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Your foundation can be defined as your root, the unseen structure that is holding what is seen.  As it is for a building, where you cannot see the foundation, so it is for individuals.  Physically, people cannot see your foundation, but in the spirit, it can be discovered, analysed and possibly repaired.  If you are interested in the matter, you can find out from your parents, what they know of their own parents and how they lived and what they did in their days.

Jacob's foundation of scheming and cunning behaviours was repaired when the angel touched the hollow of his thigh so that he could not walk straight again.  So, your foundation is the platform that brought you to life, nurtured you to an adult in the first instance.  Your foundation is the life your parents and grandparents lived, what they did before you were born and after.  Your foundation includes your own lifestyle and behaviour pattern before you received Christ as Lord and Saviour when your behaviours changed for the better.

No matter how ugly your parents may look, they are still your parents.  You cannot deny them, nor despise them or do anything to hinder them, you can always do things to help them.  The same applies to your foundation.  If you believe that your life can be affected by the way your parents lived their lives, the repercussions of their evil works, the judgement of God for their wicked works, for serving other gods.  If you believe the covenants they have entered with the devil, including your name as their son or daughter will eventually affect you, then you will diligently review how they lived and prayerfully cry to God for mercy.  

Wealthy and successful families trace their genealogy with pride because it is a good one.  If you have a bad history, for instance, a history of chronic poverty, take it upon yourself to break it.  You have to pray, after all, it was by one man that the idol or error that brought poverty entered your family, so one man should send the idol packing, and that man is you.

Foundation Speaks
There is a foundation speaking either for or against you.  The question now is “What is your foundation speaking - favour or failure?   If the foundation is good before the Lord, it will speak peace, progress, prosperity and goodness, if otherwise, it will also speak in the opposite direction.  Our foundation has a lot to do with our destiny.  A good foundation will produce a good destiny but an evil foundation will bring forth a frustrated destiny.

When there are evil deeds and wickedness in your foundation, they will speak spiritually to frustrate the person's efforts. This is why it is very necessary for a born-again child of God to deal with his foundation so that you will not continue to suffer after giving your heart to Christ.  It is your duty to investigate and know the background that produced you, the secrets of the family and then to cry to God for help.  The consequence of ignorance in this matter is that God may be silent when certain things are about to happen because of the binding covenant of the forefathers.

To clean up unprofitable spiritual backgrounds requires concerted prayer effort, and because our foundation is Christ, we can effectively repair our faulty foundations through prayers.  Evil agreements and covenants entered into by the forefathers are enforced by demons, working with wicked strongmen and women of the family.  Your prayer cancels the transaction and destroys the works of the strongmen. 

Ignorant Christians

Ignorant Christians do not go far with God, many of them fall victims due to lack of knowledge and so, the knowledge you refuse to obtain today for your deliverance will eventually make you a victim of circumstance.  Some people’s foundations are destroyed by the evil of their parents, the iniquity of their forefathers.  

Idols and alters are speaking against people and manipulating other people to work against them, resulting in things going from bad to worse.  This is also the reason why a good degree alone is not enough to guarantee you a first-class job, your professional qualifications and beauty may not also. It is the power supporting you that matters.  I was shocked to discover. many years back that in a bank where they say all their staff are degree holders, there was a school certificate holder doing the job of a graduate.  It is the power behind the guy that made it possible.

Whenever a child of God is facing a prolonged problem or suffering one affliction after another, the person needs to examine his or her foundation. The person should examine any known pattern that is playing out, and take them to God in prayer, asking for forgiveness and mercy.

The Character of a faulty foundation:

1. Crying blood - You know your father was a fetish priest, who served the devil, killed many people for rituals and operated with the power of Satan.  You got born again, quite alright, but you did not pray,  you did not confess the sins of your fathers and ask for mercy.  You did not apply the blood of Jesus to exempt yourself from the evil deeds of your father, you decided to start a ministry, preaching the Word of God, know that you will not preach for the right standing.  The blood of the people your father sacrificed will cry against you.  The demon that gave him power, where he dedicated all his children, will also cry against you, especially if you decide to serve the Lord. This is the foundation of many idols crying against the children of God.


Difficult marriage - No Christian with an understanding heart can ignore his or her foundation. If you come from a polygamous family, one prayer you must pray very well and ask for God's mercy is about the of  "Spirit of polygamy".  It's already in your bloodline and that cannot be denied.  If you don't counter it through prayer, one day that spirit will rise against you and your marriage, and before you know what is happening, you have married a second wife or second husband. 

The Rod of the Wicked - A man was a gangster in his university days and joined his friends to rape girls at will.  He became wealthy and was blessed with children.  One day his daughter was raped by boys in his neighbourhood and those that know how wicked the man is predicted he would kill those boys.  But when he was told what happened to his daughter, instead of calling the police, or “arranging” bigger boys to beat up the boys that raped his daughter, he broke down in tears and cried bitterly.  Why?  He said the daughter have just suffered the consequences of his action.  He said while he was in the university, he was in the gang that raped girls at random and the incident was nemesis catching up with him...alas on his daughter.

If the daughter, was a born-again child of God with knowledge of his father's history and antecedents, she would have prayed to God for mercy and forgiveness.  She would have been exempted from the consequences of her father’s action.  It does not mean the father will not see such evil, but the evil would not fall on the child of God, but on someone else.  

Hardship - Even as we speak, there are people going through circumstances they don’t deserve and that is not their making, all because of their faulty foundation.  This is because God has already spoken against men that rejected Him to serve other gods, that He would visit their iniquity on their children, even to the fourth generation i.e up till 400 years.  Secondly, you're submitting to Jesus Christ could have also gone against the evil dedication your forefather made with the idol or marine spirit, which means that powers from the water will also come against you, albeit not physical.

The character of a wicked foundation

There are FAULTY foundations carrying many Christians without these children of God knowing.  There are people whose parents and forefathers had served other gods, entered into agreements with those strange gods and as a result, the devil prospered in their business and they became wealthy and successful in the eyes of the people, but before God, they are regarded as wicked.  

These are the people, God refers to as wicked men and enemies of God.  God said He would visit their iniquity on their children up to the fourth generation of them that hate Him because they rejected God and went ahead to serve other gods.  the consequences of such terrible wickedness are many:

Meanwhile, the evil agreements entered into with the idols are binding on the men and their children after them, which is the legal ground upon which the devil afflicts them.

Untimely death
In the bible, we have the story of Saul who killed the Gibeonites for the sake of pleasing the children of Israel and Judah, despite the covenant which the Gibeonites entered with Joshua.  After killing the Gibeonites, Saul died and in the days of King David, there was a severe famine for three straight years when King David enquired from God, He said it is because of the action of Saul that killed the Gibeonites who had a covenant with the people of Israel under Joshua (2 Sam 21:1-9).

God, Himself was the one enforcing the covenant the Gibeonites entered with Israel under Joshua, even when the remnants of the Gibeonites had no voice to challenge Saul or demand restitution. Why was this? God is a covenant-keeping God and also a God of vengeance. He said, “Vengeance is mine”.

So, when David inquired from the remnant of the Gibeonites, what should be done to appease them and they demanded the head of the seven sons of Saul and it was given to them.  Seven sons of Saul were handed over to them and they were hanged the same day, whether they were saints or not, did not matter.  

They had to pay for the sins of their father as they inherited good houses from their father, so they inherited the consequences of his evil deeds.  This is a terrible thing to imagine, but that's how life is structured.  

Binding Covenants
There are faulty, broken and sometimes destroyed foundations speaking against many born-again Christians and they are ignorant of it, claiming that as a born again, all things have become new in their lives.  They forget that except a covenant or curse is specifically broken, it remains to bind. 

The few believers that know about the dangers of faulty foundations seem to be ignorant of what to do. If you have foundational problems, I have good news for you, by the time you follow this series and pray the prayers, you will be free in Jesus' name.  


There are instances in the bible where children have died for the actions and vows of their father.  In Judges 11:30-31, Jephthah, a man of valour was about to go to war against the children of Ammon, he called the nearby tribe of Israel for support and there was no response, so he made a vow unto the Lord to sacrifice anyone that comes out of his house to welcome if God gives him victory in battle.  God answered him and it was his only child and daughter that came to welcome him and she was used as a burnt sacrifice unto the Lord.  Jephthah's only daughter, a virgin was offered up as a burnt sacrifice because of the vow her father made before the Lord before going into war.

Characters of a Good Foundation


The importance of a good foundation can be seen in the mercy God showed to Solomon.  God blessed him beyond his asking and warned him to toe his late father (David) footsteps in serving God, keeping God’s commandments and statutes, promising to establish his kingdom if he obeys and serves Him.  



When God decided to take the kingdom away from him, He remembered the good deeds of David his father, God remembered the covenant He made with David and promise to protect King Solomon all his days on the throne, saying He will make Solomon a prince all the days of his life and will take the kingdom away in the time of Solomon's children.  So, despite the fact that King Solomon departed deeply from following God, he remained the King of Israel till his death (See 1 Kings….).  This is what a good foundation can do.


God is Kind and Merciful

A Christian who wants to succeed with God must understand that God is a God of justice, who brings every word He pronounces to pass at its time.  In the kingdom of God, there are dos and don'ts, life and death; and you are asked to choose the option you want.  God cannot change and will never change and His Word are settled in heaven.  


His is a God of mercy who forgives the sin of his children and their forefather when a cry is made to Him for mercy.  You must investigate your family background, the family background of your inlaws or would-be inlaws to know the kind of cry to make to God.  This is very important because, God will forgive the actors that repent, but the consequences of their evil they will still bear.  So, you must know your family history and secrets, those of your inlaws to know the god they served on the other side of Jordan.

Blessings of a Good Foundation

There is also the story of Samuel whose mother Hannah vowed to God that if God will bless her with a son, the boy will be given to God as a Nazareth forever to God.  God answered the woman’s prayer and Samuel was born to her and she promptly returned him to God in Shiloh, where he trained under the Priest Eli to become a prophet in Israel.  


Samuel was dedicated before his conception unto God without his knowledge or permission and that vow must be fulfilled with the Lord.  Thank God it was a good vow that Hannah vowed.  If it was a bad vow like that of Jephthah, it would also have to be fulfilled.


Dealing with your Foundation

Foundation is a serious matter, it can be likened to how you started anything. The manner in which you start anything will determine many other things.  How were you employed? How and where did you meet your husband or wife?  If you met your husband in a bar or doing any illegal business;  Also, if you met a woman in a Night Club and took her home to be your wife, get ready for issues later in that marriage.  These are the foundations of the person before the two of you became believers, you must address them through the prayer of forgiveness and mercy.

Prayer Points:

1. Thank You, Lord, for your power to do all things, and for giving me victory in these foundational prayers in Jesus's name.

2.  O' Lord, let the blood of Jesus Christ wash my foundation of every wicked pattern in Jesus Christ's name

3. Every evil work done by my ancestors, be washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ.

 Evil voice, or blood of any man, crying against my life from my foundation, be silenced by the blood of Jesus. 

You, my foundation, receive the fire of the Holy Ghost and let every curse, evil pattern be burned to ashes.

 Every foundational Strongman attached to my life, be paralyzed unto death in Jesus' name.

I break loose from every foundational curse, bewitchment and hindrance in Jesus Christ's name.

Give thanks for answered prayers.  


Foundation is the reason why two people pass through danger, one survives, and another dies.  Two people are selected for an interview, one is taken another is rejected.  What kind of foundation is speaking for you?  On what foundation are you standing?  


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