never see the gospel differently. The church has a duty to train and nurture those saved through the word, but at the same time, we are all tasked to go out and win the lost, and all unsaved souls.

Different churches have their approach to evangelism and soul-winning.  Some make it a duty for every member, while others create a department to handle every aspect of evangelism from training to fielding outreaches.  Whether evangelism is a movement in your church or a Unit, the command to evangelize the world was addressed to the disciples of Christ The twelve, the group of seventy and other numerous followers of Christ.  

The good thing to add here is that we are the church, the members and not the building.  This is why we as individuals should prepare our heart and obtain the necessary training to win souls where ever we find ourselves.  The individuals can win souls around them, bring people to church, while the church is responsible for group evangelism, community and city outreaches and crusades.

Responsibility for Training

The body of Christ called the church has a responsibility to organize the work of evangelism from scratch to finish.  It is the duty of the church to plan, organize and implement different Evangelism activities of the church.  It is also the duty of the church to train its members on soul winning and how to share the good news to people, one-on-one as well as in a group. 

Whether it is personal evangelism, street evangelism, group outreach or city-wide crusade, the Evangelist has roles to play at each of these activities of the church and the church should train him to provide such training and experience that will make him effective and fruitful.  

Types of Training - What to do
When it comes to soul-winning, the Holy Spirit is the Person and power that makes it happen.  He is the Godhead responsible for sending forth Evangelists and all kingdom labourers.  

Acquaint yourself with what the Lord did for us at the cross, His story from birth, his childhood days at the Temple, His baptism and the coming of the Holy Ghost upon Him, that changed everything about Him.  After which He started His ministry and what He preached and why He died at the Cross, as well as His Ressurection and ascension to heaven.  Specifically, He achieved the following for believers: 

Valuable information -  16 Wonderful things Jesus did for us:

1. His death purchased salvation for us in His name.

2. His death brought for us divine health and when we become sick, His name, blood, and stripes procures our healing.

3. His death and resurrection brought us justification before God

4. His death and resurrection brought us direct access to God through His name, which hitherto was through a High Priest, thereby making Him our High Priest forever.

5. That is the reason we can pray directly to God the Father today in His name.

6. His death at the Cross destroyed every curse working against us from generations past

7. His death brought us riches - For He died poor that we may be rich.

8. His death at the cross brought an end to all kinds of sacrifices of animals for the atonement of sin.

9. His death at the cross completed His reconciliation program for man.

10. His death purchased our victory over the devil forever.  Without Jesus, no man can withstand the devil and his demons...but in the name of Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow, including Satan and his agents, every sickness, poverty etc shall bow...Everything thing contrary bows in His name.

11. All that believe in His name, to them gave Him the power to be sons of God.

12. To all that believe in His name, Satan is under our feet because of our Lord Jesus Christ.

13. To them that believe in His name, all that our Lord did while He was on the earth, we shall do and even greater works, for He, goes to His Father, and being seated on the right hand of God, He maketh intercessions for us.

14. In His name contrary situations, powers of darkness, principalities bow.

15. He is the one that baptizes us with FIRE...so that witches and wizard, occultists and all satanic agents cannot touch us.  The Holy Ghost baptism gives us access to divine power and covering.

16. He is the one that gives us peace...that passeth all understanding.  The peace that money and fame cannot buy, the kind the world does not have.

Part of your preparation for evangelism includes rigorous study and meditation on the Word of God.  This Word is your first tool, and the second tool is your mouth.  So, study and meditate on the Word daily and be conversant with specific salvation scriptures and possible questions the public would ask and how to adequately respond to them.  Studying the Word and praying produces spiritual fire upon you for the outreach, so be committed to:
1. Pray daily and fast often, asking God to use you to win souls
2. Have a daily expectation to win a soul. (Prov 23:18, Prov 10:24, Acts 4:33)

3. Pray for the boldness to witness Christ, speaking the right words that will convince sinners to give their life to Christ.

Before you set out to go for evangelism, wait for the Holy Ghost, and until He comes, your going out to win souls is in vain.  In Acts 1:8, Jesus says ” But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth”.

He gives:
1. Direction on where to go to find the lost
2. Boldness to declare Jesus as the son of God
3. Convicts the people of their sinful ways, causing a change of mind
4. Shines the light of Christ in the heart of men, exposing hypocrisy.

The winning mindset

This writes up, therefore, is targeted at personal and group evangelism.  For anyone going out to share tracts and invite people to church or those going to share the good news with people and lead them to Christ, there is a mindset they need to have:

1. Evangelism and sharing of the good news is important for the salvation of the soul in a dark and fallen world. It is one of Christ’s commands to every believer. 

2. Heaven rejoices over every soul that is won into the Kingdom of God, which itself suggests that soul winning will not be easy.  It will require a determined effort of me and you in our time to win souls. This is why we need to live the Word and seek the help of the Holy Spirit whenever we are going for soul winning.

3. The Evangelist is never afraid because you are not going alone, the angels of the Lord are following you along the way to shield you from any danger. About what to say, will depend on your maturity level and how deep you study the Word.  A simple message of Jesus loves you and wants you to be reconciled to your God, so you know God as your Father and helper will do, then you give them the tracts and pray for them, those who agree to be prayed for.  The Holy Spirit will take it from where we stop, convincing and convicting the person of his/her sins.

4. Learn that sharing the good news and winning souls is easier when we are living right. The holy spirit is the one who gives wisdom and works through us to reach people. So, when we know who we are in Christ, His Ambassadors in truth and spirit and we connect with people, at any place, in our business meetings, office etc, you can share the good news with them and not being judgmental in any way. Our life should be a testimony to others, so share and let them see what God is doing.

When should we win souls?

Whenever we have the opportunity to speak to people about Jesus - in the market place, offices, factories, streets, etc.  We are to seek to win souls when the opportunity is given. Wherever there are people there is our opportunity - 2 Timothy 4:2 

We are to be on the job continually. We are to do it today (John 9:4), and every day that God spares us to live down here. But notice:

Whenever the Holy Spirit prompts us, then there is a fertile ground for the word of God to germinate.  You go into action, fearing nothing and never thinking you are not well prepared.  What you know about Christ, say it to that person or group of people and the Holy Spirit will complete the work. 

The Holy Spirit prompting is an opportunity that should not be missed, because what is happening in the life of the soul concerned and he needs the word to comfort himself or stop evil plans or plot against himself (Suicide) or murder.  Remember Acts 8:26-29 –- and the Holy Spirit is just the same today. He still waits to direct His servants to those He has prepared, and who are ready and waiting to be led to the Saviour.

We are to seek to win souls when the need is very urgent. Sometimes we may come face to face with a very needy and urgent case, then we must act quickly and faithfully. Perhaps a loved one or neighbour is dying, you should lead him/her to Christ without delay. John 9:4.

Where Should We Start:

So, please let's go 'soul fishing' starting from our own homes - For charity begins at home.  Tell your relatives that you have met Jesus and given your heart to Him.  Make it clear that you have forsaken Satan and sinful lifestyle, then invite them to church and to Christ. John 1:41; Acts 16:30-34

Your next target should be your friends and colleagues in the office.  Let them know you have met Christ and given your heart to Him.  Don't hide your salvation, rather declare it, so they know you are no longer available for so many things you used to join them to do in the past like drinking. smoking, clubbing etc. Luke 5:27-29; John 4:39.

Be concerned about your neighbours and evangelize them.  You are called to be a witness, a representative of Christ in your neighbourhood. We are to win souls where ever we find ourselves with our attitude, conduct and speaking about Jesus to people around us.

In all these, you must live a life worthy of a 'new man' in Christ.  You should deepen yourself in the word of God so that your transformation can be quick and visible to all.  You must indeed forsake sinful ways, forsake wrong and bad friends and companies (You know them) and be rich in good works.

How - Practical steps to Soul Winning

1. Greet the person Cheerfully.  Introduce yourself and your mission - to share the good news of the Kingdom of God.

2. Your reasons for witnessing - The reason why you came is that the bible says that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the world and that whosoever believes in Him should not die. 

You are there because it is not the will of God and any man should die in iniquity, but that everyone should come to faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Finally, you want his name to be written in the book of life as he receives Jesus as Lord.

Simplify your approach. Don’t quote too many scriptures, but be focused on helping the people to know Jesus Christ and what he did for them at the cross.

4. Be a good listener. Allow them to talk about their concerns and interests, then stress the need to receive Christ NOW, for tomorrow may be too late.  That moment is the acceptable time.

5. Don’t judge or condemn them, rather demonstrate the love of God in your speech and actions. If you have a testimony that can allay their fears, share such a testimony.

Hindrances to soul-winning - Shyness. 

There is the group of people who feel they don't know much about God to begin to witness Him to people, yet we can deduce from all these that many believers are either not sure of their salvation or are not appreciative of what the Lord did for them.  It will not be an understatement to say that some believers do not fully understand what Jesus Christ did for us.  He saved us from the power of Satan and his agents.  

Beloved,  It is for this reason that I have listed just a few of the things Christ did for us all, so we can appreciate God's love and mercy and be motivated to speak boldly to people about the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The best thing that happened to me is knowing Jesus and it is because of Him that I am still alive today.  On the contrary, many souls have died because they did not know Him and so, could not withstand the darts of the enemy.

When you count your own blessings and number them, you will see the reason why you should help friends, relatives, colleague to see the light of Jesus and be saved from the wrath of the enemy on earth and hellfire to come.


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