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NIGERIAN MUSICIANS.............The Super Talented and most Loved at the Moment!

Music has no Tribe!

Nigerian music stars are among the most loved in Nigeria cutting across ethnic divide.  Music has no ethnic group.  Though there are musicians singing with their native tongue and so on, good music is enjoyed by all, according age and maturity.

Personally, I enjoy many Hausa music without knowing what on earth they are talking about, I will just be nodding along and sometimes shake along with the people.  Then I will pause and ask "what is the guy talking about'?  Many times, the musician is talking about love.

Music makes the heart merry and that explains why Nigerian music and songs are played in churches all over the world.  Worship is worship and a spirit led worship song is accepted to all believers irrespective of colour and race.

These artists listed here are household names in Nigeria and abroad to an extent.  Sinach's music is played in churches and christian gathering all over the world.  She has been able to achieve this feat with alot of prayers and inspiration.


Her music has gained alot of improvement from her first hit album to the last one released this year.  Sinach stand first among equals in gospel music that touch the heart, so, she may not be the righest of the pack, but certainly the leadert!

Another great guy of gospel music is Nathaniel Bassey.  He has consistently upped his game on the guitar to the admiration of many around the world.  However, he is not as loud as Sinach, but certainly as consistent in quality music and videos.

Here comes the trio that is speculated to be among the richest among the pack of non gospel musicians.  Wizkid, Davido, D'Banj.  Two of them Davido and Wizkid are popular with children.

Frank Edward is very popular with youths and churches in Nigeria. He is usually regarded as a General in the gospel circle because of his confessed spiritual depth.  Most of his award winning tracks, he said he received them from Above. 

2FACE IDIBIA is very popular with young Nigerians and those who frolic alot.  He seem to the Baba of the frolic youths, men and women.  Children do not know much of him again, but those days, he was their first name.

ADA is another protege of Christ Embassy that is doing well and loved by children and adults for her kind of gospel music.  In her Album, you have tracks for every age category and so she is well appreciated in Nigeria.  She young in the scene and certainly have years ahead of her.

P-SQUARE is a household name among children and young adults. I call them powerful twin brothers with charismatic youthful performances on stage.

E-BEN is very popular with children and youths across Nigeria for his solid gospel vibes and spectacular videos.

  Lara George -  Dan-saki re
Lara is very popular among all age groups in Nigeria for Dan-sake that has been enjoyed for years by all.  In churches, her track is household for praise and worship leaders.

 Joe Praise - Well loved by the youth.

There are many more that their names are not here, subsequent reviews will capture more names.  As we close this year,  Fireinthebone give God praise for these wonderful Nigerians and pray that next will see all of them and more giving their best.

We pray that those of them not born again will become born-again in 2019 and together, we lift up the name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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