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Nigerian Banker...........Resigns from bank for Plumbing business, says I have a vision!


The world is waiting for a lot of young people to apply their passion and skill to lift their destinies forward.  But you have to see a vision of the future before such can be possible. 

The story here is that of a young banker, Banire Abdulrahman Femi who shocked many of his friends when he resigned from the banking job for Plumbing.  

I can tell you why he did that.  Simple, he has seen opportunity in plumbing business that is greater than working in a bank.  Femi tells us his story by himself.  The question is "What do you see about your future"?

According to Femi, he had a dream to become an Army General while he was growing up.He was so passionate about this that he refused to write the university entry exam (Jamb) when he was passing out of secondary school. This, to him, was to make his parent give his ambition their all.

However, after several failed attempts to secure an admission into the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), he began to realize that he has to have several other realistic plans – like become a successful
entrepreneur. But, the big question was, how was he going to achieve this feat?


According to Banire, he let go of his military ambition and turned to plumbing which his father taught him.

However, after several failed attempts to repackage and promote his plumbing business, shortly after graduating from the university, Femi gave in to the challenges of paying the bills and took up a day job with an insurance company and a bank in quick succession.

But, all along, his dreams of building his own business would not let him be.

Eventually, he resigned from the bank and went back fully into his plumbing business.

Although, he might still be having some other great business plans up his sleeves, as far as plumbing is concerned, Banire says he’s living his dreams.

I no longer have to get stuck to the same monotonous routine job every single day the way it used to be. I now enjoy what I do and do what I enjoy. Do you? If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking don’t settle. And like every other thing that matter to the heart, you’ll know when you find it

See photos from his plumbing below

The world is awaiting your success story. That small tiny idea in your head could make all the difference, so, let it out. Thinking you’ll be doing that soon? Come on! You’d better get started. You’ve only got today.  

I have seen this trend happen again and again with success.  I knew a banker that left his job to open a fashion Saloon, initially he was selling men's suite materials and accessories.  Today, he has more than one shop in choices plazas in Abuja.

If you can see the future, then its yours. So go get started right now!

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?

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