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OPPORTUNITIES EVERYWHERE.........Identifying Viable business Ideas and running with them!

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Breaking out of Poverty Through Ideas

Creativity is a skill and also a passion.  To be creative is to have intuition about new things, to seek answers and new ways of doing the same things. Having the willingness to seek new ways and ideas that delivers goods and services differently and better can take one out of poverty within years.

Poverty is simply a state of Lack.  It is a state of lack of resources, initiative, wisdom and it is also a state of laziness. But with creativity, there is no idle moment and no lack, especially when the person is well focused on discovering better methods and ways.
Until your conditions challenge you to think and seek answers outside the box,  the yoke of poverty may never break-off you. Accepting unfavourable status quo is laziness, Why?  If you reject the status quo and seek answers to the problem, you will discover a way out of it.  The alternative is mental laziness, meaning you are not ready to exercise your mind. Mental laziness tells you that  nothing you put your hands that will works, which is not true.  Mental laziness is destructive and effectively puts many in the bondage of poverty.
The second laziness mindset that should change is the idea that what you studied in the university is the only thing, work or profession that  you should practice. To a large extent, it helps to practice your profession for instance a banker working in a bank.  That’s very good.  But not everyone that studied banking will be lucky to find a job in the bank.  What if the guy could not secure a bank job, is that the end of the road for his dream of being a successful man, able to take care of his family? NO!
For there are opportunities everywhere, the only thing a man need is to discern these opportunities that open to us every day.  This piece is actually a business opportunity discernment clinic, targeted primarily to help you see opportunities around you that you can commit to and be productive.  The discernment of opportunities and its exploitation has nothing to do with the degree you have or your work experience.  It has a lot to your vision and your positive aggression to take the necessary steps to exploit the opportunity.
Discernment of opportunities is a major key that open doors of money and wealth.  Discernment that will translate into money is the one backed up with exploitation. Exploitation of opportunities does not starts without money.  It starts with gathering information about the opportunity, what kind of opportunity it is, whether it is sustainable, whether it is profitable and how it can be exploited. 

It continues with a self assessment of your skills and competences that is required to explore the opportunity to a success.  If you discover you need a certain important skill or ability in order to exploit an opportunity, it means that opportunity is not for you at that time, but you can prepared for it by obtaining the required skills through training or apprenticeship.
Opportunities with high level of technical skill may not be sustainable in the long run for anyone without the skill. Opportunities should be evaluated honestly and thoroughly. Evaluation of opportunities is as essential as spoting the opportunity itself.  If your appraisal is faulty, then, there will be challenges ahead.
You must evaluate the technical skills needed, any regulatory requirements or control etc, else strangers with the technical skill and depth will take over from you and there is nothing you may be able to do. Let me give you a simple example.  In the days that satellite campus began to open and spread in Nigeria, late 1999.
Case of Technical competence - Satelite Campus in Nigeria:

The people that organized and started satellite campus of many universities were people with little education, the most qualified among them being a degree holder.  Some did not even have a degree.  But they saw the opportunity….the desire of many for university education among the working class of that time…..  

These people cannot leave their job for full time university education as a lot of them had children.  So, they discussed with the University authorities and they said its okay, if you have the money, go ahead, organize and arrange the place.  They did and the people yearning for university education responded massively.
The population exceeded the imagination of the school authorities and envy started, and soon the government began to investigate the satellite campuses.  They found to their shock that the organizers of the satellite campuses were people with little or no competence at all and as such, they cannot be allowed to continue to organize. 

Though they have hired qualified lecturers from nearby universities and few lecturers join them from the school, they the organizers were not qualified to organize academic programmes and as such must vacate their position at once. They lost out and were replaced by administrators from the universities.
To open a pharmacy in FCT, Abuja require that you are a pharmacist by profession or have hired one to run the pharmacy business.  If you open with meeting the requirement, you risk closure.

1.    I want to say that until you break the yoke of laziness, you cannot break the yoke of poverty over your life.
2.    The first step is to set yourself from thoughts of fear and failure
3.    Begin to think like the rich idiot.  Design several ways of making money - in other words, several ways of providing services to people and make money out of it.
4.    Your money is in the problems of people you solve.  Discover what you know more than other and decide to provide services to others using your skills,
5.    If you cannot think of any unique skill or gift inside of you, then think of life skill you can learn and practice later. Learn to repair household electrical items like Iron, TV, Fan; Also, Handset, Furniture etc.
6.    If you don’t want to learn a skill, you can learn a trade and learn how to sell one product or another. If you like to be in charge of a store or supermarket in the future, then your first step is to identify a supermarket to absorb you into their workforce or as an apprentice.  Agree the number of months or years of apprenticeship and make up your mind to know the trade and its secrets.
7.    You may also like some decent business that does not require too long a time of apprenticeship before you can set up your own business, like Laundry and Dry Cleaning services, Baby sitting for ladies, Newspaper Vending, second-hand clothing, stand-up comedy etc.
8.    These skills can be very rewarding for anyone that is cut-out for any of them and yet it does not require 4 years training.
9.    Babysitting can be combined with crèche and started at home with a little money spent on crèche beds and toys.  You will need to secure a spacious room, well ventilated and painted with bright colours.  Then, move the home DVD and TV to the Creche in the morning hours and after closing in the evening, return TV to the living room. Announce your business to friends, church members and other people in your neighborhood.
10.    If you succeed in Day care and babysitting business, certainly you are on the way to establishing a Nursery and Primary School in that neighborhood.
11.    You may be the active type and may be aggressive.  If you are aggressive and can get around with people easily, then you may want to try the high yielding entrepreneurial Endeavour…Direct contact marketing.  You identify warehouses with lots of goods looking for customers to buy.  You agree on the commission they will give when you bring clients or move the goods into the market to sell direct to customers.
12.    There are different approaches to starting this business, you can look for buyers and share your commission with them so far they will place huge orders with you.  You can obtain permission to spread a canopy and market the product for one or two weeks in a particular market where you have discovered there is a demand for the product. Alternatively, you can gather agile youth in your environment and organize them into a marketing  team
13.    Then, you hire a bus for one week to move the product to a popular road junction and from there, market the product all over the location and its surrounding neighborhoods, making sales and obtaining orders.
14.    You may also decide to engage in inter- state business, trading in fish, cow or cereals.  You buy the particular product where it is in abundance in the north and then transport to other parts of Nigeria.  Live cow trading is a cash cow in the midst of other options.  The reason is that the supply of meat is always less than the demand of cow meat.   You must however secure the safety of the cows from source to the buyers in the abattoirs.  When you are in the Cow merchant business, the entire Nigeria is your market, so you are on the look-out for where the beef meet is in high demand to supply.
15.    You can also be in the business of helping others and make commission.  This is good for people around a big market place.  Bank workers and other individuals with integrity can identify people that come from far states or country to buy things.  Volunteer to help them buy their subsequent products for them, package it and send to them.  This will save them the cost of transporting themselves to the market, feeding and accommodation for two days . Make them pay you their one-way transport fare.  All they would demand is that you are trustworthy and know the business well.
16.    You can also decide to be a commercial Tailor without shop. How do you do that - simple  Go to the market and buy quality clothing materials at a fair price, take them to specialist tailors you have identified to sow the cloths, after which you supply to boutiques and shops.

17.    You can go into the production of T-shirts, Jeans and or native “Niger Delta” or other cultural attires. The clothes are in the market.   What is required is creativity and drive.
Continue next week.

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