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SECRETS THAT MAKE Rapid PROMOTION HAPPEN ...............For you!

  • Be an Entrepreneurial worker
  • Learn how to make money for your Employers
  • Be diligent as though you own the business

This is a continuation of two earlier pieces we have written on career success.  A born again christian is an asset to any employer of labour because of his commitment to duty and loyalty to his employers.

Enterprise continues with our insightful write-up aimed at motivating believers to be more productive, excel in their workplaces and create wealth for their employers and themselves.  Here are the secrets that make promotion happen for the hard working men and women in the office.

Rapid promotion is not the bread for everybody.  It is given to people who have proved they understanding the purpose of the organization and its business.  Promotion is given to employees who have proven record of  creativity, efficient service delivery and loyalty to the organization.

The simple truth is that when you know what to do and why you are doing it, goals become easy to achieve. Imagine someone moving from an officer to senior manager in a quoted company within a space of three years. It takes knowledge and wisdom to achieve.

It comes by doing the right things and achieving better result; knowing what to do and doing them efficiently and consistently. I have seen this happen to people again and again, so it can happen to you where you work, especially if it is a well structured organization.

Foresight and Positive Attitude

Foresight here means vision, what you can see. If you can see opportunities in the area of your organization's business line and can transform such opportunity into positive cash inflows, you are ready to move up the ladder of such a company, whether it be big or small enterprise.

Employers are looking for workers with vision and ability to transform opportunities into cash inflows.  So, you can experience rapid progress with strong entrepreneurial skills, business foresight and the drive to succeed. 

Whenever these three factors are at work, you will see new opportunities, partnership and new products being developed to meet identified market needs. This, of course translates into high sales turnover, improved service delivery and huge market expansion. 

I will discuss below, some “sweet work attitudes” which will enable you unleash your knowledge and skills in the right direction that will result in improved productivity for you and your organization.

Yes… The promotion seeking Officer should:

Study your organization: This guy first step is to understand the organization in clear details, its history, structure, and products and culture. The culture will guide your behavior and conduct in the organization.

Understand the purpose the organization is established to fulfill and the structures it has established to fulfill its mandate.  Understand their position in the industry and its major competitors. Understand the works your departments do and how it relates to the goals of the organization.

Study your department: Understudy your department and understand the work each unit of the department does.  Don’t be naïve!.  Whatever it takes you to understand what everyone in your department is doing, it is a worthy investment for the man or woman that wants to lead one of the units and the department later in the future.

Having known the duties and processes in your department, your next move is to take a look at your position classification and job description and note the different jobs that will be directed at you.

Study your Job description: Note the weight attached to each of the activities you should perform and ensure the action with higher weight receives your attention.  In a well structured organization, they will review your performance based on your job description, especially the important aspects of your job.

Then review the actual jobs flowing to your office daily and all its varieties and note the important ones.  Take time to understand their requirements and their time sensitivities.

Having known your duties and all its varieties, set your own response time for attending to documents (work) passed to your desk daily.  May be ten minutes whatever…make sure that nothing is left pending on your desk at close of business.  If you need to spend additional minutes to clear them, please do so.

Treat all jobs assigned to you on a daily basis.  If there are issues in a particular work, report the matter to your boss and record it in a register for that purpose. Have a professional approach to your work.

At this point, you are ready to show leadership by following the following:-

1. Interview your boss carefully: - Learn the habit of interviewing your boss carefully to know what is most important among many pressing matters in the office. On a busy day, many assignment s will be passed to your office for attention.

You will do yourself a lot of good by attending to the most important and relevant matters first.  If you can identify and attend to them, you become a celebrity suddenly Why? You are on the same page with your boss and support of him.

2.   Copy his attitude: Quickly copy all the positive attitudes of your boss, add other quality work ethic he does not have.  Be a professional in every sense, don’t allow errors in your report and be well organized and timely.

3.   Submission:  Submission brings favour.  It pays to be a team player with your boss, supporting his efforts, especially when there is pressure from the top on the unit. If you like fast and pray for 40 days, there are things you will never get from your boss till you start supporting him.

4.   Extra Effort: - Put extra effort to make sure the unit is leading in productivity and efficiency. See the unit as your own unit and imagine you’re the unit head and daily work and function as one and it will surprise you how your thoughts and action will change positively.

5.   Goal Getter - If you claim to be good and skillful when your boss says you are not good enough, beloved, you are deceiving yourself.  It means you are not good enough. You are not yet a goal getter and your best is not good enough.

Positive thinking is the very first step towards success. Cultivate positive emotions because happy people are easily motivated and they perform better.

Hard Work:  A successful career begins with hard work. Talent is good, but it’s just not enough to be talented if you don’t put much effort, you remain at the baseline.

Hard word is therefore that determination to do things in a better way, produce better results, even with little resources.  Hard work is that power to stay focused and committed to what you are doing until the set goal is achieved.

Don’t follow the Pack: - Do things differently and better.  Do not follow the pack who gossip and spend office time chatting and browsing the net.  Also avoid using office hours for your own work, it is ethically negative.

Do you know why? You will reap your reward when it hurts most.  This is why many have started their own business after paid employment and failed woefully.

You are the Unit head or even the owner of the business, so don’t be contented with yesterday’s result today.  Work harder, get things done better.  Average is not good at all, good is better.  Press to the top (Best) and remain there, whether you are recognized and rewarded or not.

Positive Aggressiveness:- In your mind, Rome was built in a day, so what heights people think is impossible is level by your creative thoughts and imaginations till you reach the top and occupy. Winners are people who win again and again.

In order to achieve your goals, you need to “be persistent like a bear”. This metaphor works quite well considering that a hungry, highly determined bear would do anything to get its prey whereas a lazy human wouldn’t try as hard before giving up.

Networking: -  You need a mixed bag of important people, for instance professional colleagues, leaders from different fields, experts, friend and relatives networking together to provide you with good advice and access to new opportunities that can help you achieve your goals in the short and long term.

Leading the Department: 
If you are placed in a leadership position, create a positive and healthy work environment for your staff to express themselves while working. No matter how difficult the assignment may be, don’t  strifle their creativity, instead welcome new ideas and creative solutions.  Have an open and friendly environment.

No matter how good you are, make sure you’re not the smartest person in the office.  If that’s what you have, there is a problem.  This is a concept rather than a statement. It is a concept that allows creativity from your workforce, it encourages you to surround yourself with creative and competent people and the result will blow your mind.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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