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Trust God

RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY LIVING........Obeying God with your Household in Love!

  • By Your righteousness standing with God
  • Obedience to God's Word and voice
  • Charity begining at home, teaching your children the way of the Lord
  • Living by Example and...Depending entirely on God! 


The Almighty God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and decided to destroy all His creation, which include man, animals and all the creeping things He created, but NOAH found favour in the eyes of the Lord.

Noah was a just man and perfect in his generation and Noah walked with God. He found grace with the Lord, which led to the saving of his entire family.  Noah was a holy and righteous man, a prayerful man, who had fellowship with God in prayer daily and through diligence obedience to the word of God worked with God to bring God's plan to pass.

Noah was not just a just man, he was probably a brave man who was able to bring up his children in the fear of the Lord.  It is always a painful thing to see children of Pastors being counted among the worldly.

I believe God is not happy that we are holy and righteous, but our children are among the drunkards and prostitutes in the club houses.  God would be happy that a godly man is able to raise up godly children and this is made easy when the consciousness comes early in the life of a child of God or when the children are still young and growing.

Teaching the children the word of God is a duty believing Christians must take serious.  

God speaking about Abraham the other day, He said "Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing,  since Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him? For I known him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgement, that the Lord may bring to Abraham that which He has spoken to him.  

This is God's expectation of me and you for our children.  Teach your children and entire household the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgement, which is not possible without the knowledge of the Word of God.

Our children must never lack the word of God, so that our prayer intercessions for them will be effective.  The world is too enticing for today's children.  They love pleasure and everything they see is good for them.  The freedom the world allow them from even kindergarten must be balanced with the Word and proper instruction on what to do till they become adult.

Noah is one example we can follow in parenthood. Although his life isn't the best picture of perfect living (only Jesus's life was), the Bible does say that Noah was a righteous man (Genesis 6:9). Here are three lessons that parents can learn from Noah on raising children.

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Live by Example
The way Noah conducted himself affected not only his life but also the life of His family. Genesis 6:9 tells us that "...Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God."

Because of the life Noah lived for his sons to see, Ham, Shem and Japheth grew up in the same faith as Noah did. Not only did the three sons obey and trust that their father wasn't going crazy by building a boat for hundreds of years, they also continued to live in that faith carrying out the covenant that God made with them.

Make your call a family affair
In all matters and cases, charity should begin at home.  Its always a shock to see some women bowing down to greet their Pastors, when they did not even greet their husband at home in the morning.  No matter how tough the relationship at home could get, believing men and women should be ready to humble themselves and come to reconciliation. Couples must learn to forgive one another, knowing that we are not perfect and pray without season to maintain the hedge of protection around themselves and their children.

God called Noah, not his children and nothing was said about the righteousness of any of his three sons, but the righteousness of Noah brought them into favour with the Lord also.  So, when God called Noah to build the Ark, he quickly obeyed and commenced work on the Ark that took many years to complete.

And strange enough, no single person in the world repented during the long period when the Ark was being build.  Many would have asked Noah why he was building the Ark and the purpose for which he was building the Ark, yet, they were so deep into the world and pleasures of the world that not even a single soul repented and cried to God for help.

Obedience is first:
Notice that Noah was never described as an Engineer, but he built an Ark that is reported to be three times the size of a football pitch and the height many feets - How was he able to achieve that - He relied on God's direction in building the Art.  He simply obeyed the instructions of God and carried them out to the later.

Did the Ark have any navigational features, a steering for the Captain etc? - I can tell you the answer - Only God knew, because God was the Captain of Noah's Boat or Ark.  He did not have to worry about the safety of the Ark or where they were travelling to when the floods comes, his only duty was to obey the instruction and do it.

If you look at the word of God to Noah to enter the Ark, you will agree with me that the "Captain" was already inside the Boat before He called Noah to enter with his family - Then the Lord said to Noah,"Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation.

Brethren, how would you teach your children to study the scriptures daily and live by the Word of God when you are not yourself studying the word or living by it?  

Remember, it was not righteousness alone that delivered Noah's family - His obedience to every instruction from the Lord made their deliverance possible. 

He was not praying prayers and asking God questions - No.  He was rather obeying and doing the assignments God gave him.

Remember that your righteous conduct can save your household and make them partakers of the kingdom of God.  May we never loose our children, God's heritage to the world, while we singing and dancing as holy believers.

Your family is very important to God.  I believe we may be asked to explain how we brought up the children God gave to us.  While our children and our wives may not necessarily play a active role in our calling, we have a duty to teach them the way of the Lord, leading them by example - in showing love, forgiveness, care and attention and in meeting their needs.


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