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PEOPLE CAUGHT STARRING.........Lets deal with Lust, Demon respects nobody!

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The spirit of lust has no respect for your age of education.  It has two branches namely - The lust of the flesh and Lust of the eyes.  The eyes spot the 'object' and the flesh moves to either look closely and if possible feel the object.

This spirit is very stubborn spirit that no one should ignore.  If you ignore the spirit of lust, it develops to control the person and demands things that are strange and odd for a reasonable person to do.

17Eliza Dushku
The spirit of lust tells women to look sexy, come rain, come shine!

Have you seen people flashing flashing sensitive parts of their body for the public to see...that is the work of spirit of lust.  Have you seen a lady open her chest  as though she wants to intimidate you...that is the spirit of lust at work.

21Eyes Up Here, Buddy

When that spirit is in a woman, it will make sure she exposes those sensitive parts of her body, boobs, legs, navel, bum etc that men love to see to the public and expect love, praises and adoration.  That is even the spirit at work in the pictures you are looking at.

The spirit simply attracts those opposite sex that are possessed by the same Lust and boom...they are glued to the person and if there are opportunity, you will see some funny movements of hands or mouth as the demons inside directs the person.

Ball Boy Grabs An Eyefull
              The guy is completely 'Arrested' by the spirit of lust!

The spirit of lust manipulates people through their emotion and flesh and that makes it difficult to resist it.  

Related image
Seductive dressing is evil - The girl is completely 'Arrested' by the spirit of Lust!

You are a woman and anytime you see a handsome man, you start lusting after him, your are possessed by spirit of lust. You are carried away so soon in your thought and evil desires...that's the spirit of lust for you.  Deal with it!

nba ref checks out sideline reporter  - Thirsty Athletes Caught Staring at Gorgeous Women
   Ball boy - What are you looking for?

ref ben taylor checks out rosalyn gold-owude - Thirsty Athletes Caught Staring at Gorgeous Women

brendan-rodgers-eyeballs reporter - Thirsty Athletes Caught Staring at Gorgeous Women

rasual butler checking out @booksiedabest- Thirsty Athletes Caught Staring at Gorgeous Women


Children are not left out.



Though, this is pure humour for entertainment, the reason I featured it is to show that almost everyone needs to deal with the spirit of Lust. This wicked spirit respects nobody.

It creeps into our lives without notice, but if you are sensitive to observe your behaviour and actions, you will be able to spot demonic manipulation and then know you need to pray yourself out or seek the help of your Pastor.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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