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IDEA RULE THE WORLD.........How to create something new Everyday!

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ENTERPRISE - Ideas rule the world.  

So many people are talented, gifted and intelligent, yet their wisdom, intelligence and gifts have not found expression.  This is because, they either do not know how to engage in creative thinking or they are not doing it right.

Also, creative thinking is about innovative solution to existing problems of life. It is about profitable and unique solution to problems.  This write up is aimed at firing the creative man inside of you to arise and take its position.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential creators and innovators die in poverty and their potentials perish. My purpose is to help you get in the thinking mood and practice creative thinking evermore.  Take a look at what you are doing right now. Is it prospering? What about the projects you executed last year 2018, how successful were they? These are areas of creative thinking on a personal level.

In life, people are endowned differently.  God made some people big, others small, some are tall, others are short.  Some people are, by nature, more creative. However, there are a variety of ways you can bolster your creative side. Establish rituals, like journaling, that bolster creativity. Work on changing your mindset, opening yourself up to new ways of thinking. You can also seek support from others. Networking with like minded people can help you be more creative yourself.

Need for Creativity - Ideas

In our society today, the need for creative thinking is higher than any other time in modern history.  The need to spot opportunity and design a creative solution has become a central factor is business success.  In a competitive and past-paced world of today, where technology and the internet has transformed almost everything, only the knowledgeable that thinks ahead will win the business battle to succeed.

So, in both private and corporate organizations, creativity is required from staff and employees, Whether it comes with superbly packaged products, enticing marketing campaigns, innovation breakthroughs or as trivial as solving daily challenges in the workplace, creative thinking will continue to be in demand.  It is this trait that has distinguished some employees as Entrepreneurs and set them apart from others. 

People who work in every sphere need to get down to the basics of creative thinking and its routine and processes.  This is why I am writing this articles.  To help people embrace creative thinking as a way of life and also enjoy the benefits.  The truth is that everyone can engage in creative thinking, starting from what you are doing.  You can undertakes to improve the tools you work with. 

You can write a software that works better than the one you are using when the software is giving too much trouble.  The tools to create a better software are available, but you have to be determine to change a troublesome software and to do things better and easier, then you will discover how easy is to create the change you want.

Everyone can think-out new ways of doing the same thing and when this kind of meditation is put into practice and it becomes a way of life, such a person is practicing creative thinking.  See my first write-up on Understanding Creative thinking.

Going forward, I will like to state that creative thinking requires open-mindedness and flexibility and there are different approaches to creative thinking.  The only motivation needed for creative thinking to begin is a problem and a desire to solve that problem. 

Everyone can be creative, not for the sake of it though.  Everyone can actually seek different approaches to solving a problem.  You can start by:

Trying to create something every day

Create something every day, even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes. I try to write articles, I draw mind maps in meetings, develop business models, logos and I also collect and develop hundreds of ideas. I always have 3 projects in the pipeline, lots of them are not developed but they inspire me. My core business is consulting and training but I work on projects that are not related to my expertise. Here are some examples:

How to create something every day
Create something small every day. Creativity is like any other skill. You get better with practice. If you want to increase your capacity for creative thoughts, work on creating something small every day.

You do not necessarily have to create with an end in mind. In fact, this may inhibit creative thought. Instead of focusing on an overarching project, simply schedule some time every day to let your creativity flow freely.

You can doodle, sketch, do some light painting, free write, or write down some spur of the moment poetry.

Make time to be creative. Just as you make time to brush your teeth each night, strive to schedule time for creative pursuits each day. For example, you can plan to do a 20 minute free write every day before bed.

Make a list and select your ideas

Sometimes the opposite of creative block happens – you just have too many ideas! While it’s good, it can also make you confused. You can sort thoughts up by keeping a list. List down each idea that comes to mind and determine which one you think is the best. You can also bring a pen and small notebook wherever you go so you don’t forget the ideas that come to you when you’re riding a bus, having a lunch, reading a book or watching videos in the internet.

Make a list and select your ideas.
Keep a journal. Regular journaling can be a great way to increase creative thoughts. Writing down your thoughts on a daily basis can help you become more introspective and observant, both of which can bolster creative thought.

Many people find dream journals are great creative tools. As the mind is uninhibited in dreams, you can find a lot of great ideas in your sleep. Try keeping a journal by your nightstand and jotting down your dreams as soon as you get up in the morning.

You can also carry a journal with you. This can allow you to write down thoughts as they come and may encourage you to be more observant. You'll end up seeking inspiration everywhere if you always have a notebook on-hand to record your most interesting thoughts and insights as they come.

Ask the right questions

When you need to start a creative session, always start with why, how, what, when question and try to answer it. 

Abandon judgment. Judgement can inhibit creative thinking. When problem solving, allow your brain to think of new, somewhat crazy ideas. Avoid judging this ideas too "out there" or "absurd." Allowing yourself to think outside the box, without external judgment, is important to creative thinking.

Understand, in any given situation, you'll have to filter through many bad thoughts before landing on a good one. You may write 3 mediocre drafts of a poem before you hit your stride. You may think of several bad solutions to an issue at your office before finding a good solution. Accept it's okay to filter through bad ideas before you find a good one.

Be open to alternative ideas. Do not be judgmental of ideas that are outside the realm of conventional. Even if you don't follow all non-conventional ideas exactly, simply exposing yourself to the unusual can help aid creative thought.

Be open to new things. Creative thoughts can come from a variety of places. If you open yourself up to changes in your routine, you're more likely to stumble upon inspiration. Instead of feeling anxious about exploring new ideas or experiences, see them as exciting opportunities to bolster your creativity

Build a network

Get creative and inspiring people into your social circle and interact with them in a regular basis. Listening to fresh perspectives and seeing your issues in different angles may help you reconstruct your ideas. The re-focus will help you substantiate the problem and narrow down solutions. Here is a list of 10 profiles you should work or talk with and an other article with an explanation on How to Build an Innovation Group in your community?

Building a network.
Reach out to like-minded people. Try to network with other creative people. Surrounding yourself with creative people can make you more creative yourself. Try to reach out to likeminded people to bolster creative thought

Reach out to people whose interests are similar to your own. If you're a poet, for example, join a poetry club. If you're interested in painting, see if you can take a painting class at a local community center.

You should also get involved outside your personal creative circle as well. As stated, looking for media outside your comfort zone can increase creativity. If you're interested in writing fiction, try to talk to writers who work in other genres. You can learn a lot from people with different interests.

Go to conferences. 
There are many conferences you can attend that help you branch out with others in a creative field. These can provide you with invaluable experiences to network and learn from those around you.

Socialize regularly.
Being around a variety of different people can bolster creative thought. By exposing yourself to people of many different viewpoints and backgrounds, you'll find yourself thinking more creatively. Creative thinkers generally have a large, open minded perspective.

Regular socialization can also decrease stress levels. If you want to think creatively, you need to take breaks and de-stress. Having a social circle you meet with regularly can help here.

Take Risks

A risk may be a double-ended sword, but the more you avoid it, the more you are leaving ideas unturned. Risks allow you to think out-of-the-box, look for the unconventional and embrace the difference. Creative thinking doesn’t necessitate you to conform all the time; in fact, most of the ingenious concepts are born from deviating.

Take risks. Risk-taking is vital to developing creative thinking. If you're processing new, somewhat scary experiences on a regular basis, you will have to do some creative thinking to find unconventional solutions to new problems and setbacks. Taking risks regularly can make you more resourceful and creative overall.

Each day, try to take a chance. Apply for a fellowship even if you feel under-qualified. Ask your boss for a raise even if you feel there's a good chance she'll say no. Take on a new project at work, even if you feel it's somewhat daunting.

Risk-takers tend to have higher levels of creative thinking. A risk presents you with a new situation entirely, forcing you to calibrate your thinking to adjust. Risk-taking also encourages you not to conform. Creative thinkers act independently, following their own intuition over what others are doing.

Forget talent

We tend to think we either have it or we don’t. Talent is an overloaded word, don’t focus on what you can do, just do it. Learn by doing. Show up, work hard and support yourself. It’s how you’ll make thing happen every day.

Do not think in terms of talent. 
Talent forces people into a black and white thinking pattern. You may find yourself thinking you're either talented or you're not. However, while innate talent can help with creativity, it all comes down to practice. Just make time to be creative every day and your capacity for creative thinking will improve.

Ask for feedback.

Many famous creative thinkers had mentors who looked over their work. If you're stuck on a project, ask another creative person to help. This can be a friend, a peer, or a co-worker. Having someone else provide feedback can help you see your work from an outside perspective, giving you the opportunity to improve.


In concluding this piece, I  encourage everyone to seek improvement in what we do on a daily basis.  If everyone think creatively and improve the ways things are done around him, life will be easier. Remember, you will be the first to reap the benefit of your improved system...and then it will become available to others.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?

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