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WHY SHOULD YOU BE AN OFFICE MISTRESS?.......When your husband is at Home

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Office affair starts gradually with lust on each side.  

It is possible for a girl to look like your former girlfriend, it does not mean she is your former girl. It does not also mean you should start lusting after her in the same office.

The same counsel goes to the ladies, who see a guy and remembers their ex boy in the University, and then she begins to text him. Resemblance of a former lover is one of the motivators of office affair.

The other reasons include working closely together for months and years, e.g Being on a project that necessitate travelling out of town for weeks and months, either alone or with a group of colleague, closing late in the office daily and going home in the same vehicle, having lunch together and I have seen in some cases, having breakfast and lunch together consistently.

No married man or woman should allow such crazy build up with a colleague of opposite sex, with same sex, if you do so, you are tempting the devil and you will be the loser, especially the woman.  You are putting your job, family and reputation in jeopardy. Those people that stay behind to wait for a colleague that gives them lift to their house or location, should be careful not to allow such to be regular.  

Sometimes, a man sees-by-chance a sensitive part of a lady and the spirit of lust inside the man is stirred up. That man will begin to have feelings for the woman and his behaviour towards her would also change.  He will start smiling to the lady and starts coming closer to her and so on.. I am writing all these, so that you know when the devil is around the corner to tempt you, so you can also resist him!

Office affairs starts gradually and grows into intimacy and then tension starts to develop at both ends. If you fear God, you will never let any relationship with the opposite sex get far before you stop it.  Hear me, if you don't deal with lust inside of you, it will deal with you.

This is the time the woman should draw a line that no man, colleague or no colleague should be allowed to cross. - Why?  Married woman owe their husband all her love, emotion and feeling, none should be shared with her colleague or Boss.  

Ladies be careful, don't let your Boss or Colleague destroy your home with any of these intimate relationship building games that randy men play in the office.  
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 Enticing and fake compliments are released at the woman ....

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  He is enticing you with fake Kiss and you are quite - Shame

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 You leave home early to office - for early morning romance - Shame on you

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   Having Lunch Together - For what purpose?

 Now  - See where you have landed yourself and shame beckons!

Ladies, fear the Lord, run away from every temptation to cheat on your husband or damage your reputation in the workplace for anything.  It brings shame and why wreck your own home.  

Every secret will be exposed one day and shame, divorce and humiliation will follow. The moment you make up your mind never to mis-behave, the grace to stand will be released to you.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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