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Trust God

AVOIDING ADULTERY IN MARRIAGE...........Is possible for the Diligent and wise!


Adultery in marriage usually lead to serious problems, many of which end up in divorce.  Currently infidelity is the highest cause of divorce world-wide.

This simple advice will benefits young couples, who are still learning to live together, love and appreciate one another.  Its important for them to know that once the Trust between the husband and wife is broken, many people never recovers from the short and to love their spouses like before, they they may remain in the marriage.

Young people should be spiritually and mentally ready for marriage before they venture into it.  One of the signs that a man or woman is spiritually ready for marriage is the decision of such a person to reserve him/herself for a good while, while praying for the right man or woman.  God sees this attitude of men and rewards it always.

Another sign that you are ready to get committed to one person and move on in life is the ability to make personal adjustments that will make you fit for a father or mother, which you are aspiring to be.  Your ability to cut-off those youthful behaviour, club going, partying and always being the company of promiscuous friends...

Basically, every one knows his or her weak areas, work on them, don't be shy or sweep your weak areas under the carpet, else it would rise up in the future to work against your marriage. If they are spiritual, seed advice from your Pastor.  Open it up to God for help and make a personal commitment to change.  For once there is a  will on your side, there will also be a way out.

Decide never to be in a hurry or get impatient.  This is usually the trick of the devil to make people marry the wrong persons and have regrets in the future.  If you are a Christian, marrying an unbeliever is not an option.  If you reduce your standards to marry him or her, get ready for a running battle in the future.

Marry the person you love and that loves you.  One secret to marrying a good wife or husband for Christians is your getting very serious with the things of God, the business of God - Soul winning and giving happily to God and to His work, then pray with all faith and confidence that you have received the answers.


In addition to making these changes to your lifestyle in readiness for marriage, the man and woman in marriage should MINDFUL of the following behaviours.

1. Do not make any opposite sex outside your wife ...your close confidant, with whom you discuss intimate matters. Any married person that discusses his/her family issues with friends and colleagues will sure destroy the marriage one day.

2. Avoid secret meetings with the opposite sex, and where it is necessary, go with your spouse.over familiarity with colleagues.

3. Avoid unnecessary familiarity and play with friends and colleagues.  Also avoid unnecessary body contact and huge, after marriage.

4. Avoid accusing your spouse in the presence of a third party - Friends and colleagues, because once they discover you are not happy in marriage, the mischievous ones among them will see it as an opportunity to show you fake love and care, the kind you are lacking at home.

5. If you must discuss your marital issue with a close brother in the Lord or Sister, Pastor, make sure the person is of your same sex.  Don't discuss with your Pastor, except on a counseling day, when their team is with them. 

6. Be proud of our spouse always, when he or she is there or not.  Let your friends and relatives know you love your spouse.  Say 'I love you' to our spouse always -Do you know why?  Love grows with nourishment.  If your nourish and appreciate your love affairs regularly, the faster it grows.

7. Avoid collecting unsolicited gifts and favours from the opposite sex.  Avoid free ride to and from the office by the same person every day. If the favour continue for long, intimacy could develop that could bring a fall, after all the man is not a father Christmas.

8. Don't lust for evil things in your heart. Trust in the Lord for your promotion and work hard.  Don't try to promote yourself by compromising your faith and marriage.

9. Never you think that the other man or woman is better than your spouse.  That is an error that promote adultery.

10. Direct all your sexual fantasy and emotions towards your spouse and no body else.  Be contempt with what is your own.

11. Men especially, should avoid turning back to re-examine a lady's appearance or beauty/figure as such act registers the picture in his memory, which the devil will use later to tempt him to fall.

12. Make God fearing people your friends.  A single sister with a single sister, married woman with married woman.  Married women should be careful in discussing her marriage with a divorcee.


Beloved, there is no temptation that you cannot overcome if you are determined. Ensure your sexual drive is moderated and effectively under your control, else...No amount of precaution will help you.

You should be in firm control of your body, and bring it under subjection to the word of God, otherwise the end-time spirit of seduction and lust could sweep the person away into avoidable error.  You can also make a vow  of Chastity with the Lord and ask Him to keep you holy in conversation, thought and actions.

Married women, please be weary of mischievous men, who compliment women and tell them sweet nothing compliments in the office, and in the neighbourhood.  Gently ask them to compliment their own wife. 

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

You will not live for ever on earth, Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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