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Spiritual battles are Inevitable.........Use these Tools for your deliverance!

Preparing for Spiritual Battles!

Christians are expected to develop their human spirit to the extent that they can discern spiritual things easily. We must be spiritually minded because the world we live is a wicked place, full of habitations of cruelty.

Man is born into trouble and so trouble is inevitable.  It then becomes a tragedy for the man not to know how to defend himself when trouble comes. In addition, a child of God who chooses to live right will face constant demonic attacks, other than persecution.

Christ has already overcome the enemy for us, but we must walking in the Spirit to make victory easy. When we do, we will led by the spirit of God and the specific prayers and actions required, the Spirit will tell us and victory is sure.

Believers should know how to appropriate the victory at the cross of Calvary to deliver themselves from the hands of the enemy. We should receive the freedom by faith and walk in the victory, the Lord has given you.  

How? - It is simple - Below are simple and effective steps you have to take to laugh last over your enemies.

1. You must be born again: - You must believe the word of God as true and accept the Son of God, Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour.  You must be surrendered to Jesus and very well too. You must believe in Jesus according to John 3:16, and confess that He is Lord of your life - For Jesus said in John 3:3 "Verily verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."

2. Acquaint yourself with the Word and be baptized:  The scripture and the Holy Ghost are your enabler in the faith.  When you become born again, get water baptism as soon as you believe and then devote yourself to studying the word of God.  The word of God is power and if you have the word in your spirit, you have power.  We use the word to counter the devil as Jesus did and also as prayer 'bullets' in spiritual warfare.

3. Holy Living: - Spiritual battles are easily won be people who live holy.  What do I mean? Holy living is simply obeying God's word in the bible and doing what He says you should do.  If you will hearken to His words and obey His instructions, you will surely prosper Deut 28:1-14

4. Flee Sin: - Sin is a reproach.  Both the sin we do and the evil thoughts we harbour in our heart will hinder our prayers, and make victory very difficult. Sin brings separation between man and God according to Isaiah 59:1-2. Sin are works of the flesh as counted in Galatians 5:19-21. Sin are works of the flesh do not please God and no one can continue in sin and see the glory of God.  

5. Purity of heart: - God loves purity of heart and the pure in heart shall see the Lord, so you must keep a pure heart - for if you regard iniquity in your heart - If there is a secret sin you hid to commit, which you enjoy doing and each time, you make sure nobody sees you...Know for sure that nothing can be hidden from God, and so when you pray, God will not answer you. 

6. Accept you have a problem: - You must acknowledge a problem before you can solve it. When you identify a problem, then you do a research finding on it, to know how the problem started, where it started, what dreams you had before the problem started and what visions God showed you before that time.  

You should also find out who and who is involved and where the arrows and attacks are coming from. This will help you arrange relevant scriptures for battle. 

7. Faith: You need to develop your faith and put your trust in God. You need to know that the battle is not yours, if you do not go into battle alone.  If you go into the battle, led and guided by the Holy Ghost, then the battle is not your, but the Lord.

You must also realize that your righteousness cannot heal or deliver you, but faith in that name JESUS CHRIST will. So develop strong faith in the name of Jesus - as the apostles did and God wrought miracles and wonders through them. Believe in God and let the Holy Ghost lead you into every battle.

8. Forgiveness: -  Before you start praying, repent of your own sins and forgive every one that has offended you, including the identified enemies and realize that the fight is not physical.  It is not against the person, but the power behind his attacks on you.  The man or woman could be your good friend, but when the evil spirit comes into him/her, he turns to enemy and could kill his friend without provocation. So, forgive the person, and yet go ahead with your spiritual warfare prayers to counter the spirit that makes him/her to attack you.

9. Prayer and Fasting: - Your next step is to arrange the scriptures relevant to the battle at hand.  The scriptures serves as the legal ground upon which your battle and faith is based. If it is an oppression, Isaiah 49:24-26; There is Isaiah 41: 10-14 to assure you of God's presence and victory.

Why are you praying and fasting - Jeremiah 33:3 says "Call unto me and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not". Arrange relevant scriptures promising you victory and rehearse them before the Lord, meditating on them and praying.

Why fasting? - Jesus revealed a secret to the disciples and us that there are some problems (Mountains)  that cannot be moved without fasting. He says "Howbeit this kind goeth not out, but by prayer and fasting" - Mathew 17:21.

10. Night Watch: - The hours of the night is the very deadly hours when most evil things are done, both physically and spiritually.  More violent crimes take place at night.  When you keep the watch at mid-night hours, you are able to counter evil spiritual transactions targeted against you.

Because you are awake and praying, their arrow will not penetrate your body, it goes back to sender.  Remember the scriptures in Mathew 13:25 which says "But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way".  The hours of the night are hours of evil seed sowing and that shall not be your portion.



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