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What is SUICIDAL THOUGHTS...........Telling You and how to Resist it?

Friends, lets talk about 'suicidal thoughts', that has led many people around the world to take their own lives.  This problem usually start from severe depression caused by a problem that will not go away. 

The victim, after making several attempts at resolving the problem suddenly gives up hope for solution and then relapses into severe depression where the person becomes less interested in life and all the business that is going on here.

The force behind suicide is a forceful spirit of darkness that continually speaks negative and hopeless words to the victim.  The act of suicide is executed when the soul of the victim has been subdued by fearful lies they hear from a voice that speak to them to kill themselves.

Let me start by asking if you have any of these problems listed below or know any one grappling with similar intractable problem, that will not go away?.

1. Is it a problem of loss of lucrative job in a foreign land, or business opportunity?
2. Have you lost a loved one?, Are you sick and your body is no longer responding to treatment?
3. Have you struggled to get something for long without success?

Are you now thinking the problem may never be solved.  Has the pain of existence become too much for you to bear? and you are now thinking that "Everyone would be better off without you?" 

What is Mr. Suicidal thoughts telling you about the problem? I need to expose the lies of suicidal thoughts before their master Satan enters the matter as Mr. Suicide.  Mr Suicide is an enforcer, who pushes people so hard till their emotional strength is gone and they yield their life for no just cause.

What Suicidal thought told you?

Has suicidal thoughts or voice of the devil painted a picture of gloom and hopelessness in your heart, trying to convince you there is no need to continue living?  I hope you will tell me your story and the voices you have been hearing lately...Please tell me.

You might feel scared to tell me if I ask you whether you are thinking of suicide. I will not blame or judge you.  I will only listen gently to your story and suggest ways out of the problem.

Suicide might tell you not to tell me. Suicide might tell you I am your enemy. Suicide lies.

Suicide might tell you that nobody could possibly help you, That dying is the only way to end your pain.  Suicide might even tell you that you are a bad person  full of mistakes and that you are the cause of all your failures, don't worry about his accusation and lies. 

Suicide tormented a woman well known to me in Nigeria, when she lost her husband that used to work in an Oil company, leaving her with seven children to take care of . She went into depression and medical examination after another, nothing meaningful was discovered.   

The woman was overwhelmed by the future of the children and herself and how they could possibly maintain the high-end living standards they were used to. 

Family members got together and asked her to visit a close relative in the US, and that was it.  The change of environment did the miracle as the woman recovered within one month. She became well and returned to Nigeria looking beautiful and healthy - Why, she had overcome the loss of her husband and she was ready to continue with life.

Another young girl was suffering with her mother due to extreme poverty, she failed college exams many times till she finished and without considering where money to train her will come from, she  applied for university admission and got it.  In her first year, the school announced that the best student in the class would enjoy scholarship.  

This poor woman's daughter decided she would have to be the best in her class to enjoy the school scholarship and she made it.  From that time till she completed her degree, she was on scholarship and finished with a First class honours degree!  From hopelessness to success!

I can tell you hundred real life stories of people in difficult situations of life, who overcame their problem with time and still fulfilled 'strong'. Life is in seasons and cycles. The bible say Time and season is in the hands of God.  What a season will bring to us, only God knows.  But we should be adequately prepared to face challenges of life as they come and be determined to overcome them and move on.

So you can see that suicide is not an option.  You can also see that suicidal thought is your enemy, the voice asking you to jump from a height, or to run into a moving vehicle or kill yourself is the voice of the devil. The purpose of the lies of the devil is to destroy your destiny.

Mr. Suicide is the voice you should not listen to or obey.  His goal is to abort the good purpose of God for you and deny your family and the entire world the benefits of your skill, intellect, and ultimately stop your divine assignment on earth. The devil wants to destroy a life that has not even began.

If your friends cannot help you, I will and if the problem is 'too heavy', then I will take it to GOD and you can be sure the Almighty God is able to do all things.  Things that are impossible with men are POSSIBLE WITH GOD.

The devil may be showing you the pictures of your old friends and school mates that committed suicide when things became tough for them, but you are a different person.  Your destiny and star is distinct and never the same with those people.

He may also be telling you everything that is wrong with your life and everything that is wrong with you.  He plays tricks with truth, telling only the truths that make you want to die and hiding the truths that make you want to live. 


Once a problem seem intractable, share the problem with friends and ask for their help and assistance - Don't carry heavy burden alone.  Seek the help of a Pastor of a living church around you.

Reject every contrary voice speaking to you.  Rebuke the voice and reject its instruction. 

Seek further help if the voice persist.


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