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WINNING ATTITUDES FOR 2019...........That gives Victory, joy and Happiness while serving the Lord!

Winning lifestyle for 2019!

The year 2019 will surely witness more surprises than this year. It is also a year to be excited about.  It is a year you should move your faith to the next level, speaking boldly the word of faith, and knowing the Lord is on your side.

This is one year you should learn the ways of God and not just desire His miracles, but be determined to be a vessel unto God's miraculous works. It is a year you should desire to be God's friend. A year you should study and meditate on the word until it begins to dominate your thought, behaviour and actions. 

God's promises are timeless and no matter what the economy is saying, your faith in God, obedience to His word will surely be rewarded.  God is no respecter of persons, but the bible say whoever fears the Lord and work righteousness, such a person is acceptable by God.

God demonstrated this scriptures in the case of Cornelius.  This man was a Roman soldier that does not have the Law delivered to him, but the bible said he was a devout man,and one that feared God with all his house, which gave much alms to the people and prayed to God always.

This man's lifestyle attracted God to Him and God who looks at the heart of man saw that the Centurion loved the Lord and feared God with his household.  God gave him a vision to send for Peter, that Peter may tell him what he need to do and be saved.


The purpose of this post is to shares some of the attitudes that can help you living a life of happiness and joy while serving the Lord.  Wisdom is the principal thing, the bible says.  We have also discovered that character is another principal thing in life. 

I am saying this because your character is who you are, and who you are will eventually be known by people around you, The character or attitude you value and embrace will work for you and in you, so the earlier you develop worthy character, the better your christian life.

Character will promote you where nobody give you any chance of succeeding.  Your positive character will draw many people to you and as a believer, your character can affect your ability to show people the love of Christ and win souls. 

God primary interest in us is our salvation.  So in 2019, the starting point is for anyone who is not saved to be saved.  After salvation , continue to walk in Christ and do good works - works of righteousness. To continue in Christ is to grow and deepen yourself in the Word - for Christ is the Word, and be established in faith.

The following lifestyle will see you possessing your blessings in 2019:

1. Build your faith - Romans 10:17,Jude 1:20
There are two ways you can build your faith  - Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God, so you can build your faith by listening to messages of the word, being preached and taught, and studying the word and meditating on it daily.  

The moment it becomes a lifestyle that you must study the word daily, your are on the right path to building your faith.  Also, you build up your faith by praying continually in the Holy Ghost.

2. Put your Trust in Him
Every believer should learn how to put his trust in God, and not on man or satan. When your trust is in Him, the bible says you cannot be confounded.  He will never leave you to the enemy, neither will He forsake you.  

3. Fear the Lord, walk in Wisdom
You should endeavour to find wisdom, the wisdom of God, which God says is the principal things in life that blesses and preserves you. Diligently seek knowledge and to have understanding in all things. Incidentally, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...and the fear of the Lord is to depart from evil.

4. Don't give up
Learn to share your dreams with God and obtain his permission.  The moment God has approved your vision or plan for the year, then you should run with the plan, even if your friends do not agree with the plans.  Troubles and challenges will surely come, people may not agree with your vision for the year, but never give up your dreams.  There may be enemies on every side threatening you, attacking and discouraging you.

Never be discouraged, learn to persist and push the idea further,  Don't allow adversity to bury your vision in 2019

5. Speak the Word of Faith
In good and bad times next year, speak the word of faith,  In your business, family and other pursuits, learn to speak the word of faith and God will confirm His own words in your life.  Faith requires that we speak with our mouth, the belief in our heart, otherwise it will not be established.  Use the word of faith to design your future in 2019, calling those things which be not as though they be.  This is the nature of God.

Until you begin to speak to your mountain to move, they may n ever move away, until you begin to call those things that be not, creative things may never show forth in your life.  I win all my battles of life starting from my confessions of victory.  Words of faith cannot fall to the ground, they are words of God!

6. Study the word and pray daily
You are born again by the word and established by faith.  To study the word and meditate on it is feeding your soul with food of life, a seed unto righteousness and spiritual progress.  Praying is the way to communicate with God, praise and worship Him for His goodness and share our problems and burdens with Him, who cares for us.

Whenever your prayer life becomes weak, know the enemy is around the corner, desiring to 'shift' you for a while...NO! Don't give the enemy an inch in your life.  Pray daily and your prayers will be answered.  Prayer must not be when there is problem in the family, but always.  It is what you ask that God will give.  Also, learn to pray right.  Use the word of God as foundation for your prayers and the Almighty will surprise you next year!

7. Don't stop doing Good
To be generous and compassionate is a strong virtue of successful believers.  Giving is living and whosoever that expects to receive should be ready to give.  Jesus said, if you give unto men and God, the same measure shall be measured again to us.  Men will give unto us as we give to others.  There is one that is liberal and lacks nothing, and there is one that withholdeth and does not have enough.

God is not mocked, if we sow sparingly, we shall ripe sparingly.  So remember to be generous towards God first and then towards your fellow man.  A rich man that is mean towards God is foolish. In Psalms 41:1-2, the bible says those that consider the poor to give to them, the Lord will deliver them in time of trouble.  Your giving will usually make a way for you in difficult places.

8. Be Humble
To be humble is to heaven compliant.  This is because the bible say that God hate the proud and gives grace to the humble.  A humble man is that man that is not proud in his heart, that fears the Lord and at the same time that gives all glory to God and not to his own wisdom or personal effort.  

All the people saying they are self-made Millionaires and Billionaires are not humble.  A humble person is gentle, patient and en treatable.  Learn to be gentle and patient with life and what life throws at you. Patience should actually stand on its own because it is a great virtue of men and women of God.

9. Be Happy
Happiness is a high calling for impatience and aggressive believers.  Patience and long suffering helps you to take things easy and allow God to work certain thing out for you.  If you will be happy in 2019 as a believer, you must learn to forgive offenses without waiting for them to say 'I'm sorry'.  

If you want to be happy and you should be happy, then you should be free from all fear.  Kill fear before fear kills you or makes you to panic and loose your joy. Develop a life of trusting in God in all things, so that when things come out fine, you celebrate and when things did not go well, you can still say from your heart THANK YOU JESUS!

Finally on Happiness, don't allow your circumstances determine your mood and happiness.  Let the joy that God is in control and helping you make your day.  Never trust in your own wisdom and abilities, more than necessary, else you will go into deep sorrow.

10. Be Loving
To be loving is to be willing to accommodate people of all races and type.  To love people is to be willing to share your best with people, one person at a time.  Love should be unconditional for it to receive reward from the Almighty God.

But if you will love those that love you only, those that have the capacity to reciprocate your love, know for sure you are not in love. You must also love yourself and make yourself lovable.  How do you make yourself lovable?  When you forget your past and the wrongs done to you and decide to move on in life, without grudges.  If you don't forget the past, your future relationships could be in jeopardy.  

11. Live holy and righteous
The simplest way I express holy living is that holy living is a life of obedience to the word and voice of God.  A life in which whatever God says is the final...that's holiness.

12. Give Him Praise continually
God is worthy of our praises and worship.  The creator of heaven and earth that love us so much that He gave us His only begotten Son to die for our sins is worthy of our worship 24/7 every day.

But, it has been discovered that it is people who are grateful for God kindness to them that praise and worship continually.  If you are not a grateful person, even if the Lord send you the latest private jet that has swimming pool, lavish hotel accommodation with all the bar facilities inside, you will still not worship Him.

Please praise and worship Him today and every day of your life, the Lord is worthy of all worship and adoration.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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