FORGIVENESS IS A SIGN OF LOVE........Not a sign of weakness!

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Betrayal is painful.


Infidelity is the devil troubling marriages around the world.  The devil, not willing to let Christian marriage have peace, uses the spirit of Lust, greed and ignorance to destroy homes.

Why will a woman desire to open herself to another man after marriage, maybe in the office when her husband is at home?  Why will a man that has a beautiful wife be running after-school is the devil.

He sells a dummy of fantasy to them and if the person did not cast away such a thought, the spirit enters into him/her.  The devil uses people's weaknesses to test them every time.  If the opposite sex is your weakness, don't go to places where you will see naked women. Though you still need deliverance, at least stay away from the Trigger.

But, as Believers, what do we do when a loved one has fallen to the deceptions of Satan...You just have to forgive, even when it hurt so much.  Forgive for heaven's sake, for the sake of the children and because God hates divorce.

Find out the Cause

Make a deliberate investigation to find out what happened and how the person fell, so that both of you can take steps to avoid a recurrence, so that the stronger partner can also protect the weaker partner, you are in it together.

Remember that without forgiving offences, heaven and eternal joy will be far from you. If it is the man that fell, please pray for him, especially if he is an Evangelist, Pastor etc.

Please ask for God's mercy and his speedy restoration.  The enemy is known to do everything to prevent them from rising to their former height, but that devil is a liar. The devil hates fire Evangelists and Pastors with bitter hatred...Let us continue in prayers.

Please forgive, rather than think of separation.  When you separate, the children suffer and some die at the hand of stepfathers and mothers and their destiny cut short. Next to forgiveness is the fixing of the problem that caused the infidelity in the first. Whether it is behavioural, the offending person should change and consider his/her spouse.  If it is medical, like in cases of weak erection, low sperm count, or no sperm at all...all of that can be fixed in today's modern medicine and herbal solution.

The couple should forgive themselves and work together to plug the loophole, through which the enemy entered.  Meanwhile, the enemy has gone, and the two people are now suffering from bitterness and aggravated anger against each other.  Total repentance and total forgiveness before God is required. 

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Also, the devil will torment both of you in your separate new relationship to make sure you will never enjoy marriage any more.  Ask those who have separated and their story will shock you.  


Why you should forgive

The Lord has put in you the capacity to forgive any offence, all you need to do is to exercise the gift that you have inside of you.  Every believer can forgive and must indeed forgive, otherwise, you are not acting like a child of God.  We are known for forgiving our offenders because our God forgives us freely.

Forgiveness is a proof of love and understanding, and never a sign of weakness.  After all, it is by His grace that we stand.  Anyone standing is doing so by the grace of God and not because they are wise or righteous.  I would always advise people to start forgiving other people, so if you are faced with a similar challenge at home, it would be easy and ...sometimes a non-issue.

Forgiveness releases you the offended from self-inflicted prison.  Releasing your offenders from your heart gives you the boldness to pray and believe your prayers will be answered, and it shall be answered.

Trust broken can be amended

Many people say that once trust is broken, it can hardly be rebuilt...This is not true.  For Christians, trust broken can and should be amended.  As long as you are interested in going to heaven, you don't have a choice but to forgive all offences.  So, if your husband or wife breaks your trust in a marriage, and once you forgive him/her, that broken trust is immediately mended.  We are sons and daughters of God and should act like our Father in heaven This is why you should forgive and forget, so you can start with your spouse on a clean slate.  God is pleased with that.

After forgiveness, replace anger with Love.

Love is indeed the ultimate good.  The moment you forgive your spouse, you are expected to replace the anger and bitterness in your heart with love. Check out the example of Joseph the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.  When he noticed the wife-to-be was heavy with a child, the bible he thought on all that and decided to put her away privily.  He decided not to make her a laughing stock, but what do we have today, husbands and wives, who are eager to announce the error and sins of their spouse to the public, maybe to show their own holiness...yet they are not holy.

Forgiveness is essential. It’s also possible and the bible doesn’t mince words when it comes to forgiveness. We don’t have to wonder whether we can forgive or not...You and me can forgive and should be forgiven everyone that offends us freely.  Forgiveness is a command, think about it.  Mathew 6:14-15 says, “If you forgive other people when they sin against you, your Father in heaven will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, you Father will not forgive your sins.”

Colossians 3:13 says, “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you know that you have a sinful nature. If we don’t recognize that nature, we won’t recognize our need for a Savior. We also need to understand and remember the true meaning of God’s love. “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). If we truly understand the love of God, we will not enter into negotiation on how and when to forgive our offenders.

There is no wound to nurse

Betrayal of trust does not give rise to physical wounds that a believer should nurse and nurse and nurse...NO! That hurt is gone the day you forgave the person or your spouse.  If it did not go, then you did not forgive. Unbelievers can talk for a whole day about the wounds the betrayal gave them, that is not our portion. You have forgiven her/him, and that ends it.

Imagine the wonderful child of God if you forgive people like God forgives us. You will begin to see people as God sees us if you remember Romans 3:23 which says, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” and you realize you are not perfect, you may have also wronged him/her in other areas. Forgiveness is not negotiable - It’s time to forgive.

Close bonding necessary
When it comes to infidelity in the family, one piece of advice that is very correct is that couples should stay close to each. Make out time to stay and discuss,. talk and do things together, it helps to bond and closes real and artificial gap the enemy might use to enter the family.  Sisters, your closest friend after marriage is your husband and not your old friend - whether she is married or single.

It is important that couples live together and work in the same town or city. Staying apart because of work should be avoided as the devil uses that loophole to tempt couples a lot.

Hold on still, the Lord need you to forgive and help the fallen person to stand, your children need a family.  They need your patience and care, especially when they are still very young. No perfect person exists, look at the good side of your spouse and remember you are not perfect.  

Separation is not the answer
Separation is not the answer, except if you cannot forgive. Remarrying is also not the answer because the same problem that led to the fall if it is not addressed, might also challenge your next marriage.

Some sisters may never be lucky to get a better man thereafter, and those who cannot keep themselves becomes a pawn in the hands of men.

The strongest reason is yet that GOD EXPRESSLY SAID HE HATE DIVORCE.  No child of God is permeated to divorce.  Take the challenges to God in prayer and be patient...He will surely intervene when both of you have learned the necessary lessons.  Let no one say he/she cannot fall, we are all standing by His grace alone, not our strength.

It is time for righteous and holy living.  It is time to love one another like never before - for the end of all things is at hand.


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