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ARE YOU THREATENED WITH SACK LETTER?..........Pray these Prayers!

A Prayerless Christian will suffer a lot of Attacks


Believers who do not pay attention to spiritual things, and those who are not developing their spiritual gifts are joking, because with the rage of the enemy in this end-time, they are bound to cry.  Prayer-less Christians will certainly suffer and be afflicted unnecessarily.

A believer is known by his lifestyle of prayer and righteous living after the order of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  He was known for praying daily, talking to His Father and receiving instructions and guidance from heaven.  He was also known to have fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before His ministry began.

Prayer is the key to spiritual power and when the devil distracts people from praying, he makes them powerless.  Christians who cannot pray and fast are Christians by confession and not in spirit. Such Christians are usually powerless.

A Christian who does not study and meditate on the word of God will hardly know God.  We know Him through His Word, for the word is God.  Studying and meditation brings transformation into your heart. How?

The word is Spirit and life, so as you meditate on it daily your heart is renewed, bad attitudes are removes, sin and wickedness are exposed in your heart.  And as you continue, a new Spirit enters into you, the Spirit of Christ, to open your understanding of spiritual things.

Strongholds the enemy had built in your heart are destroyed, selfish attitudes, evil conducts are traded for love and kindness. Your thinking, imaginations and even heart desires will be changing to reflect the “new occupant” of your heart. 
Purity of the heart and body will begin to matter to you.  Holiness, doing His will and pleasing God will start ringing bells in your heart, then the new man is emerging… your spirit will bear witness to this fact.

Spiritual Life:

Your spiritual life is more important than the millions people are aggressively chasing. The full development of your spiritual life and living the life of Christ is worth more than any CEO position you can get anywhere.

This is because, when your spiritual life is fully developed, your spiritual eyes and ears are opened to see and know what is going on around you, to know what God is doing and hear what God is saying to you and to others.  This is when you begin to walk in the spirit and of course live by the same order.

But, if your spiritual life is zero, your millions cannot protect or save in the day of trouble. Agents of darkness will harass you and attack you. If you cannot stop satanic harassment, then you may not be able to enjoy your wealth.

Spiritual Attacks:
Agents of darkness: - They are the foot soldiers of Satan.  They torment you because you are a cold Christian.  How?   When they fire arrow at you, their arrow does not return to their head, so they know you are cold.

Agents of satan delights in bringing shame to children of God. A story is told of how a highly placed woman was hypnotized by a junior officer, who had boosted he would humble and disgrace her.  

Because she had no spiritual fire, the junior officer touched her… and that was it.  She lost control of herself and did not realize what was happening until the boy slept with her.    

Don’t wait till they slap you in the dream or give you sack letter before you start praying.  Don’t wait until you or any member of your family lands in the hospital, don’t wait till they cancel that contract, or that visa before you start praying.  For if there is a man to pray, you can be sure there is a God to answer, that God is the Almighty powerful God. 

Some have become so busy in the office and have no time for fellowship or prayer, without knowing the enemy has concluded plans to remove them from the job.  Whether you like it or not, there are many who will be demonically removed from their jobs before this year ends.  

They are doing “big boys and girls” today, and the comfort around them has deceived them not to remember prayer. Meanwhile, the witches have concluded plans to sweep their job away, just waiting for the set time to strike.  What a tragedy!! 

Agents of darkness with magical powers are everywhere; no child of God should be “cold”.  These are the perilous times, when the Landlord is chasing the tenant and the tenants are chasing the Landlord.

Employment under threat: -  For people under constant threat of sack in the office, I have a few prayer points for you.  You should pray these prayers aggressively and silence the voice of the enemy over your life this year.

I have few prayer points that will silence the voice of that enemy and your God will fight for you.  As you start praying these prayers, all the evil plans of the enemy concerning you will begin to fall like pack of cards.  All their conclusions about your job will be destroyed.  Promotions tied down,breakthroughs held back will be released in Jesus name. 
Before you start praying, rededicate your life to the Almighty God, and give your heart to Jesus Christ, if you have not done so before.  Take the following steps:
1) Repent of your sins, forsake them and give your heart to Jesus Christ.
a) Declare a three or seven days of prayer
b) Study and meditate on the Word of God daily, 
c) Pray with fasting, Pray at night from 12.ooam daily
d) Meditate on scriptures that promise you victory like Psalms 124

2) Pray aggressively:

Say the following prayers: 
1.  Any power saying No to my job, be frustrated and fail in Jesus name.

2.  Every sacrifice made to relieve me of my job, catch fire and die in Jesus name

3. I revoke every satanic decree issued against my job and promotion in Jesus name.

4. Every Iroko tree fueling my problems, threatening to sack me, be uprooted in Jesus name.

5. Fire of God, Finger of God remove the strongman fighting my career in Jesus name.

6. Any power (herbalist) hired to remove me from my job, die by fire in Jesus name

7. Every coven pronouncement against my employment, backfire in Jesus name.
3) Live a Holy and righteous life thereafter:

Develop your spiritual life through the study and meditation on the word of God. Live in obedience to the word in the sense that whatever the bible calls sin, you flee from them.

You guide your heart always and make sure evil thoughts, negative imaginations are quickly expelled from your heart as they come.  You embrace what the bible call righteous living which simply means to show the love of God to other people irrespective of their faith, colour or language.

Loving your neighbor as yourself is righteousness.  Showing kindness to the poor and helping the needy are seeds of love which covers their nakedness and when you commit yourself to doing such, divine hedge and covering comes upon your head from the Almighty God.

Anything you do to the sick, the poor, the oppressed, people in prison, homeless people is a direct investment into your own security. They are more important than the selfish pursuit of power and fame or fleet of cars and houses.

Forgive all that offend you: Make forgiveness a priority in your life.  As you forgive people, they are released from your heart and you are yourself released.

Pray Always: - Pray daily and consistently. Continue to pray till your answers appear.  You cannot over pray, why?  Your prayers are saved in the prayer bank of heaven and soon a book of memorial will be opened for you. Your name entered into that book means you are known in heaven.

Say NO to spiritual coldness, the days are evil.Many have lost their most precious possessions due to coldness, others has been warned to keep quite or face the “music” where they live and work and they are afraid. 

I will discuss the other side of retaining your job next week. The improvements over your output and service qualities that recommends you to your boss.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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