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NEW NIGERIA COMING.........Primate Olabayo predicts End of Oppression in Nigeria!

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PROPHESY - A New Nigeria is coming!

One of the foremost prophets in Nigeria with accurate prophesies for many years running, Founder of Evangelical Church of Yahweh, Primate Olabayo has released a heart-warming prophesy about Nigeria and the forth coming 2019 Presidential elections.

Prophet Olabayo foresee confusion and inconclusive presidential election in 2019, but in the midst of the confusion and political quackmire, he says God will not allow the country to drift.

Prophet and Founder, Evangelical Church of Yahweh, worldwide, Primate Theophilus Olabayo, has assured Nigerians of God’s readiness to bring the nation out of quackmire.

He told The Guardian that God is going to raise up a leader in His own right to sanitise Nigeria, because he really loves the nation.

“God is taking over this country from oppressors and in particular, for politicians who have sold out Nigeria, God is going to take the country from their hands and hand it over to his own man.”

Olabayo stressed that God would also judge religious leaders who have sold out and compromised, adding that Nigeria will soon be free from ‘god-fatherism’ that has taken over the polity.

He warned against what he described as “political warfare” that is very imminent.

Olabayo, in his prediction, added that if there would be election at all this year, it is not going to be free and fair, but would be inconclusive.

He added that the election result would not be released until after four or five days which would lead to confusion and bring about state of anarchy.

He, however, predicted that in the midst of the confusion that would arise, a man of God that has destined to rule this nation would emerge to cleanse Nigeria of all the mess, including corruption.

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